by Evey
(Kannapolis, NC)

I have a litter of 6 puppies. My female is a brindle Boston Terrier and my male is a black, white , and brown Jack Russell. All the pups are brindle. They all have long tails with white tips like the Jack.

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Mar 06, 2014
Where can I find a Bo-Jack Puppy?
by: Dan

Does anyone know where I would be able to find any Bo-Jack puppies or a breeder anywhere in the midwest? Thank you. Hrobsky@yahoo.com

Feb 22, 2014
Looking for Bojack
by: Anonymous

Do you have any Bojack puppies available?

Feb 22, 2014
by: Karen

Hi. I was wondering if you have any Bojacks. Please email me at kgstew@bellsouth.net.
Thank you.

Jul 11, 2013
Birthday gift
by: Jon

Looking to buy puppy for wife's B-day live on nice ranch in Florida would like to here back if any still available.

Jun 05, 2013
newborn bo-jack puppies
by: Anonymous

beautiful bo-jack puppies just born in mid-west. prefer not to ship. contact me if you want info: skyechurch62@gmail.com

May 13, 2013
Puppy please
by: LadyBug

Hello, I'm interested in the puppy's you have for sale, my dad has to put his dog down, and I'm moving out with my chihuahua which is also his best friend and I'm searching for a semi small dog for him, please get a hold ASAP
My email fortney.carrie@yahoo.com

May 06, 2013
by: Anonymous

I hope I'm not too late and they're still available! Please contact me at Emerson.shelley@gmail.com

May 06, 2013
Contact Me
by: JS

If you live in PA I have a Boston Terrier Stud, we can breed dogs if you have a Jack Russell Female.

Also if you are looking for a Bo-Jack dog you can try to post it on my Bo-Jack FaceBook page here, Sometimes we can help people find dogs.


May 05, 2013
Still available?
by: Anonymous

My bojack pup would love a companion! Interested in a female. dothamn@gmail.com

Apr 28, 2013
I want a companion
by: Fred

I am interested in a bojack puppy, please e-mail me @ willeyfrederick@yahoo.com

Mar 29, 2013
Looking for Bo Jack Puppies
by: Eddie

I am interested in getting a Bo Jack puppy, but I cannot find any. Please contact me at the email address below if you can help.

Mar 03, 2013
Searching for bojack female puppy
by: Susie

Please let me know what you have available! I have had a Boston terrier a few years back.. My beloved JRT passed away a few months back. Now I really need a bojack pup! Contact me at gasotto@att.net

Dec 21, 2012
Bo-Jack pups available
by: Anonymous

I have 5 pups for sale.4 males, 1 female..will be ready Jan 20..Boston mom/Jack Russell dad :-)

Please email me for pics and more info-located in Hillsborough, NC

Dec 06, 2012
In search of Bojack!
by: LoriB

My husband's favorite dog died a few months ago. He was from the pound, so we had no idea as to his breed. Upon investigation, he was a brindle and white bo jack. His heart is still broken but has voiced a desire for another dog similar to Wilson. Not willing nor able to pay the 500-900 they are advertised for. Please contact me at loreeum1@yahoo.com if you can help. We live on 14 acres, have 3 children, and would love to give a pup a good home:)

Nov 13, 2012
by: Kyle

Bob how can I contact you to get one of these puppies?

Nov 13, 2012
Rob please contact me
by: Kyle

Ron if the male is still available how can I contact you?

Oct 31, 2012
Bo-Jack Puppies
by: Rob

I know of two puppies one male one female that will be ready late November. Father is purebred Boston, Mother purebred Jack.

Jul 20, 2012
Looking Desperately for a male, black and white Boston terrier jack Russell mix.
by: Diana

Hello, my name is Diana. I would love to have a little boy Bo-jack (Boston Terrier Jack Russell mix). I want him to be black and white with the black and little bit of brown spots they have on their chest and arms. Also if possible the 2 gold tan dots by their eyes and cheek area. I don't know if this is possible, but It can't hurt to ask. I love male dogs! I love this mix breed more than any animal I've ever had. I need to find one. The mix breed would have the face or snout of the Russell more than the Boston snout.
Please if anyone has (puppies) or (1-2 year old) males that you cannot care for or even want, or just to sell.
Please contact me at (deekrawitz@yahoo.com)

Thank you so much,

May 20, 2012
Seeking Mix pup
by: Myriam

Please contact me at tneconnimyriam@hotmail.com if you have any puppies left. Thanks.

