Boston Terrier Skin Allergies

by mark

Have boston terrier one year in age named Daisy Mae... she has developed skin allergies bad over the last six months. Have changed diet and vet has given up, all except taking her to a university where there's better help. Is there anyone out there with these kind of problems? She's best dog we've ever owned. Thanks.

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Sep 18, 2013
First, read all the postings
by: Rick Davidson

If I had a Boston with skin problems (which I do), I would read all the posts on this forum.

If your vet gave up---good for you. You need a new vet.

Read the posts here.


It's probably you that is causing the problems. In my case, it was me who was the guilty party. Read all the posts. Some of us have posted frequently over a period of several years while we were progressing through dealing with skin, ear, smell, scratching, peeling, pustules etc.

It usually turns out to be food allergies, grass allergy, mites, fungus etc.

Read. After you have read all the postings then ask specific questions which indicate that you have thought about your problem.

Sep 09, 2013
to Katrina
by: Anonymous

I think it's best to have him check by the vet. If its peeling, red, probably itchy it could be fungal infection. Vet might do culture or observe under the microscope.

Sep 05, 2013
More help for our itchy BT
by: Sandy

In prior postings, I've mentioned our little dog's severe itching problem. After every test out there, we developed a program that keeps her mostly itch-free: non-beef dog food, dye and fragrance free detergent, no fabric softeners of any kind, one Temaril-P per day,and -- what's new -- adding "Bio-Coat" to her food daily. (I have no connection with the product or owners.) A friend with an itchy dog had success using it for her dog and told us about it. What's to lose? we thought. Tried it about 3 months ago and it helps tremendously. Also, we keep a little cotton tank top on our dog, winter and summer, which seems to help, also. Hope our findings is of assistance to other readers.

Sep 05, 2013
Diatomaceous Earth for mites.
by: Anonymous

Please don't ever use Diatomaceous Earth on your dog. There are mite and mange medicines out there that will take care of it. I use D Earth to get rid of slugs in my garden and because it is sharp it kind of impales them. Please read the direction on the bottle and it says do not let it touch your skin. It is very sharp little pieces of dirt that make you feel like you just rolled in insulation. You can purchase ear mite medicine at Walmart. If it is a rash from allergies with hot spots bathe the dog twice a week in the tub with Tar Shampoo found at Petco. I also spray a hot spot spray with tee tree oil on the hot spot a few times a day along with hydrocortisone 1 percent. It will clear up even faster if you put your dog on a good 5 star dog food that is wheat free. Petco has several good ones. Nothing from the grocery store because those are not good for your dog. Go to and look up 5 star dog foods. The cheaper dog foods add a lot of fillers that are wheat and that sets off wheat allergies. Also just one flea bite can make a dog break out in a rash so make sure you are treating him with monthly Flea and Tick medicine. Advantix 2 is good and there is a new one on Fosters and Smith that is a heartworm medicine with a tick and Flea repellent along with a dewormer that covers mange too for a month.

Sep 05, 2013
My bostons testicles are red and
by: katrina

My son Rocky doesn;t seem to be bothered but his testicles are really red and we noticed that they were peeling and i was wondering if its normal or if he needs to go to the vet? we have changed nothing since we had him he is a little over 2 yrs old and we had him two years. he doesn't mess with them he runs n plays like normal...what should i do or has anyone experienced this???

May 26, 2013
make sure vet checks for mange
by: jeff sanders

make sure your vet checks for mange. my boston was diagnosed with allergies by my first vet and was treated for over 2 months with no result. went to another vet who told right away he had mange and that dogs don't usually develop allergies under 2 years old.

Apr 22, 2013
need suggestions?
by: Anonymous

I understand how frustrating it could be to see your dog so helpless. You can contact me through email at Willing to share the details to make your Boston Terriers life so much happier.

