My new Bo-Chi

by Sandy B.
(St. Joseph, Mo.)

Ready for a nap!

Ready for a nap!

Ready for a nap!
Frontal view
Trying to make a friend.

We just got my Bo-Chi last week and she is a live wire. I think her name will be Sammy. She plays hard and then drops off to sleep wherever she is at. She has a big brother named Elvis (full Boston) and a sister named Charlie (full Boston) They are not crazy about her yet, but they are getting better. The cats love her and she loves them also. The neighbor boys are nuts about her. She is going very good at housebreaking on paper. It is too cold for her to go outside with the big dogs. At the first vest visit, she weighed 2 pounds 4 ounces. She is a doll.

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Sep 17, 2011
by: kristal

She's so cute..I just got a bi-chi named Panda and she loiks very similar to yours...mine is inly 5 weeks. How big did yours end up getting? I recentlky submitted a page for my pup on here as well..

Feb 01, 2011
by: pam

Oh!my she is adorable I lost my boston that looks similiar to her except she was white with black patches. she was very energetic too. she would fall alsleep standing. so, I relate to that. Enjoy her she is adorable

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