Toys a Boston Terrier Can't Destroy?

by Brian
(Beavercreek, Ohio)

My boston terrier seems to chew up every toy that I buy him. Does anybody know of a toy that has lasted some bit of time? Anything would be helpful.

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Jun 19, 2013
The big rubber ball
by: Anonymous

I have two Boston's and they destroy every toy except for this one and it is by far their favorite. You should buy one of those $5 big inflatable rubber balls from Walmart. They will hit that thing around until they can't move anymore and it's even better watching them. Best toy for them period.

Jan 12, 2013
Great BT toys
by: Anonymous

We have two BT's. Our female is a true terrier and hunter. Squeaky toys do not stand a chance against her. We found a line of toys by that hold up for a long time. They have multiple squeakies inside. The large squeaky mats are about $20, but worth it. They have many other toys that are games that will keep your dogs mind busy. A lot of toys cost much less. They are the only one we'll buy now.

Aug 07, 2012
My Boston Terrier
by: scooter mom

My Boston will destroy any ball - soccer, softball, golf, racket, tennis. He will suck on a furry stuffed animal for hours but will destroy anything that comes his way - balls, ragtoys, rubber, silk, stuffed. He loves to play in water. e will play for hours with the big balls but eat any thing smaller like a frisbee, hoops, rings, or sticks. He is a hoot but I just don't know what toys to buy him any more. He will be 4 tomorrow.

Jul 20, 2012
tiger with toys
by: Anonymous

I also have the same problem with my 15 month old female Boston. Some toys I have bought were supposedly guaranteed to be rip proof, etc. Needless to say they only last at max an hour with my dog. She tears all her toys apart with those razor sharp tiny teeth.
In the past I have had big dogs and they never did this to their toys.Any suggestions?

Also, is it common for Bostons to hide things? Mine loves to hide some of her toys or treats all over the house.

Jul 03, 2012
by: Anonymous

A racquetball is great toy and pretty durable!

Jan 27, 2011
by: Anonymous

thanks for the tip - we already have one and he loves it....

Jan 27, 2011
needs toys
by: n5joy

My Boston tears up a toy within 10 mins of having it. Tennis balls, stuffed toys, rubber toys. He does love to chase a ball but he chews them up in a matter of mins. I do love my little Roscoe.

Nov 24, 2010
Zoo toy balls Now in a mini!
by: Anonymous

The boomer ball is what they give to zoo tiger and such to keep them active. They have treat dispensing toys as well as balls and the spools of thread. These are readt toys and outlast a kong by far! Plus the Boston Terrier sized one is a good price! Good luck!

Sep 17, 2010
Hi Brian
by: Grams, Ontario Canada

Give up the search! Just accept that you are going to waste thousand's of dollars trying to find the right toy, only to have it destroyed in a matter of minutes, if lucky, hours. I recently purchased a toy "guaranteed" to outlast any power chewer, reinforced with proven materials. Cost me $19.99 Cnd, ya, well, it lasted about 10 minutes; he had the stuffing out of it, ripped the head off. We use to by "durables", they made a great rubber cat and dog.He would spend hours chewing off the feet and tail; it was great. We would purchase about 10 at one time - ya, they cost $9.99 each (we're idiots). When we were down to the last few, we went searching again, and alass, they are no longer made! We're back to soccer balls, rubber frizzbies, and small rubber balls. FYI, I called the Toronto Zoo, hoping to find out where I could by the tiger toys, no luck. They advise the toys they purchase for the great cats are not suitable for dogs, and they refused any information. Good luck - and happy shopping:-) Boston's are amazing:-)

Sep 16, 2010
Must Have Toy
by: Micah

We've had a toy since the beginning of when we first got our boston puppy at 8 weeks. He is now 1 year old and he still loves it. The brand is Four Paws. It is black and orange (almost kevlar) on the outside with a plastic bottle on the inside (they seem to really go after plastic bottles). We've been through dozens of toys and this is by far his favorite, and by far the best investment for your Boston.

Jun 09, 2010
by: Anonymous

They are called "Ultimate Ring". There are several shapes & sizes, most are rated 9/10 on the "toughness scale" and some larger ones are 10/10 -- those are the tiger tested ones.

The largest ring has yet to be destroyed by my shepherd mix, who can tear just about any plush toy to shreds within minutes. Though he is not destructive per se, he looooves to eviscerate and disembowel stuffed animals, much to my discontent!

THIS TOY HOLDS UP!!! Though pricey, it's worth it. I bought it a month ago and my pup has yet to make one dent in its 7 layers of material, 4 layers of stitching, and industrial luggage-grade reinforced seams.

The thing with the Kongs and Nylabones is that they're pretty boring. While durable, they're rubbery and hard, and also within 10 second of playtime they are disgusting to touch becuase there's nothing to absorb the drool.

I love the ultimate rings because they are tough & hardy but still made out of comfy fleece. They have hidden squeakers inside and it's provided my dog with hours of safe and rewardig playtime!

