Canine Grooming For Your Boston Terrier

Bostons have short coats, but they still require some canine grooming to keep them healthy and looking good. With a regular (weekly) canine grooming routine, your puppy will quickly get used to standing quietly while you tend to her.

Brushing should be done in the direction of hair growth, beginning at the dog's head, toward the tail, and down the side and legs. Use a stiff bristle brush to remove any debris or dead hair that may be in the coat and a soft towel to shine the coat. Take this time to check for any cuts, bumps or external parasites that might be on the skin.


Bathing won't be required too often if you brush your Boston regularly. That is, unless he's like ours are and gets into things that get on his coat or smell bad.

Before starting, you may want to put cotton just inside the ear to prevent water from getting in. Use a shampoo made for dogs, soaking the coat with a shower hose. Lather twice and rinse at least twice so that no residue remains. Soap residue can dry and irritate the skin. Towel dry and keep her inside until she's completely dry. Otherwise, she'll likely go outside and roll in the grass or something else and just need another bath.

Nail Trimming:

Most Bostons have dark nails that make it difficult to see the blood vessels running into the quick. The quick has very sensitive nerve endings and a lot of blood going to the area, so you will want to avoid cutting into it if at all possible. The nails of a dog that spends a lot of time inside or on grass can grow long very quickly. If they become overgrown, it may be difficult to cut them back. If your dog is outside on cement or hard, rough surfaces, the nails may be worn down by contact.

Nails can be trimmed with canine nail clippers, an electric nail grinder or a coarse file. We use clippers with success, but a lot of owners prefer a grinder. If you decide to use a grinder, be aware that it makes a noise similar to a dentist's drill and some vibration, so you'll want to take some time to get your puppy familiar with it early on. If you happen to cut into the quick while trimming your Boston's nails, you can use a blood-clotting product (available at most pet stores) to stop the bleeding. Keep some on hand if you will be trimming your BT's nails. It also comes in handy if your dog catches a nail and tears it.

While you are trimming the nails, check the feet for cracked pads. Also check between the toes for anything that might irritate the feet like thorns or splinters. This is especially important in you live in an area like we do where there are foxtails (a barb that carries the seed of a weed). Foxtails can easily get between the toes and work their way into the flesh, causing pain and infection. Your veterinarian can remove the barb if one gets into your Boston's foot.

Thankfully, Bostons don't require as much canine grooming as a lot of dog breeds, but it's still important to groom them regularly. It will help keep them healthy and looking their best!

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photo "Roxy119" by Steve & Jeeta