Boston Terriers on planes and in cars for long periods of times

How are Bostons on planes and in cars for long periods of time? We are thinking about traveling with a Boston.

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Feb 18, 2011
Hope this will help
by: Tina

I had a male Boston for 14 years,my baby didn't like traveling at all.He would shake and cry.Couldn't handle watching that broke my heart.
Volume.... get it from your vet.Was the only thing that would help my Brute.I would get 2 pills brake them in half one for the trip up and then one coming back.Thats a 9 hour road trip.
Sorry cant help out with plane issues but I would assume the volume would work for them in that situation too.
He passed on a year and half ago.I just now got another baby she is maybe a year old and has no problem traveling.

Jul 30, 2009
non sleeper
by: Lois

Our one year old male boston terrier is just the opposite. He will not sleep and eventually starts panting as if suffering an anxiety attack. When he was younger, he slept almost the whole trip. we travel from Pa. to NC. and stop approx. every three hours. Any suggestions???

Nov 02, 2008
traveling with Boston
by: Holly

I travel with my Boston in the summer. Firstly, he has been crate trained since the beginning. Since I got him at 7wks he goes with us in the car. Short trips in the back seat, but when we go for a long car trip I put him in a foldable fabric crate with his bedding from his home crate and a couple of toys. Now my Boston is 8mo and can't stand it to be left at home. He freely goes in his car crate and will ride for an easy 3hrs with no stopping due to my crate training efforts. My family will even stop and eat on the road and leave him in the car (as long as the weather is appropriate) then continue our trip. When we take a potty stop, the pup comes out to potty also. He doesn't make a sound and you won't even know he is in the car. He just lays down and goes to sleep. I have yet to put him on a plane, but he loves his portable crate and knows when we are going on a trip. Hope this helps, and good luck!

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