Swollen Mammary glands

by Pat

Phobe is 9 and has had all kinds of tests and no one seems to know why she continues to have swollen mammary glands. She also has panic attacks when she is unable to get her breath. She has lots of trouble breathing out of her nose and always has, but it seems to be getting worse.I would love any feedback on the gland problem and the breathing problem.

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Jan 20, 2013
Swollen Mammary Glands
by: rascalsmother@gmail.com

My friend has a Boston Terrier, his dog breast swells up also. He took his pet to the vet and the vet told his this swelling was a false pregnancy which was common in Boston Terriers. He Pops his Boston Terrier's breast and Casino seems to feel better, until it became really hard and he Popped it. Now he cant pop it, for the breast is super hard, but the vet still says it's a false pregnancy
Good Luck with your Boston Terrier.

Jan 19, 2010
Swollen glands
by: Mary

Can the vet give her steroids? I wouldn't really want to do that with my baby, but maybe it will bring down the swelling?

I would also try to minimize any thing you think she might be allergic to. Ask the vet about some special foods (Prescription kinds)for allergies and make sure her environment is allergen free. Try eliminating one thing at a time and you might find out that she is allergic to something (like cats for instance).

Does she have any other symptoms? Watery eyes, small sores, etc?

Let us know how it goes for you!

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