Constant anal gland odor and release

by Nicole
(Bossier City, LA)

My 18 month old BT is having constant anal glad smell and also the releasing of fluid. It has become a constant problem. I think going once a week to have glands squeezed for a BT is too much. I heard it can be diet and that over squeezing is bad for them. My vet doesn't seem to be helping me with information. Please help if anyone has any advice. I am tired of the smell and when the liquid gets on clothes or furniture it is so hard to get out.

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Sep 02, 2012
BT leaks
by: Anonymous

I took in a 15 yr old poodle set to be put to sleep for no reason that frustration by the owner brought on by a horrible vet. She was on antibiotics almost her whole life, battles weepy eyes, yeast infections and odor and low and behold..Science Diet food her whole life. I took her off all meds, got the correct shampoo with no oatmeal and started her on Orijin food. She has come so far its incredible. I have now found Nature's Logic food which I am switching all my cats and 2 dogs to since they have no potato, tapioca or starch in it as well as all the other things they should not have. The eyes are starting to clear, no yeast odor, firmer stools, but still working on the butt leakage. Hoping that will clear soon as well. Has only been 4 weeks so far. Please don't give up..get the right food.

Dec 07, 2011
boston stinky behind!
by: Anonymous

Our Boston smells and is very gagging! Have his gland expelled often but don't help much. What makes it smell!

Mar 07, 2011
any tips on getting rid of the smell??
by: Mado

Any idea or tips on how to get rid of the aweful smell?

Last time, I knew exactly where it was and luckily it was on a blanket and washing it in soap and hot water was good enough, but I can smell it in our bedroom, and can't for the life of me find where it's coming from! I'm ready to relocate!!!

It's not on the bed/blankets or the couch... floors have been washed...

Jun 07, 2010
diet for anal gland problems
by: Anonymous

you MUST feed a high quality dry food if you want to stop anal gland problems!
natural balance
call of the wild
there are lots of other high quality brands out there like honest kitchen, etc., but any good dry kibble, free of cheap fillers is a great place to start.
you can also try mixing in high fiber things like diced green beans, apples, pears but make sure the majority of what your dog is eating is a high quality kibble.
for finicky dogs, try soaking the kibble in beef or chicken stock for a few minutes to (slightly) soften and make more appealing :)

May 23, 2010
leaky anal glands
by: Anonymous

After 2 year old my wheaten terrier developed this problem and was constantly "self expressing" by twisting into a pretzel and then licking. His blands cannot be felt through all the muscle around this anal area. I used to be a dog groomer and I know how to express glands. He also had loose stools. I completely solved this problem with a RAW diet plus natural bones every 3 days or it came back. I had to watch him constantly for fear he would break a took on the bones. Now I have him on Blue Buffalo kibble and bought a 5 lbs jug of bone meal which I sprinkle 2 tbs per day on his food. What a god-send, at last we are free from the stink. I had to buy the bone meal online - don't get the kind sold in the garden shop - it is not for consumption.

Apr 04, 2010
Potent Butt Juice...a.k.a. My Worst Nightmare...
by: Frustrated

Ugh. Our BT produces "butt juice" as well, and it drives me absolutely insane. It was never a problem until his fourth year of life. I feel bad for him; whenever he accidentally expels the butt juice, he gets really ashamed and runs away. I think he knows how disgusting it is. One drop of butt juice is pretty potent - enough to make you want to buy a new couch. I'm a bit of a neat freak/germ-a-phobe, and this problem is really psychologically distressing to me. I really hope this is a phase he grows out of.

Mar 11, 2010
wheee ooooo uh!!!
by: gas mask ken.

The 18 month old BT that belongs to our daughter and moved into our home has the foulest and most
disgusting gas of any animal human or canine we have had the unfortunate experience of smelling.
I have changed her diet to high quality food and tried various store gas be gone remedies all to no
avail. I am taking her to the vet tomorrow and
can only hope the squeeze helps. or my daughter
moves out soon....
Really folks has any one thought of making these
BT'S outdoor pets only? (if you smelled this one you'd agree out to the porch or walk the plank or
something like that. But seriously any other remedy's let me know... thanks.

Jun 06, 2009
give it time
by: Anonymous

I can totally sympathize with your situation. Our boston leaked, what we called, "butt juice" and it made us crazy. The smell of just a drop is so powerful! He is now six and hasn't had it for years....every now and then I get a whiff, but I think he outgrew it.

Apr 29, 2009
comment back on anal glands
by: Nicole

Thank you for the comments. I have eliminated wet food in my BT's diet and that seems to be helping somewhat. My vet friend said to wait 4-6 weeks to see if it is helping. She is on a vetinarian diet already for sensitive colon. We will see how this goes. We actually went a whole week with no smell or release. I am hoping for the best.

Apr 27, 2009
anal sacs
by: Alison

It will not hurt your dog to have them drained however you can help by putting him on a high fiber diet or a bulk laxative to increase the size of the stool. The stool is what puts pressure on the anal sac to empty them. All dogs have the anal sac but most release on their own.
Talk to your Vet about his diet and what foods you can give him to increase the stool size.

Apr 21, 2009
Anal Glands
by: Mary

Sorry you are having this kind of trouble. I do not think it is that common in BT's. Ours do a little scooting now and then, but not constantly and I have never seen nor smelled anything.

I found this info on the internet: It's believed that dog anal gland problems can be linked to the quality of pet food a dog receives. Inexpensive brands of dog food use a lot of cereal fillers, which tend to make soft stools. The soft stool isn't able to press firmly enough against the dog's anal glands to provide the necessary pressure to express them, and there the trouble begins. Higher quality dog foods that produce a firmer, more compact stool actually aid the expressing of dog anal glands and, therefore, may be a better food choice for your pet.

I don't have a "favorite brand" right now myself. I have tried Eukanuba, Purina Pro Plan, and Blue Buffalo. I was pleased with the Blue Buffalo ingredients, except the corn, and it seems to produce some firm stools, but I really want one without corn.

Anyway, if your BT already has firm stools, maybe there is an infection? I would try a different vet if you live in an area with more than one vet. We switched vets and we are very happy!

Good Luck and please write back and tell us what you found out!

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