Hyperactive Boston Terrier

by Drake
(Green Bay, WI)

My girlfriend has one Boston Terrier in her family and it's activeness borders on insane. She is about a year to a year and a half old and is fixed. Any time someone enters the home she is immediately jumping at their legs wanting to sniff and lick what she can.

Even sitting down on the couch she runs around you seemingly trying to find out "what you're doing." only after a half an hour does she settle down and sit, but usually she's running rampant.
She continually licks everything she finds interesting... The carpet, hands, feet, couch cushions, towels, etc.

However, the worst part about her is that she, literally, needs to be the center of everything. Whether it's watching a movie, sitting with my girlfriend on the couch, laying in bed, or sleeping. She needs to be in the middle of something.

TV: If you're by yourself, she finds a way to be in between you and the TV, yet she never seems to pay attention to either (the person or the TV)

Sitting on the couch watching TV with another person: Takes any chance she gets to fit her way in between the two people and stays still for 10 seconds every 1 minute only to stare off into space and start licking faces or body parts.

Laying in bed: Does the same thing as above if you're with someone else

Sleeping: I like to sleep with my legs spread apart and this dog absolutely LOVES sleeping in between them, on top of the blanket. So it makes it unbelievably hard to move your legs when sleeping.

I understand that some dogs are just very very active, but this seems so incredibly ridiculous that it's hard to restrain frustration.

I scold her whenever she disobeys direction but it feels almost like talking to a cat... but instead of just ignoring you she just jumps on you and tries to be in your face at all times.

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Jun 28, 2011
boston terrier/ pitbull mix
by: sylvia

adopted a darling 28 lb. female boston terrier mix (veterinarian says she is crossed with pitbull) and she is very active but oh so sweet and good with kids. Have 2 pitbulls (love them) and they are very good with her. She loves to chase horses though and we are trying to break this habit. She does pull on leash so trying the Gentle Leader. Patience and obedience training are the key here. Good luck.

May 11, 2011
Active Boston
by: Anonymous

This is the Boston Terrier normal behaviour. Some breeds have certain traits and this is what you see in Bostons. They are companion dogs and made for it so they constantly want to be with humans. You should also bear in mind that she is young and till 2 yrs old they are puppy and high in energy. You should be so gentle and patient with the dog and NO SCOLDING OR HARSHNESS at all. That does not work with them. They are super sensative dogs and you should keep that in mind. I have the same dog and almost the same age. You should put boundaries when sleeping like if you dont want to have her on the bed, you and your girl friend need to be on the same page and make a place for her to sleep on the floor but in the bedroom so that she wouldnt feel ignored. Encourge her to sleep in her own bed with treats. They will pick it up and enjoy having their own place. Again, I should emphasize again over the fact that you should be gentle yet firm. Some confuse these two. You can be kind and gentle but set up rules. NO SCOLDING, HITTING or HARSHNESS and Yelling. They are the most lovable dogs with high intelligence. Be patient and take her for walks because it helps alot with the built up energy. I take mine on walks and when we are back she is ready to eat and nap. On days that she does get exercise, she is similar to what you described. So enjoy this affectionate creature and be kind to her.

Nov 19, 2010
spoiled lil boston
by: Anonymous

my Boston, is very very stubborn, but i am very firm with him and i understand what your saying about always having to be the center of everything mine is the same way... i'm yet still trying to figure out how to change that, no luck yet.

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