Boston Terrier Snorting

by misty
(hermann, mo.)

I have a 2 year old bt who this morning started snorting it seems she is having issues breathing and swallowing, almost like something is stuck in her nose or throat. I know other bostons do this what is it and how do i help or prevent it? She is having fits of this all day on and off.

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Jun 08, 2011
by: Linda Galway/TurnerME

If it's a lot like your dog is unable to catch her breath, like something is blocking or constricting her airway, that happens to my girl, also. Usually she has been pulling on her leash, but sometimes it just happens out of the blue. I've heard it referred to as a "reverse sneeze," and what I've read to do is put your hand over the dog's snout. It kind of makes them swallow, and once or twice usually stops it. Sometimes I just bring her front paws way up and try to extend her neck and open her airway, and that seems to help. Let us know how you make out. If she shows any signs of an allergic reaction, then give her a Benadryl pill (25 mg.) and get her to a vet as soon as you can manage it.

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