How much and how often should my puppy be fed?

I just got a 7 wk old male boston terrier. The breeder has been feeding him puppy chow and I will gradually transition him to something else. How much should I feed him and how often??

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Jan 22, 2010
Puppy Chow to Nutra
by: Stella

We have had our BT puppy for two weeks now and just transitioned her away from Puppy Chow and onto Nutra. Puppy Chow is full of carbs and a puppy needs good protein for growing which is why we switched. We feed her 1/2 cup of food (with a splash of water to soften) twice a day.

Dec 16, 2009
Our Boston's Diet
by: Michael Zaicek

We used to feed our Boston Oliver a 1 cup of food, 2 times a day and ended up becoming fat. We then curbed his diet to 1 half cup of dry dog food, twice a day and it has worked out fine ever since!

Dec 16, 2009
Dog food
by: Libby'sdaddy

Once or twice a day depending on how active it is. Just please feed it good dog food. Canidae, Evo, Royal Canin. It's worth it, makes a much healthier dog.

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