Indiana Jones

by Lisa

Indy as a puppy

Indy as a puppy

Indy as a puppy
Indy all grown up and lounging on our bed

My husband and I wanted that "perfect" name for an amazing, adventurous and active puppy we were getting. We ran through hundreds of names, from famous actors to famous athletes to even Templar Knights (don't ask...). It was day 2 of puppy-ownership that we finally thought of Indiana Jones and it was light a lightbulb went off! Perfect description of our little guy: smart but crazy, handsome and adventurous, dapper but willing to get dirty. Also, I've worked at a vet clinic for 10 years now and am just bored to death with mundane names. Everyone that finds out about his name just loves it, and when they meet him they all agree that it fits him to a 'T'. Also - cool fact: Indy howls when he hears the Indiana Jones theme song. It's a blast when we watch the movies, he just can't figure out why everyone's saying his name and playing his song!

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