My boston terrier hates my husband

by Kristi

Ever since we got my boston, he developed this fear/hatred for my husband. The only incident that we can relate it to where Norman (dog) might have thought my husband was being mean was within the 1st 2 days of having him and wouldn't come out of his kennel. Adam tried to reach in and grab him (non-aggressively) and when he picked Norman up, Norman started peeing and pooing all over him and the floor-- it was literally flying everywhere. This is the common reaction (sometimes) when my husband picks him up.

Norman will come if my husband is stern and calls him, but he's hesitant. If my husband picks him up and tried to hug him, Norman will comply for a few seconds then jump at the first chance he gets.

He is protective over me. I know because he will sit by me and if my husband comes in the door, Norman will bark like crazy at him and growl. He does this with no one else though. He's more than happy around other men.

What can we do to change this? we have tried everything!

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May 10, 2012
changing BT behavior
by: Alison

Yes this behavior can be changed with a lot of time and patience. Pups go through fear imprint stages throughout and unfortunately he was in one when your husband grabbed him. This being traumatic to Norman he has not forgotten it. The first thing you can do is only have your husband feed him. You no longer give him his meals. In addition your husband should sit on the floor and hand feed him the first few bites. If you have to add chicken. Repeat this everyday. The concept is alpha wolves eat first and share when they are finished. It's also an act of bonding. I am not sure how you handle Norman when he barks and growls at your husband but this should not be tolerated by you. If he is sitting next to immediately tell him No and put him on the floor. If he continues spray him with a water bottle. When he stops have your husband carry treats in his pocket. Your husband should reward him with a good boy and a treat. Your husband should also walk him by himself even if it's just a few times per week. Every experience has to be a positive and happy one.

May 10, 2012
by: Sheila Delaney

It sounds like he thinks you are his girl and feels threatened for your attention by your husband. If your husband is the one to put him to bed at night and he is the one who scolds him, maybe you should change roles for a while. Also,have your husband put him on the couch next to you and then sit down with your pup in between you both and give him lots of positive attention. Have your hubby take him outside with toys to play with him. If he can recognize him as a positive roll model he shouldn't be so aggressive toward him. If your husband feels any aggression toward him or fear he will sense this and act on it. Another thing your husband can try if all else fails is to lay him down on the floor on his back and talk to him and rub his belly and try to assure him that he is not a threat.
When I have Princess on the bed with me,she wants everyone to leave her alone,because she is having mommy time.So I imagine this is a common thing with some dogs.

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