Patterned Boston Terriers

In addition to the brindle patterned Boston Terriers, there are two other patterns that are seen in the breed. These are splash and tri-color.

Splash Boston Terriers:

The Splash pattern is also known as Piebald, but incorrectly described at times as Solid White. Splash Bostons may have varying degrees of pigmentation with some having almost no spotting, to others that are very much spotted. If the dog has any spots at all, it clearly cannot be described as solid white, although they are sometimes advertised this way.

splash boston terrier puppy

splash boston terrier

splash boston terrier

Tri-Color Boston Terriers:

The tri-color Boston is the most unique color pattern in Bostons. Tri-color Bostons can come in any color. The tri-color differs from the fawn in that it has colored points above the eyes, cheeks and white stockings of the legs rather than the colored facial mask.

tricolor boston terrier

tri-color boston terrier

More Non-Traditional Color Bostons

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