Hard Lump On the Outside of Upper Back Leg

by Ashlie

I noticed a visible hard lump on the outside of my Boston's back leg. The Lump is one the upper part of the leg where his muscle is, and is larger than a quarter. He is not limping and does not seem to mind me touching it. Should I just let it be, or could it be a sign of something serious? Has anyone else ever noticed this on their dog? Thanks for any info you can provide.

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Mar 17, 2012
Lump on leg
by: Hazel

My Stuart (7 year old male ) has one as well. Our vet says he thinks he was bitten or stung and his body created a "wall" around it. This would make sense for a sting, and I actually think I remember him being stung in the same area. My issue is that it changes size and sometimes gets so large that the skin stretches so much you can see his skin under the hair. He is going back to the vet next week, so we will have to bring it up again. If anyone has any idea what else it could be, please let me know.

May 09, 2011
Bump on the boston terrier
by: Trevis

Hi Ashlie, Did you ever find out what that bump was on the back upper leg of your boston terrier?

Reason I ask is my Daytona (four year old female boston terrier) has just had the same problem arise. It really doesn't seem to bother her, just us.

We're getting ready to take her into the vet but I'd kind of like to know some possibilities of what it could be before going in. Thanks for your time and please reply if you can.

Jun 15, 2010
big lump on cheek
by: Anonymous

My boston had a lump on his cheek. We had it removed a month and a half ago, now its even bigger! what should i do? He is not eating anymore! What should i do keep having it removed? It looks worse everyday!
Help me!

Feb 02, 2009
Hard Lump
by: Alison

I would take him to the Vet just for peace of mind. I know it would drive me crazy. It could be a Epidermal inclusion cyst which is a firm lump under the skin. One of mine had this before but I would not take the advice of someone who is not a Vet. (which I am not)

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