Boston Terrier with Dry Skin

by ruva

what could i do for my boston terrier's dry skin ?
should i use a different kind of dog shampoo?

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Dec 19, 2012
My Boston Terrier
by: Anonymous

I have a 7 year old boston terrier. She is losing her hair badly at her backside and back. I have tried different shampoos, have used hot spot medication, have used cortisone cream and neosporine, have changed food from Iam's to Purina One Lamb & Rice, gave her Benedyrl, but nothing seems to be helping. Can someone give me any other ideas? My mom thinks it's because she sleeps with me, and gets under the covers when she gets cold. Please help me come up with something else if at possible. My mom even thinks her allergy shots aren't doing any good any more. Would appreciate the help.

Jun 04, 2012
Raw dog food diet measuring
by: Anonymous

click on pet calculators and you can measure exactly for size of your pet.

Jun 02, 2012
Reply to dry skin and allergies
by: Anonymous

Is it possible for you to post what the measurements are for the dog food you are making? My dog weights about the same as yours, and I would really love to cook for him. I'm not sure of what vitamins to add or what ratio of ingredient to make it a balanced diet.

Jan 15, 2012
dry skin and allergies
by: Anonymous

I have a 20 month old boston with a tiny bit of dandruff but not to bad.. I switched hist diet to a raw food diet I make myself out of buffalo and moose for the meat, sweet potatoes with veggies and vitamin formula. The loss of hair and skin problems originate from allergies for my boston. He is allergic to fish, grains, poultry, carrots. The vet was helpful on the formula on how much of each ingredient to use for my 16.4 pound boston. He is doing well now and growing his hair back. Finding treats and allergies is very difficult unless you spend lots of time around your boston as they tend to hide when they chew there paws if they have a allergy.. even worse is if it continues and not looked after they tend to get a habit of biting there paws even if the allergy is found and taken care of. I found the best dietary plan is buffalo by club-k9. Now all this being said be very cautious of treats as most have either grain, fish, wheat based flower but there is sweat potato and buffalo, bison liver without those ingredients they love. (I myself suffer from allergies and allergic reactions are very irritating for humans.. I can just imagine how the poor little guys feel when they suffer from them).

Mar 30, 2010
Dry Skin
by: Marcia

From what I've been told, Bostons are famous for dry skin. We noticed his when we first bathed him. Seems that too much bathing makes it worse, though all you want to do is wash that icky stuff off. Our vet suggested oatmeal based shampoo also. I also found an Oatmeal Spray at Petsmart. Its like a leave-in conditioner to use between baths. It smells great and moisturizes his coat nicely. We also got the fish oil supplements from our vet. Just one capsule broken over his food daily seems to have done a great difference.

Mar 24, 2010
Caties Mom
by: Tammy

Your dog could more than likely have an allergy to grains, try changing the food to something that uses only a single meat protien and single starch, like: Natural Balance,Limited Indgredient Diets which can be found at Petco and as always you can much better prices on premeium dog foods at your local feed stores, also try Taste of the Wild, that food has no grain, it is meat and sweet potatoes and blueberries and all kind of natural antioxidants,also it is less expensive than Natural Balance and you get more for your money, it is a wonderful food, I have used it and do use on a rotation diet, you can look it up online and the site has store finder right on it for you.

Also another good option is CANIDAE, they make a grain free food as well and are also less expensive than Natural Balance, I am not a sales person, My miniature schnauzer was so picky he had buying every premium food on the Market, after one week he would get tired of the food and off I went on the search for that perfect food, well it has been 7 bags now and he is still eating it!!!! Knock on wood! So if that is any testimonial for you as to the what a dog prefers, then there it is! But what ever you decide I really believe it is the food, unless you know otherwise! I do know 9 times out of 10 it is usually that grain is the culpret! Good Luck! ALL of the mentioned can sites can be found on the net!

Mar 24, 2010
Dry skin
by: Mary

Our BT's get dandruff in the winter. We use Fish Oil pills. After about 2 months you will notice the difference. Also we feed them a dry food made from fish.

Mar 23, 2010
by: John

We do two things to help with our Boston Lab's coat. First is diet. We feed her (Jet) a mix of rice, peas, carrots, and ground turkey along with some 'Blue' puppy food. For washing her we only do so about every 3 to four weeks and we use Aveeno Baby which is an oatmeal based shampoo. So far we have very little skin problems, she has a very shiny coat and does not shed all that much.

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