May 02, 2012
In seek of BoJack pup
by: Steph

Seeking Bo-Jack puppy (male or female). Please contact: scohen1766@yahoo.com

Apr 22, 2012
Accidental Bojacks

I posted several months back about our accidental litter of bojacks. Our precious Boston, Maggie, got a severe uterine infection just hours after delivery and despite rigorous treatment, she passed away. We ended up feeding our entire litter with a bottle and all made it except one. They are now 7 months old. We kept all the boys, thinking we could handle 3 and have realized lately that 3 is more than we can handle. If anyone would be interested in one if the boys and could promise them a great home, email me at bmgmom10835@yahoo.com.

Apr 19, 2012
Bo-jack puppies
by: Doyle

Can the person who advertised 6 Bo-jack puppies for sale please send contact info to patton.inc@live.com ? Thanks! Doyle

Apr 07, 2012
3 bojack puppies in AR
by: Lynn

Hi! I have 3 bojack puppies left from a litter of 6. The mom is black and white boston terrier and the dad is brindle Jack Russell terrier! One female that is black and white that we call mini me cuz she looks and asks like her mom. Two males-one that reminds me of Spuds McKenzie and a brown and white one. All are as cute as they can be. I just need for them to have a good home. Please contact me by email at paramedic707@gmail.com. Thanks!

Mar 16, 2012
BoJack puppies
by: Alice

I have two female BoJack puppies left. I desperately need to find them good homes. Please email me at Calvert4462@charter.net and put BoJack in the subject title. We live in North Alabama but would be willing to meet someone halfway if they could offer a good home for our precious pups. Thanks !

Mar 03, 2012
Alice contact me!
by: Anonymous

Can you contact me about the bojack pups. I'm very interested jcastma@gmail.com. That's my email.

Mar 02, 2012
Interested in Boston/Jack Russell Pupppy
by: Nina

I am interested in a female puppy, preferably brown or brindle colored. Please contact me at ndavisson@hotmail.com

Feb 22, 2012
BoJack Puppies
by: Alice

Boomer my Boston and Princess my Jack Russell just had a litter of 8 pups. All of them are black and white just like Boomer. We live in North Alabama and can not keep all of the pups. The litter is 5 girls and 3 boys.

Nov 16, 2011
Interested in the puppies!
by: Christal

Please contact me asap if you have any female puppies left out of the bosten/jack russell mix litter. Thank you - crystal.archer@hotmail.com

Nov 15, 2011
Interested in Female BoJack
by: Anonymous

Evey, is your female bojack still available, if so, how can i reach you? email me rookieagain@hotmail.com

Sep 09, 2011
by: Anonymous

HEY to all we are looking for good homes for these puppies,
email us directly at:abagjima@gmail.com if interested.

Jun 26, 2011
Accidental Bo Jacks
by: Tina

My parents have been pretty sick and I have been taking care of them, so much so that when my Boston came into heat, I didn't notice it before it was too late and she was with our Jack Russell, Biscuit. I am just learning since this pairing, that the pups are a new thing people want. I was wondering if anyone could email me a little more info about Bo Jacks and the breed. my email is bmgmom10835@yahoo.com

Jun 09, 2011
Free Boston Terrier Puppies
by: Anonymous

We have two free Boston terrier puppies available and we need an urgent and soonest home for them.
Contact:billkly@gmail.com if you want them asap!!!

Feb 04, 2011
by: ashley

he my name is ashley i was wondering if you still have them puppies please let me no something call me at 431 4691 i want a girl puppy because mine looked just like that and she was killed 3 days after christmas she was run over and killed on impact and her name was scooter we had her for 9 years and we miss her so much it hasnt been a good year my dad just recently had his 4th heart attach and my momma want come home from work because she miss the scooter so much, i will come and get one the puppies please let me no if u have one please email me at ashleyhylman@yahoo.

Dec 10, 2010
Looking for Brindle Bojack
by: Anonymous

We just recently lost our beloved "Spuddie".

He was a brindle Bojack. He was a constant companion and loved to go everywhere with us.

We are devastated at his loss. He was an awesome fellow and we are not trying to replace him but would like to get to know another of his kind. They have such wonderful and distinct personalities.

Spuddie still had his tail which I prefer. It was very cute.

I would so be interested in a brindle Bojack male if one should become available.

