Lexi - Brat (Boston Rat Terrier Mix)

by Debbie L.
(Tupelo ,Ms.)

A lady had bred this Brat (Boston/Rat Terrier) litter to sell, with no luck. She took 5 to the shelter and Lexi was the last to be adopted. I asked the attendant if she would bite. He said no she had no teeth . She playfully bit my hand and drew blood. This should have been a red flag as to what was to come.

She was so small and cute. He said she would remain small. (LOL) She is now up to appx. 37 lbs. I immediately took her to Walmart and bought matching white, pink, and black Diva bowls, a cushion bed, food and toys. It did not take too long before I had renamed her "Lex Luther". As good as I had been to her I could not even kiss her without being growled at. The end of my new cherry King bedroom suit has been gnawed , countless shoes ripped apart. Last week she gnawed about 3 in. of baseboard. Nothing chewable is safe. Not to mention the plug she chewed out of my new living room rug which i immediatley rolled up and stored.

This dog is very selfish, gets highly ticked when someone is in her spot. My 4 year old Border Collie mix gets the brunt of it . Lex bites her ears, jumps on her back, even does remarkable acrobats off of her, such as flips. She would have been a wonderful circus dog. Unfortunately I call her the dog from hell. Comments anyone?

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May 01, 2012
BRAT puppies
by: Anonymous

I have some to be born any day now.

Jun 12, 2011
by: Kayla

My rat terrier just gave birth to 4 brats and 2 have died but the others are bigger and doing fine. I love the little guys but I have never raised them before so I only plan on keeping one.

May 10, 2011
i am looking very hard for a brat puppy
by: sarah evans

Anyone with any ideas on who is breeding these pups? I would love to be able to find another one. Had the best guy. Hope to find a pup soon! Thank you all

Apr 05, 2011
The Brat needs to play!!
by: MyBratBaby

hello, i read ur post and know exactly what u are talking about. i got mislead into adopting a boston/rat terrier mix and it was not at all the experience i was expecting! she chewed, constantly raided the trash can, was stubborn and very hard headed. i didn't understand, it was like she knew she couldn't do those things but she did them anyway, i just didn't get it. but i just moved recently from an apartment to a house where she has a backyard and also started taking her to the dog park. i started keeping a closer eye on her and when she did something wrong, i would crate her for awhile then release her. now her behavior is the complete oppisite of what it was a few months ago. i absolutely adore my little baby and i wouldn't trade her for the world!!!!

Oct 12, 2010
Understand What some go through!
by: M, Ferguson

We have a 2 year old Brat named Ruby. We had her sister, also,who was such a sweetie, but died, at an early age, with a heart problem. That dog was the most gentle, wonderful dog, but Ruby is more of a terror. She jumps so high, people at our front door, see her, through the high up window.

Ruby gets very Jealous of any attention, we pay our other pets, that she has to mooch in! She also likes to rip up our other dog's toys, just for spite, because she wants it all about her!
She is a very pretty brindle and looks like a miniature pit bull.
We have since, got a purebred Boston, and his temperament is much more like the Brat, who died. I think Ruby is a very unusual dog, but wouldn't give her up for anything!

Sep 14, 2009
Our Brat, Lexie, is great
by: Shannon

We have a Brat Terrier that we named Lexie as well. She is a great dog, and we love her to death. We have found that if she has enough of her own toys to chew on, she will leave shoes, socks, panties, etc. alone. She only gets into other items if she is bored with no toys. One of our favorite things about her is she hardly ever barks.

Jun 11, 2009
Not all Brats are brats
by: Randy

I have had my Brat Terrier for six years, and Avery, while a handful at first, is the most loyal, affectionate dog I have ever owned. Obviously, if you do not devote the time required to properly train or socialize a dog, there will be behaviour problems. Also, the situation from which the dog came, an obviously greedy backyard breeder with no concern for the dogs, is not an ideal starting point. The key is to be consistent and firm (but not cruel) in your training methods. As others said, use the leash in the house, use proper crate training. And for chewing, there are great products available to help deter animals from going where they shouldn't (such as your bed or other furniture). I used "X-Mats" to break the dogs from jumping on furniture, and they work great! For chewing, I learned a drop of hot sauce can stop the behaviour. Best of luck. With effort, you will have a wonderful companion!

Apr 06, 2009
Who's the boss?
by: Jim

I have raised many dogs from pups mostly spaniels and now have a 16 week old rat terrier.

Each of the dogs we have raised showed traits, early on, that were undesireable...chewing, barking, nipping,jumping on visitors, etc.

We've found the key is having the patience and unwavering dedication to assume the alpha dog status in the home. Bad behavior is not something to tolerate. Just like children, sometimes your dog needs a "time out".

Use a crate, a baby gate for the laundry room or what ever will isolate the dog when it starts to miss behave.

Never give snacks unless it is an award for good behavior.

Until trained, rearrange your home much as you would baby proof your home for a toddler. Have plenty of chew toys, but not the kind that can be torn apart.

Use a leash often (and not those retractable ones) even in the house. Eventually your dog will realize YOU are in control of what it can do and where it can go. At first your dog will fight the restaint, even to the point where it seems it will choke itself. It won't. When it finally settles down, lay on the praise.

Your diligence will pay off if you are willing to invest the time. Just be the boss.

Mar 25, 2009
I remain skeptical
by: Alisha

I think this is a case of a dog who is not trained or is left alone too much or without enough activity + exercise.

I have a Boston/Rat whose biggest offense is getting into the trash when left uncrated for too long. I am considering getting another rat terrier within the next couple of years.

Jan 20, 2009
lex vs buster
by: annoyed mommy

I feel your pain...my little brat "buster" is a real Tasmanian devil. He has destroyed two recliners...3 carpets..one is a (was) a beautiful persian rug...countless shoes, nothing on the floor is safe...we installed a doggie door but he still has chewed and chewed everything...I laughed when I read your comments...he is sooo sweet but a major attention hog...I had no idea...I would live in a chewed up shredded mess after I adopted him...I tried to give him away once but cried and cried until I got him back...why? I ask myself...he trusts me...but I don't know how much longer I can afford his chomping...he is like a crocodile. But most of the time I put baby gates in one area while I"m gone...he has chewed those...these are scary little doggies!

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