Itchy ears

by Jessie
(Greenbrier, Arkansas, USA)

My Boston Terrier, CoCo, is constantly scratching her ears and under her chin. I was told it may be caused by ear mites that are in her food or allergies. We've tried everything to relieve the itching but haven't found a solution yet. Does anyone know what will help?

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Feb 02, 2010
Itchy Ears
by: Mary

Another person here had this problem too. Try boosting the dogs immune system with Immugen. You can get it here: Also, try some fish oil supplements. That will help their skin do what it is supposed to do. Also, you could apply some vinegar to their skin.

Good Luck!

Feb 01, 2010
Itchy Ears
by: Sharri Bronas

I just commented on another itchy Boston. I recommend Ark Naturals Neem Protect Shampoo. You can get it online or at health food stores. For daily use I recommend Vets Best Hot Spot Spray for some instant relief.

Since it sound more like mites than dry skin/allergies, there are mite meds you can get from the vet. I am into a more natural approach. Holistic Animal Medicines is a great site and they sell an herbal dip to pour over your dog after a bath. My boston had the facial itching for the first year of her life - I believe it was mites. Her muzzle and chest would turn red also. Hope that helps!

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