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Shadow "Purring":

This one is Shadow making his whining/purring noise. He usually does this when he's sitting on our lap and we won't pet him.

Boston Terrier Soccer:

This one is of Shadow & Sophie engaging in their favorite pastime (well, besides napping )

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More Boston Terrier Videos

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Two BoJacks at play 
This is Galilea and Iolanthe our two Boston crosses. They are sisters and litter mates and we got one at eight weeks and another at 6 months after she …

I'm singing Beyonce's CRAZY IN LOVE with photos of Lucy! 
Lucy will be 5 months in a few days. She's a sweet, smart, fun girl who has a crush on Elvis, our cat. She loves toys and playing in the back yard. …

My "Real Boy", Sir Elliotte Ashton 
This video is a memorial to the best dog a person could ever have. His name was Elliotte, and he was my "Real Boy."

Pauline chases the iPhone 
Our puppy Pauline at about 7 weeks chasing my iPhone around the backyard.

Rudy, My Boston Terrier - His First 6 Months - A Video Tribute  
I was very lucky to get Rudy from an exceptional breeder, and he has quite a good pedigree where both his father and mother were notable champions. Rudy …

Willie's workout 
NBB's Willie is a high-energy dog that loves his exercise.

Baby Bostons at 5 wks 
They are EVERYWHERE! I am constantly counting and searching for atleast one. Now I know how moms who have multiple children feel lol.

3 Year old Boston Terrier Cola Baby 

Bear howls after making hamburger squeek, the hamburger is gone now!- lol

Boston Terrier Obedience Exercises and Frisbee 

Neo and tuxedo at the skate park 

Yoda Opens Present 
Our 10 year old Boston always opens her own Christmas present. We wrap all of her presents and put them under the tree. She will even "guard" the tree …

Jack & Emma enjoying some ice cream 
My dad, grandma, my BT's and I were running some errands. We decided to get some ice cream and let the BT's finish them up.

Big Things Can Come In Small Packages 
This is a compilation of some of the best clips taken from Rudy's over 70 videos filmed over the last 2.5 years. You can follow Rudy at: …

Buster and the Vacuum 
Buster and his nemesis the evil vacuum. ed., you posted this under Boston Terrier Videos, but there was no link to a video included.

Boston Terrier Playing Ball 
Max loved playing with exercise ball for long periods of time. I'd have to finally take it away cause he'd be breathing heavily.

Boston Terrier "Fishing" for His Ball 
My 3 1/2 yr old Boston Terrier named Blue loves his ball. So he will do whatever he has to do to get it when it goes in the bucket of water.

My Baby Princess 
I asked her a couple of questions and she answered me with two nods.

Rocky the Boston Terrier in the Park 
This is a video showing my Boston Terrier Dog named Rocky which is in the Park during the 2011 summer. He is from Quebec, Canada.

Welcome home Mia 

Rudy, The Boston Terrier, Celebrates His First Birthday 
This is a three part video series where Rudy celebarates his first birthday.

Archie's funny bark 
Archie sneezebarks at the enemy

Scarlet being a funny little girl. 
this is Scarlet. She a loving funny 4 month old BT, and she completed our family.she is so good with the kids and so very smart. ed. - no video attached. …

Boston Terrier vs. the Billiard Balls 
Freddy isn't tall enough for pool, but that doesn't mean she can't have fun.

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Skateboarding Tuxedo & Neo 
Neo and Tux skateboard; riding up and down the ramp, turning and going down stairs. They are on the Place de l'europe

A dog walking another dog leash 
How to teach a dog walking another dog on leash? Neo & Tuxedo learned this trick by the method of positive reinforcement clicker training

Dixie and Daisy at the front door~~ 
O Our dogs are forever wanting to go outside when we are outside. Here is a short video of Dixie and Daisy slapping at the front door trying …

New member of our family 
9 week old Lady Bug takes on our 12 year old lab, Lucy. ed. - Chase, there was no link included to the video. If you send it via the contact form, …

Boston Terrier with Dangerous Stick 
Our Boston, Woody, loves to run with a huge stick in his mouth. This time he got a little reckless!

Nibbles and Jilly: A Boston Terrier Story 
A couple years ago I made a short film (for fun) of my dog Nibbles because we joked that she was in love with the sleek, almost all-black …

BeBe says "i want it" 
this is my 3 year old boston, BeBe, she tries her best to actually mock real human words and in this video, you can tell she is trying her best to ask …

I love this binki. I need it, I do. 
Maggie got our sons pacifier. She is a baby too.

Rocco Owns the Back Yard 

Neo and tuxedo are starting to learn how to ride their skateboards on rmaps and bumps at Montpellier skatepark

Neo And Tuxedo At Montpellier skatepark Part IV 
At Montpellier skatepark Part IV

Neo And Tuxedo At Montpellier skatepark Part Three 
Neo And Tuxedo At Montpellier skatepark Part Three

Boston Terrier Skateboarding Part Two

Neo and Tuxedo at the Skate Park 
ed. - really enjoying the vids of Neo & Tuxedo. If you use the "embed" option when copying over from youtube, it will display here in the …

Boston Terrier Skateboarding 

Boston Terrier Olympic Training 
Video of Elvis swimming... FAST...LOL..

My two BT's Jack and Emma I decided to make a video from the pics I have of them in a special way …

Gracie brings me a drink from the fridge. 
Here Gracie brings me a drink from the fridge. I took video of this in the kitchen but it is really fun to sit in the living room and send Gracie off for …

Gracie helps out in the bathroom. 
No, I am NOT really taking a bath, I'm just showing off some of the things that Gracie can do. Yes she DOES close the door when I'm taking a shower and …

Gracie the Boston Terrier picks up loose change. 
Gracie Is one of the few Boston Terriers that is also a service or helper dog. Why not? this is an intelligent breed after all. Gracie main job is doing …

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