First Boston Terrier Pregnancy

by cindy
(pound, va)

I'm watching you!

I'm watching you!

my boston lucy is 56 days pregnant. what sign should I be looking out for that her time is coming near? i am so scared about her having her pups. This is her first pregnancy. Can any one help calm my fears?

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Aug 17, 2009
You have nothing to fear but...
by: Mary

Sorry for the stupid title.
Don't be over anxious. Your baby is in caring hands. You should read some information before the big day (usually day 64, but it varies so don't freak out if it is later than that).
Here is a good website for information on whelping:


If you still have the phone number to the breeder you purchased your female from, maybe you can call them. It helps to speak to an experienced person, but you can do it even without them. Just pay attention to your female and spend the next week around her as much as you can.

Our females start to pant. That is usually always the first "sign". The temperature thing works too, if you do it. But one of our females has a lower than normal temp anyway and she is less predictable using that mode. Our first couple of litters I thought I was going to go insane. The waiting is hard, so don't be too rushed into a c-section. Just start getting your "whelping kit" ready. Gloves, towels, heating pad, all that stuff is mentioned in the website above.

Read all you can and you will be fine. As always, if in doubt... call your vet.

Be sure to alert the vet now that you are expecting puppies very soon.

Good Luck!

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