Boston Terrier Suddenly has Welts

by Bert

Please help me. I know that Bostons are prone to allergies, but my pup has these large welts all over him. He is fine and eating well just really itchy. I have not changed his food or any of his treats. He was fine until Saturday when he got them for the first time. I thought he may have sat in ants and took him to the vet. She gave him a shot of steroids, benadryl, and fluids under his skin. Thought all was well as they disappeared completely, until they develpoed again last night. I have given him benadryl once a day to help with the itch and put him in a shirt so if he scratches he wont tear up his skin. He goes back to the vet on Saturday. I am worried that this may be life long as I have read this often with Bostons. I want to take a hollistic approach and have read long term benadryl use can cause liver issues. Any help will be appreciated.

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Sep 12, 2011
by: Mary

There are some resources online for can do a search on "canine allergies remedies" or something similar. We used some additives for a while when our girls would break out, it seems to have stopped. They are about 3 years old now. We also add fish oil to their dry food.

Sep 10, 2011
by: Anonymous

Our oldest french Bulldog suffers from the same type of skin eruptions. We have been happy to discover "ATOPICA" which can be purchased at 1-800-Petmeds. (free shipping) Our vet has been wonderful and gives the prescriptions needed so that we are able to purchase at a discount.
There is now a generic form {"Cyclosporin" which is also available at 1-800-Petmeds. This is cheaper for us and works the same.

We have been able to give him more of the meds (usually one pill every 1-2 days)until his skin totally improves. Then we are able to adjust the dosage until we are usually only giving one pill per week. I know this may sound a little expensive, but it's well worth the fact that he stops his itching completely....which not only drive him crazy, but does the same to us.

By following his eating habits, we were able to discover that he is allergic to both beef and cheese. As long as he stays away from either of these, his breakouts have been kept pretty much in check.

I hope this may help you....

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