Home Remedy for Boston Terrier Eye?

by Vera

About two days ago my husband noticed some redness and swelling in the inside cormer of our 12 week old boston. There is a little bit of yellowish/white discharge. She doesn't seem to be sick. Is this something that we should be concerned about? Are there any home remedies we can try?

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Oct 26, 2011
Take the puppy to vet soon
by: Anonymous

I am sorry for your puppy's eye problem. My boston had eye problem when she was 9-10 weeks old. I talked to the vet immidiately and he priscribed eye drops. It didnt work because it was cherry eye and required a procedure to fix it. So PLEASE take the puppy to the vet as soon as possible. Eye is so important and as young as your puppy is, it can cause serious damage if there would be delay to be attended to. It can affect the eye sight. SO I would forget home remedy and check with the vet as there can be caused by so many different issues. Hope it goes well for the puppy.

Oct 26, 2011
by: Sheila Delaney

It sounds to me that your little one might have an infection.You probably better to that baby to the vet for antibiotics.

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