How often do Boston Terriers go in heat?

by Sarah
(San Diego)

I have a 10 moth old BT and she went through her first heat at 7 months, but now she is acting like she is about to go into it again! My boxer has it every 6 months so I was not expecting this again so soon.

No I do not want her fixed because we are contemplating breaking her someday.

Just how often should I expect her heat?

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Oct 18, 2012
Heat cycles
by: Tina

I have 2 female boston terriers. When my older female went into a heat, it brought upon a heat in the younger one months early. This can happen when more than one female live together.

May 22, 2012
Heat Cycles
by: Mary

We have 2 females and my step-daughter has a female also. Their heats were just about 6 months apart. Some were 7 months and they began their heat at around 8 and 9 months old. I believe that the bigger and heavier dogs USUALLY have a longer time between heats. I say USUALLY because each dog is different even within the same breed so your pup begining at 7 months was very normal. However, begining again at 10 months is just a little strange. Perhaps you should take her to the vet just to make sure it is a heat cycle and not something else. Going into heat every three months would be just a little strange for a Boston that is in the average weight range of 12-22 pounds. I suppose it is possible though.

Good Luck!

May 21, 2012
heat cycles
by: Alison

All dogs except for the Basenji go into heat on average every 6 months. If your Boston is displaying signs of going into heat so soon it could be a split heat. You need to check with your vet. Most times as she matures it will correct itself but there are times it can be problem.

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