Twitchie - Boston Terrier Pit Bull Mix

by Janine Kittle
(Oxford, NJ USA)

Twitchie is a fun loving energetic doggie. She loves frisbee and catch with tenny balls. She is WONDERFUL with our son (birth and up) and all other dogs. She is full of love and cuddles. Loves to snuglgle under the covers at night. She is very emotional though if she thinks that we are yelling (even in play ). Anytime voices go abouve a talk sound she hides and is unsure of if she's in trouble or not.

She is next to no grooming though i love to give her baths once in a while. She in all of her activities keeps her own nails cut - lol. She is honestly the best dog i have and my husband and family have ever owned. She is a boston terrier pit bull mix. She is very protective of our son and not on the nasty side, just the barky side. She is not a barky dog only when people come to see us or our son and she doesn't know them. But it does NOT take long and she'll make a friend for life outta any one. She is all love. Only time she ever got "nasty" she was a young pup and saw my family member's Boston (I was majorly pregnant at the time mind you) jumpin on me then she barked growled and stayed on my lap.

I think she was trying to protect our unboarn son at the time. While pregnant she loved to curl up next to my tummy and kiss the baby. She is 100% love, nothing else. She was raised with a firm yet gentle hand and she pretty much potty trained her self .

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Jul 08, 2013
by: Louie Max

Just rescued a Boston Pit Mix- approx 15 months. THE GREATEST FRIENDLIEST MOST LOVABLE DOG EVER!
Fell in love at first sight. Best of luck!

Jun 14, 2013
They could be twins
by: Heidi

This looks just like my dog Libby and reading her story I could have just added Libby instead of Twitchie and it would have fit her perfectly. Love Twitchie she is soooo cute <3

Jun 12, 2013
Loving my Daisy
by: Anonymous

Now I know for sure that my Daisy is part boston terrier and pitbull.. Love her to death.. Saved her from the animal shelter.. Don't regret it for a second..

Jan 18, 2013
5 wk old Pit Bull Boston Terrier mix.
by: Alma

I have a 5 wk old Pit Bull Boston Terrier mix. She is every easy to potty train at this young age. She is bestfriends with my 115lb Black Lab! He believes that the new pup is his! Plays and baby sits! What a great pair! Two loving breads! Reba looks and acts more like a Boston Terrier than a Pit Bull! I ca not believe how lucky I get with my dogs!

Oct 28, 2012
omg, my dog is your twin!
by: Anonymous

I got Beau as a puppy & his mom appeared to be a pit mix but no idea about dad... at first I thought boxer but my friends that have bostons swear he's a boston/pt mix... Now that I see your dog... he has to be a boxer pit mix.. they are identical.. LOL you can see for yourself on FB Beau the freckle faced king of cuteness..

Aug 28, 2012
by: meg

You have a beautiful dog! I have one similar except it has the pits shaped face!

Apr 17, 2012

Thought he was a Boxer mix for a while. He is a rescue, dropped off and half dead. He is so sweet. Check pics of him on Dogster. I really believe he is a Pit/Boston Terrier mix. I am so glad to hear your story on their disposition. Thanks for sharing!]

Mar 04, 2012
brothers from another mother?
by: bianca

I thought that was my Dodo! They are identical!

I have 2 boston/pit mix boys. They are polar opposites in everything from temperament to looks.. wish i could upload some pics...

(ed., you can upload pics by creating a new submission, just not via the comments to someone else's post).

Feb 03, 2012
our new puppy
by: rae

I just got a dog for my son. He named him oliver the people I got him from said he was full pit but he doesn't look it. Ihave been Googling so many different breeds of dogs and finally I see he is Boston terrier and pit he is very hyper and loves my son. We have had him for two weeks now and we are half way there on potty training. I'm just worried about the fact he is half pit. Where I live you have to get special insurance on these type of dogs in case they bite someone because they are considered vicious dogs. But, I believe it's how you raise them. So far mine is spoiled like my son.

Jan 03, 2012
male boston terrier pit bull mix
by: Anonymous

i have a male that is the same breed as twitchee how old is she?

Sep 26, 2011
by: Linda Galway/TurnerME

Actually, it is possible for a dog to get pregnant by two different breeds if she is with two different dogs at the time she is producing her eggs. The sperm lives for a few days, so it can happen. Some of the eggs could be fertilized by one dog's sperm and some by the other. If your dog looks pitty/boston, it probably is.

Sep 26, 2011
by: Anonymous

Jul 30, 2011
Identical to my Max
by: Rhonda

Twitchie looks identical to our little Max. Max will be 3 Christmas Eve. We have been trying to figure out what his mix was for sure for some time. His brother (litter mate) believe it or not is a Foxton (Boston & Fox Terrier). I've always had a feeling that Max & 2 other litter mates were mixed with Pitt but thought there was no way that a dog could get pregnant by 2 different dogs & have 2 totally different breeds. After seeing your Twitchie my feelings of the Pitt mix I think have been confirmed.
Max also has so many of the same chacteristics that you described for Twitchie. I love both Max & Lucky (my foxton) very much, they are one of the family members.

Jun 29, 2011
Twitchie BT pittie mix
by: sylvia

She is darling. Looks something like my 4 yr old Roxie whom we adopted. Roxie is a Boston pittie mix too. Roxie is very protective and very hyper when she is done with her long nap!! Good luck.

Feb 23, 2011
by: Voya

Twitchie looks almost identical to my little doozer named Voya. She is about 6 years now but when i saw these pictures my eyes popped out of my head because I thought it was her!

Voya is the sweetest most vibrant happy dog ive ever known. She is so happy and playful I feel so lucky that we have her in our life.

I bet Twitchie is the same!

Thanks so much for sharing the pics because Voyas breed was a bit of a mystery to us since we got her through rescue.

Nov 14, 2010
by: Amy

Twitchie is almost identical to my female pitty boston mix named Tessa. The pictures are unbelievable. They are also very similar in their descriptions of their temperament and personality! Great dogs!

Sep 02, 2010
by: Linda Galway/TurnerME

That's a great name for a great dog. Thanks for sharing this story. Certainly, her Boston temperament has made her a loving and trustworthy dog, and her pit bull temperament has given her the protective instincts. So glad she is all you ever hoped for in a companion dog.

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