Boston Terrier with Red Rash

We have an 8 year old female Boston terrier, i just noticed she has a red rash over her entire body, what could this be from, no new bath soap.

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Dec 06, 2010
by: Linda Galway/TurnerME

There are quite a few possibilities for a rash -- it could be a contact dermatitis from new soap/shampoo, could be an allergic reaction to something eaten or touched, such as a blanket washed in a different detergent. I would give 1 25 mg. Benandryl, and if it recurs, call the vet's, but try to narrow it down to being able to let him know what your dog has eaten and the activities...

Dec 06, 2010
by: Mary

It could be an allergy either to food or something in the air or even a plant or bug. Ours gets them at the same time each year. Our vet said to give a benydryl. My friend has to take her boston to get allergy shots but they are worth it.

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