The Brindle Boston Terrier

The brindle Boston Terrier is preferred (according to most breed standards) over seal or black, provided all other qualities are identical. "Brindle" is described as a coat coloring in animals, particularly dogs, cats, cattle, donkeys and horses, where there are streaks of color that are darker than the base coat. It is sometimes described as "tiger striped", however, the Boston Terrier brindle pattern is much less pronounced than that of a tiger's coat.

Brindle Markings in Boston Terriers:

The preferred brindle BT is characteristically marked with white in proportion to the brindle pattern. Ideally, white should cover the following areas:

brindle boston terrier
  • chest
  • muzzle
  • band around the neck
  • half way up the forelegs
  • up to the hocks on the rear legs
  • white blaze between, but not touching the eyes
Symmetrical markings are preferred in show dogs.

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Photo courtesy of Wikimedia under GNU Free Documentation License