Jan 08, 2010
No Toy is Safe
by: Dre

My fiance and I are also having a hard time finding a toy that can survive past 5 mins with are lil Bruno...He man handles every thing we have gotten for him, so if anybody knows of some good toys please let me know. Thanks
Brunos Parents

Nov 23, 2009
by: Grams

Thanks Jason - he's chewed thru at least three kongs, finally tried the black kong, which is suppose to be for "power chewers", ya, he dismantled that pdq. He is certainly one determined pup when it comes to chewing - thankfully, he is not interested in shoes, or furniture:-) I've now tried sewing a few toys for him, out of denim, and he destroyed it in minutes; Best solution so far, it to let him go in the backyard with what is left of the soccer ball, and hope he tires himself out, then he's only intersted in cuddling and snoring:-)

Nov 21, 2009
Try this...
by: Jason

I've had really good success with something called a "kong". You can get those at Wal-Mart. My Dandie has yet to chew through that.

Nov 15, 2009
croquet balls
by: Kalena

We have tried every thing, including making homemade toys in the heaviest canvas I could find. It was gone in less than 15 minutes. We have even tried croquet balls. She chews them up so bad that it looks and feels like a cactus. I have tried to cut all the spikes off because they do tend to make her mouth bleed. But I do not have anything that sharp. We have given her pig knuckles. They last the longest. Three days. Her dog bed never stands a chance.
She has a Beagle companion, but both dogs just lay around since both parents work.

A salesperson in Petsmart advised to get toys that zoo's use for their tigers. But I can't find the website. All I get is stuffed tigers or a company named Tiger Toys.

If you know of the website or how to find it, please let me know.

Nov 10, 2009
Our sweet Boston
by: Grams, Ontario Canada

Well, happy to see I'm not the only one going crazy with toy killers! Our Boston loves his "kitty cats"; they are made by a company called "durables", usually found at Pet Smart in Canada; He loves to chew the rubber feet off the Kitty cat, once declawed, he loves to carry it around in his mouth by the cat's tail - way too funny; Be careful of nylabones - our little guy had emergency surgery when he was about 12 weeks old, cause he broke off a piece of the nylabone and swallowed it - we stay away from all nylabone products now - the firehose toys are crap! tennis balls - ya, destroyed in less than 10 minutes, he has even destroyed a regular soccer ball - carries it in his mouth running in the back yard. Bostons - the best pups ever!!

Sep 17, 2009
Great dog toys!
by: Anonymous

I found that the brand called Fat Cat, Inc.'s dog toys are awesome! My boston terrier has destroyed toys a few times after he is introduced to them but this toy has been around for MONTHS!

Mar 18, 2009
by: Anonymous

i have the same prob

Mar 02, 2009
Here's what worked for us:
by: Anonymous

We have had the same problem! Our Boston destroys Nylabones in about 1-2 days, "extra tough" soft dog toys (it was made out of recycled fire hose!!) in under an hour and when I bought an Xtra tough bone made out of tennis ball material he had the outer felt peeling off within minutes.

Here's what works for us:
Kongs and Kong Bones
Hurleys (usually sold at holistic or all natural dog supply stores)
Anything hard rubber

and (and I can't explain it) - Homemade dog toys.

Our Boston really loves soft toys b/c he can shake them around like he's killing a rat or something, but he destroys them in minutes. So, I started sewing my own out of heavy cotton canvas with quadruple stitching on the seams and cotton batting for stuffing and so far, they've held up for more than a week. And Hello! They are cheap!! If you've got a sewing machine, I seriously recommend making your own. Just sew a little eye pillow shape, flip it inside out, stuff and sew closed the opening about 3-4 times using different stitches (straight and zigzag work well). Done! Good Luck!!

Feb 16, 2009
boston toys
by: Anonymous

I have two bostons and have learned that the cheap 1.99 rubber squeakies are the best option. They can chew until their faces turn blue and the toy lasts a few months. I also get them the Nylabones - the regular plastic and the hard plastic. I have also found out that plush toy plus a boston terrier equals vomit. So no plushies for my kids.

Jan 24, 2009
AKC toys
by: laura

alot of AKC toys are also pretty sturdy. my boston wont touch any rubber toys, he likes to play tug of war with a soft one and then cuddle up afterwards with but i have a few of the AKC plush toys and they hold up for a long time

Jan 23, 2009
Boston Terrier Toys
by: Kathleen

Our Bostons chew through most toys pretty quickly, too. We've had good success with Kong toys
(the hard, red or black rubber ones) and the Nylabone Chews (they're REALLY hard and spiky, NOT the softer nylabones).

We also got some OVERSIZED tennis ball type toys that they like and haven't destroyed yet because they can't get enough leverage on it with their mouths to tear it apart. I usually just go for the hardest bones/chews I can find - LOL.

Jan 23, 2009
Destroyer of Toys
by: Anonymous

Have you tried hard rubber bones or rings? different colours represent diffent hardnesses. I find none of my dogs (knock on wood) have destroyed these. also go to the butcher and get a big thick bone.... I then bake these well and give them to my dogs.
If that doesn't work try another dog they seem very hardy and never seem to suffer the same abuse as toys. I have an Ausi mix for my Bugg (boston X Pug)she never leaks stuffing nor do bits and pieces fall off of her and my Bugg will play with her for hours on end and never seems to tire of her. The only down fall is she won't stay in the toy

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