Potty training an adult Boston Terrier

by Jeremy

I recently got a 2 year old female Boston. She goes outside, but while i'm at work she goes in the house or in her cage. I cannot figure out how to get her top stop going in the house. Any help would be appreciated.

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Nov 05, 2009
Potty training
by: Mary

Your Boston is beautiful!
See if you can take her outside right before you leave her in the crate. Then take her outside right after she gets out of the crate. Also, try feeding her only once a day AFTER you get home. Then take her outside once every hour to potty. If she is still going in her crate...is it diarrhea? If so, perhaps she needs dry food only or a vet check to see if something's up. Good luck and in the meantime...maybe use a cat litter box because it's more like the "outside".

Nov 04, 2009
potty training
by: Tami

We use Nature's Miracle to spray over any accidents. It helps to disguise the pee smell. We also use a doggy door that helps ALOT! I will also make sure that they go out within 15-30 minutes of eating, sleeping or napping. This will create a routine or habbit so they can associate bathroom with these activities. Good Luck!

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