I can be reached at: CVMAMightymouse@aol.com

Nov 18, 2010
We are trying decide if we are going to mate
by: Melissa

We have a Boston/Jack Bo-jack and are thinking about mating her but not sure if we should mate her with another bojack or a boston.. Either way if we do mate her we have to find another one to mate her with. Does anyone have any ideas or advice. You can send me a msg at jewelz_4_prbd@yahoo.com

BTW very cute puppies. Nena has two pics on here one of her as a puppy with a pink collar and one with a red..

Nov 01, 2010
by: Anonymous

What do you sell your Bo-Jacks for? Are you expecting anymore litters?


Oct 22, 2010
interested in breeding
by: derek

HI, i have a young bo-jack about a year and a half old and i was wondering if you know of any bojack breeds. Im fron western new york but im willing to travel to about mid P.A to find one. please email me back at ibmx4lyfe@yahoo.com if you know of any thank you so much.

Oct 09, 2010
looking for a bojack
by: kathy

We just lost our jack russell, boston mix. she was the best dog ever! I would love to try and find another one. do you have any puppies or even older dogs available? we would like a female

May 30, 2010
for sale?
by: rich

are you selling these puppies ?

May 01, 2010
searching for a puppy
by: Kristi

Im looking for a brindle bojack puppy an have been for awhile. U can contact me at kfitch17@yahoo.com. Im very interested in purchasing one if you have anything available

Apr 27, 2010
do you have any more on the way?
by: Breanne

I have been looking for a brindle bojack puppy!!! These are beutiful puppies! Do you have another litter on the way anytime soon? We would love to hear more information please. I can't wait to hear back from you. We live in Colorado. You may contact me at: bmworraps@hotmail.com.



Mar 30, 2010
Boomer :)
by: Anonymous

I have a 5 year old Bo-Jack named Boomer. He is the best dog I could ever want. Don't get me wrong, he has his moments, like you would expect from a Boston/Jack Russel mix,like when we first got him, he ran around in a circle,taking the same path through the grass each time until he eventually wore a circular track in our backyard. He was easily trained and since the day I got him in July of '05, even against my parents scolding, Boomer has slept every night at my side. Even though my parents are divorced now, Boomer is with me no matter where I'm staying. Boomer is my best friend. I love him more than anything in the world.

Feb 16, 2010
Cool Dogs.....
by: Stevie B.

We just got one about a week 1/2 ago and he is 7 weeks old! My boys named him Dallas"short for Dallas Cowboys" But the funny thing is that he looks exactly like your puppys!!!! Identical.... Nothing different

Dec 11, 2009
by: Anonymous

WE had a Jack/Boston for 18 months. She was the most wonderful baby in the world. Her Never ending desire to chase Rabbits was her demise. She got out of the fence and would not stop. we looked everywhere, and found out 2 days later she had been hit. We were able to bring her home and bury her in the back yard. The kids go out to her grave every day. Please leave me a message on how to get a new Baby. Kalli looked just like your puppies. She was white and brindle, with the Boston markings. She Loved to play ball, she would play soccer with her very own leather basketball. PLEASE HELP US!!

The Roberts Family Springfield, Illinois

Nov 10, 2009
very interested
by: Anonymous

My husband and I would be very interested in one of your mix puppies, please keep us in mind if you have any more. Thanks!

Nov 05, 2009
any more coming?
by: Toki Wartooth's mommy

I currently have a jack russell boston tererier mix and i think he would love to have another one to play with and cuddle with. I have fallen in love with the mix breed and would love to know if there would be any more in the future. beautiful puppies btw!

Oct 29, 2009
still available?
by: Anonymous

If you have any more please let me know!

Oct 05, 2009
cute puppies
by: Anonymous

I too am very interested in your puppies. Could you send me a little more information on your facitilites and breeding practices? Would you be willing to ship a puppy? I am looking for a female.

Sep 10, 2009
by: Anonymous

I just lost my jack russell mix unexpectedly...not that i'm looking to replace her but I need a friend. Please Email me if you have some available. Justine2003(at)hotmail.com Thanks.

Aug 31, 2009
Very Interested
by: Joe

I am very interested in your puppies, and would appreciate more information on your breeding and your facilities. Please email me back at Jwojtkielewicz(at)gmail.com

Thank you

Aug 04, 2009
very interested
by: leigh

I am very very very interested!!! I hope you still have some available! Let me know asap leigh4664(at)yahoo.com

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