Lulu Tail infection

by Christine Haight-Ortiz
(Naples, Florida )

My female boston terrier's non existing tail, that little fold of hair and nub got infected. A brownish black discharge and her hair is falling out all around and inside the fold. There are also open skin.
What is it?
I am doing my best to clean it, remove the loose hair and apply antibiotic cream to the sore.
I know it hurts her really bad, because I have a hard time cleaning it due to having only two hands. Any suggestions, please help.

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Nov 06, 2013
Missing tail
by: Anonymous

Just recently I realized that my boston terriers tail had fallen off. I took him to the vet and he didn't have any answers for me. They told me to keep an eye on him. When I first realized it he has a white discharge coming out if it. It's been about two weeks today and now it's seems to have dryed up blood colts around it. Someone please give me suggestions???

Jun 21, 2013
Tail infection
by: Amy

Just found this and wanted to put my two cents in. My BT's tail grew inward and got infected when she was about a year old. Vet wanted to amputate and I refused, preferring to, instead, watch and wait. It has never been infected again and that was 14 years ago.

Apr 18, 2013
tail issues
by: Anonymous

I did not do the surgery. My last comment was a couple of years ago on this..she still has the issue, but it is always under control

Apr 17, 2013
info about surgery
by: jan

Has anyone had the surgery for the tail fold issue? My dog has this and they said surgery was the only option that would work unless you want to keep cleaning it and fighting infection.

Jan 24, 2012
Tale of the tail
by: Anonymous

I feel your pain - we have similar problems. Try a benzoyl peroxide shampoo. Get pyoben gel from vet - and maybe some medical wipes. Also, elderberry extract is a natural immune booster for dogs (and us, too) - it tastes good so you don't have a problem with them licking it from the spoon. Good luck - we are still working with the same problem from time to time.

Jan 05, 2012
My success with the skin fold tail problem.
by: Terry

Tail problem with good results, yeah. :-)

I have read many messages with this enlarged skin fold tail problem. I had this happen all of a sudden with my Boston too. I wanted to share my success.

To clean her skin fold I used Q-tips with peroxide. I cleaned all around the tail until there is no more residue deposited on the Q-tips. �Then, �I put in the fold around the tail, a hemorrhoidal cream to reduce the skin swelling. Next, to keep it dry inside and promote healing I used a diaper rash ointment with zinc all around the tail inside the fold. This I did morning and night. I noticed within a few days that this was helping.

As the skin swelling reduced I was able to use my finger to clean but at that point I switched to the product Pure'n Gentle fragrance free swipes with aloe & vitamin E. Continuing with the hemorrhoidal cream and diaper rash with zinc cream.

I also, changed her diet to Halo. This is natural with no meal in it. I figured if this did not help then I would switch my Abbie to a totally raw diet. I am happy to say that this also helped.

So for the first time in months I can actually see her little tail. She still has a bit of a fold but I am now only having to clean the area 1-2 times per week now for maintenance.

I hope this is of some help.

Sep 15, 2011
same problem
by: Anonymous

My Boston also has the ingrown tail with odor and hair falling off of the nub. I have used q tips with hydrogen peroxide to keep it clean and make sure that I do it about every 3 days. Sometimes 4-5 days... So far this has kept infection down and it doesnt seem to hurt fact I can tell her.."it is time to clean your tail pocket" and she jumps in my lap and turns her little butt to me. I am not considering a tail amputation ever because it is part of their spine an it is just too dangerous imho I have also heard that Gold bond powder is good for it...

Jul 30, 2011
tail infections
by: Anonymous

I would not put lysterine on it or anything else that may burn. That sounds so painful. My Boston is only 2 years old and we are starting this problem. My vet has recommended surgery to remove the ingrown tail. It is a chronic condition and there is no need to allow them to be miserable. We are doing surgery to take away the constant itching and bacterial infections.

Jun 17, 2011
Lysterine helps with the tail itching
by: Anonymous

I'm dealing with this with my bulldog. In 3 years, I've tried powders, ointments, antibiotics, soaps and shampoos. It feels like I've tried everything.

One thing has worked a little though and that's regular gold Lysterine mouth wash. It's a natural antiseptic and doesn't over wet the tail fold. I wipe him with that every other day and there's no more brownish slimy stuff coming out. Usually, I just wipe out loose hair.

He's still itchy though, just a lot better than before.

Good luck. Hope this suggestion helps.

Nov 08, 2010
Skin Fold Pyoderma
by: Michelle

This is also happening to my Boston Terrier Bella. At first I thought it might be anal glands. After looking closer I realized it was above her anus by her tail. I took Bella to the vet. The vet diagnosed it as Skin Fold Pyoderma and says its rare in Boston Terriers and more commonly seen in Pugs and BullDogs. Basically when the short curled tail, sometimes with an abnormal setting at the butt which occurs in dogs of breeds with naturally short tails. It often leads to skin irritation with secondary pyoderma in the surrounding, deep fold of skin.

There are 2 skin folds one above the tail and one below. In my case Bella's skin fold is really really deep and the inside of the skin fold is getting infected. Bella is going to need surgery to get her tail amputated. Even though it appears that there isn't much of a tal there, after the vet shaved her bottom down and around the corkscrew tail you could see much more of the tail and it appeared to be wound tightly.

Because of their wrinkles, a condition seen frequently in Pugs is called Skin Fold Pyoderma. More specifically, Pugs tend to get a couple of variations of this condition, namely, Face fold Pyoderma and Tail Fold Pyoderma. For obvious reason, these variations are so named because of the location where the condition is seen. Even though the names are slightly different, the condition is caused by the same mechanism. Skin Fold Pyoderma is seen when the skin surfaces rub together. When this happens, the skin becomes wet and inflamed which are the perfect conditions for bacterial growth and thus a pyoderma (or infection) to result.

Signs and Symptoms of Skin Fold Pyoderma are:

Inflammation of the skin in the area of the folds
The moist skin also tends to give off a foul odor.

You should take your dog to the vet to rule out Skin Fold Pyoderma.

Oct 12, 2010
Tail Infection
by: Anonymous

HI, I am having the same exact problem with my 2 1/2 year old Porsha. I have tried everything!! She has been on Inova dog food since she was a puppy. I give her fish oil in her food everyday for her supper and have started treating her infection with medicated wipes her vet prescribed (F1/W Glen Haven). Still nothing seems to cure her. The wipes help for about a week until she starts itching again, I look and there it is, brownish smelly build-up. I treat her again cleaning her with the wipes until the wipes come out clean, but in a week or less it starts again. Its a vicious cycle, and I cant seem to get rid or it. If anyone has any suggestions my poor Porsha would truly appreciate it!!

Jun 09, 2010
Tail Infection
by: Mary

Sure hope you are putting antibacterial lotion that the vet gave you because you can't use Neosporin.

Sounds like maybe you might need another look. It could be several different infections. It might not be a bacterial could be a fungus or an allergy, or even mites.

While you are applying any medication you could also try to boost his immunity with some supplements like NuVet or even fish oil. You could also try a really good quality food if you are not already using one.

Good luck and let us know what you find out.

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