Caffiene Tourville

by Margaret Tourville

My caffiene is only 6 months old and her major problem is chewing....She has chewed on a chair, glasses, books, television wiring, lamp wiring. The wonderful news is that she is loving-very entertaining with her toys,and she doesn't bark unless someone is in our house. She plays well with other dogs and children. As a widow, I wanted a companion but not a distroyer..She is full of energy and I know within time,( at least I hope) she will change.

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Nov 13, 2010
chewing aid
by: Anonymous

I had a lab that chewed I coated what she liked to chew with tabasco and made sure that she had a full bowl of water nearby. No more problems. she stuck to her own toys.

good luck

Nov 04, 2009
RE: Chewing almost everything in site
by: Anonymous

I know everyone doesn't respect 'the Dog Whisperer', but one of the best pieces of advice was that most puppies need daily exercise to prevent them from things like chewing. The pent up energy gets to be too much for them & with proper exercise, the energy is released & they will cease the chewing. This worked perfectly for my dog, so I swear by it....

May 27, 2009
Expensive chew toys..............
by: Laurel

lol ........... Puppies gotta love them but never trust them alone with your possessions.

When you leave her home alone I suggest kenneling it helps keep your house in order. Oh and never trust them with a memory foam pillow! Mine had wonderful fun plucking foam from my expensive pillow. There was foam bits all over the living room when I came home and Kona standing there looking very pleased until I scolded her and pointed at the pillow. She went to great lengths to take off the pillow cases, I had 2 on the pillow both facing opposite directions.

I had to rewire a 50' ethernet cable too because apparently they are great teething rings too. There are like a 100 tiny color coded wire in those cables and it had cost me about $60.00.

She doesn't chew as much anymore thank doG!

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