by Jennifer

My 11month old male intact Boston named Bear whines way too much. The past two mornings have been the WORST! He stays the night in his crate and then in the morning as soon as we get up to get ready he just whines and whines. I understand that he wants out, can I get him to just wait patiently. I am thinking of a correctional collar to wear in the crate.

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Jun 01, 2012
Whining terrier
by: Sondra

I have an 11 month old half boston half shih tzu. She definitely looks and acts more like a boston though. I got her when she was about four months old. She would whine when I put her in her crate and sometimes in the wee hours of the morning. I read on another forum that if you cover the crate with a sheet or a towel, and speak to them in a soothing voice to let them know you are there then the whining would stop. I used to say things like, I'm here Izzie (her name) let's go to sleep, or bedtime Izzie. It worked almost from the start. Now she doesn't do it very offen, but when she does I cover her crate and she's fine until it's time for her morning walk! I hope that helps.

Jan 24, 2011
Good luck
by: Anonymous

Boston's are a companion breed...meaning they want to be with you and do what you do ALL OF THE TIME. Most love to cuddle, and be close/touching you all of the time. If you want a breed that will give you space, you picked the wrong breed.

Jan 16, 2011
by: Mary

We have 3 bostons. The male is the worst whiner and the least "trustworthy". He thinks everything is a toy. He doesn't do it to be revengful...he just likes to chew alot. We keep all 3 in separate crates but the first thing I do every morning is take him out to potty (and the 2 girls too). Then we come in and they eat while I shower. They stay out of their crate while we get ready and then we put them back in when we are going out the door. If they don't like the crate then they will probably never like it. One of our females loves her crate and she does not whine. The other two are better out of their crates while we are in the house. I just get up 30 minutes earlier than I used to before I had the dogs. I think they are worth it.

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