Natural Birth for Boston Terriers

by Sirena Castillo

My Boston Terrier Sadie has gone into her 1st heat cycle. We plan to breed her with a solid white male named Cranberrys. My concerns are that she may have problems or possibly die during birth becouse i heard it is hard for Boston Terriers to give birth naturally. I would like to know what to do if she gets pregnant and how i should deliver the puppies. I would also like to know about how many puppies will she have and what are the greater health risks she will be at during her pregnancy.

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Mar 18, 2012
Accidental pregnancy
by: Anonymous

My boston terrier female got hooked up with my blue nose pittbull. what do I do?

Sep 06, 2011
bostons and puppies
by: wendy

my boston terrier had 8 puppies in her first litter we are waiting for the second litter now weve had 1yr and a half inbetween i know thats not ' normal" for a boston but it does happen she delivered them all herself and the smallest didnt make it but the rest were happy healthy babies ... cant wait to see these

Aug 18, 2010
Whelping Boston Terriers
by: Mary

If your baby is in her first heat it is best NOT to breed her this time. Her body is still growing and the reproduction mechanics are still immature. You can breed on the second or third heat. Somewhere around 1 to 2 years old your female will be in better shape to have her puppies. At this point (first heat) her eggs may not be at their best development and the puppies may have some trouble growing.

With that in mind if you have already had her bred then don't worry, what is done is done. It may be fine. The more informed you are the better your baby girl will be.

Some bostons free whelp (natural birth) and some have c-sections. You would always want to try to free-whelp unless you know that your female needs a c-section...and you wouldn't know that on her first litter. will need plenty of information. Try this website for starters:

You may also want to consult another breeder that you know. They usually offer plenty of information and tips (and support!).

All our litters have been free-whelped, thank God! We bred our girls at 2 years old. It is best to find a male that is smaller than your female. Have them vet checked before you breed. You may have more success if you take your female to the male's house. Give your female plenty of nutrition and vet care before, during, and after the whelping. We did organize the "whelping kit" as the website suggested and used most of the items.

Care of the female by a vet is the most important issue during the pregnancy. Keep a notebook with the week-by-week "things to do" listed on that website and make notes. You will have 9 weeks of watching and then comes the whelping day!!!

Be sure your female is closely supervised a week before her due date and until the pups are born. So be sure to mark the first day AND THE LAST DAY that she "tied". BOTH dates are necessary so that you get a due date range. These days are the most important to keep a close watch on her.

Read read and read about everything between now and then because the more you know the more success you will have. Never worry that you call your vet too much or your fellow breeder.

Good Luck!

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