Mean/Aggressive Boston Terrier?

by Daron
(Kansas City)

We have had our chocolate Boston for a year now and just put her in dog training. She is very mean and bites the kids, and at night time when I try to grab her to put her in her kennel she has left blood marks on me a few time from biting?
When she sees another dog she becomes insane trying to get at the other dog. I can't explain the sounds she makes - its between a whine and a growl. I could not even hear the instructor last night due to her being so loud.

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Sep 03, 2012
Sounds like a boston trait
by: Anonymous

My boston terrier does pretty much the same thing, except he won't bite a child. He doesn't like men on the other hand but will kiss up on a woman. He's bitten me once and I was trying to put him in the cage, but he knew why he was being put up and he knew who was over at our house. He doesn't like my brother at all. When he was younger my brother tortured him when he had to go in the kennel. Now he won't tolerate my brother and tries to bite him every time. I give my dog whoopins just like I would my child. He gets a time out and he will sit there for about a minute or two lol. But for the most part, all Ii have to do is hold my hand up to swat his ass and he stops. I also suggest you do use the muzzle idea. It doesn't work for my dog. I bought a size too big I think, because he's learned how to get it off (:

Sep 23, 2011
gremlin howl lol
by: Anonymous

My Boston is amazing with my kids but will bite men and does this insane growling whine bark (sounds like a gremlin) I bought a cheap $5 muzzle I keep on her leash I just have to show her n she quiets down to a low growl that is tolerable. She was given to us by a friend who got her from a friend so I don't know her history and has been passed around because of her antisocial attitude but my hubby nipped her back a few times and she is now a baby fir him. My only suggestion let hi. Know who is the alpha in your home n my Boston responds to threats (Ex. If you try and fight while we walk I'll put this here muzzle on you) lol just like my kids she gets time out too.

Nov 24, 2010
by: Linda Galway/TurnerME

Certainly this is an unusual personality trait for a Boston, but probably not unheard of. Training classes will help, but it sounds like this dog believes he is the boss of your family. I would certainly do what I could to fix this temperament flaw, but you cannot put your children in harm's way. Have you had him since he was a puppy? Is he a rescue? Not sure why he has this mean streak, but good luck and please let us know if you find a resolution. A muzzle might be in order until you get this straightened out.

Nov 24, 2010
by: Mary

Wow! Such a beautiful dog.
You have taken a good step in going to obedience training. This should give you some good pointers on how to handle her. Some owners don't know this but training actually works on both dog AND owner. Each dog is different but for the most part an aggressive dog is trying to be dominant. It will take some time to let her know that YOU are the dominant one. Be firm but gentle (no physical punishment like kicking or hitting and no big hugs or kisses for now). Try to take her biting and growling as you would your own 2yr old (or teenager) trying out his or her limits on you. Also, see what makes her mad or happy and work with that. We have one pup that does not like to be approached quickly, especially with your hand going for her head. But if you stay where you are, look at her, then sweet-talk her she will come up to you and you can scratch her under her chin, then move to her head. She is really a sweetie, just a little jumpy.

Good luck and don't give up, the harder ones are worth it!

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