Why is My Boston terrier vomiting and trembling?

by Maynaki

My 3 yr old male Boston terrier ate his feces and then projectile vomited. He has been trembling and unwilling to eat or drink since. He did have a small bowel movement this morning. What should we do?

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Jun 28, 2011
by: Anonymous

Eating poo is something dogs of all stripes will do. The shaking after vomiting might just be a reaction to the mental and physical trauma of getting sick and throwing up. If your Boston is anything like mine, she is a hypersensitive drama queen.

Jun 26, 2011
by: Anonymous

When they are trembling after vomiting and it is pretty bad it is muscle spasms from the vomiting. It is their bodies way of responding to the trauma of vomiting. It your dog is just shaking a little its one thing but if its severe you need to get him to the vet and they can give it something to stop the tremors like a muscle relaxer. There is also over the counter things you can buy to stop them from eating poop, it might be worth a try.

Jun 23, 2011
by: Linda Galway/TurnerME

If they don't eat it, they probably want to roll in it, but given that it seemed to be a traumatic experience for your pup, that could account for the trembling and nervous reaction. I agree with Mary; call the vet and get a checkup just in case, then keep an eagle-eye out for any potential pitfalls. My boy is a shredder and chewer, so I'm always picking up my grandchildren's toys and putting them in a safe place. It may need to be a rule in your house that nothing is left on the floor or furniture. Every now and then, we slip up and come home to a house full of styrofoam shredded from one end to the other...

Jun 23, 2011
Poop scooper
by: Mary

We have a female that will eat almost anything. She usually vomits up the undigestable items but we have learned to keep her area clear of those kinds of things. We have to scoop up all her poop (and other poop too like the cat's and other dog's)And we have to pick up all the small toys or toy parts that we can see. We have her checked out at the vet's office a couple times a year just to make sure she doesn't get worms or any other disease you can get through eating that stuff.

My girl does not tremble or even seem phased by it all though. The only time I have seen any of our dogs tremble is when they are nervous (they know they did something bad and you won't like it) or if they are sick. If your puppy is a nervous type, then I would just watch her but call the vet and discuss your concerns. If she doesn't usually shake, then I would probably go in to the vet. Either way, call the vet first and see what they think.

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