Apr 21, 2013
by: Zoey's Mom

Zoey my 16 month female Boston Terrier has had allergies for about 10 months now. I have spent thousands of dollars on Vet bills and allergy test. At one point Zoey was so bad that her chest was red and raw and she lost all her hair on her ears. I felt helpless. After speaking to a specialist and trying new ideas I finally came up with a solution. I changed her diet to Kangaroo & Apple dry dog food made by a company called Addiction (ordered on line). I than only feed her cut up squash for treats. Zoey likes to chew so I found a natural remedy for that. Deer Antlers. She loves them. Best things is they last a long time. You can find them at any pet store. Forgot to mention one important things. While Zoey was going through her bad times and her skin was raw and she was constantly scratching I found a over the counter that really worked. Cortizone-10 ointment. It worked better than any medication than any vet gave me. Finally her hair is growing back and she is back to her happy self. I also avoid other things just to be sure. Her bedding is only washed with hot water. No laundry detergent and I avoid grass as much as possible. I let her do her business outside and than it right off the grass. I also give her oatmeal baths every week or when needed. I know it seems like a lot of work but really its not when you see the end result and my little Zoey is happy.

Jan 27, 2013
Most problems are caused by parasites
by: Anonymous

Try Diatomaceous Earth. This will eliminate much of the problems with pet health... Good for humans too!

Jan 27, 2013
Most problems are caused by parasites
by: Anonymous

Try Diatomaceous Earth. This will eliminate much of the problems with pet health... Good for humans too!

Dec 12, 2012
Miss Monroe's problems
by: Anonymous

Have you had her stool checked for worms, parasites, etc?

Try washing her bedding -- and yours if she sleeps on your bedspread -- in detergents marked "Free and Clear" meaning no fragrances, coloring, etc. I don't use fabric softener at all on our dog's bedding or her little shirts (which help with the scratching), but if you must, then use Downy Free and Clear or put white vinegard in the final rinse water and no fab. soft. at all.

Some "Bag Balm" may help her tail problem -- you can get it at any big drug store or chain. Or Animax -- by prescription from your Vet.

Good luck with this problem.

Dec 11, 2012
my Lil Miss Monroe
by: Misty Yohn

My boston terrier is really worrying me she is losing her hair on her butt around her lil tail. She scratches that area all day. It's raw and looks painful. I can't take it - I'm concerned! She has been eating the same food for quite some time - about 2 years. We haven't changed detergent in like 5 years; we've always used tide. However, she is basically bald and raw on her butt. Is there anything I can do for her? The vets are so expensive. I give her an allergy pill every day and I've washed her in the same shampoo for about a year.

Dec 05, 2012
For Rondo
by: Anonymous


Little red bumps and an odor could be an ear mite infection. They sell ear mite medicine at Petco that you use daily. First I would try and get rid of the odor which sounds like yeast or could be from a wheat allergy. A bath in tar and Sulfur shampoo also found at Petco should help and always with Bostons follow a bath with an ear cleaning to make sure no water is left behind in the ears. It isn't hard to do. Just buy some ear cleaner and rip a cotton ball in half. Insert cotton in ear and turn it around a few times. It will not hurt them because their ear cavities are much larger then ours. You won't believe what comes out! Lastly if they are on store bought food, see my earlier comment on 5 star dog foods without wheat, they will stink like corn chips. A dog is what it eats and will smell on inferior dogfood. Sometimes they just need a bath with Tar and Sulfur shampoo which actually smells very nice fllowed by an ear cleaning and a small spray of conditioner brushed through their coat. f it is ear mites a few days on the drops and the red dots should disappear. Good Luck!

Dec 04, 2012
Our BT's allergy is "treated," not "cured
by: Sandy

Our BT started showing allergy signs at 11 months. She's now six years old and we've been to countless vets, vet specialists, and tried every dog food and home made foods you can imagine. None helped much or for long. That was the bad news.

The good news is that her allergies are under control and she's 99% scratch-free for the last year and a half which we attribute to two things: 1) Temaril-P daily and 2) keeping a dog T-shirt on her almost all the time.

It's not ideal, but she no longer scratches herself until she's bloody and risks infection. The Prednisone has side effects, but her quality of life is hugely improved with this minimal regimen.

Good luck!

Dec 04, 2012
For: Boston Rescuer
by: Anonymous

I would give it at least 1-2 weeks. Most people I talk with say give it 8-12 weeks, but you should notice some improvement in the first couple weeks. Also if your boston has an "odor" that comes back within a day or 2 after a bath or feels damp to the touch, it could be yeast build up. This could be causing him to scratch as well.

My best advice is to start simple with a limited ingredient food, give him some probiotics as well.

Dec 04, 2012
Advice needed! How long does it take switching foods to have effect?
by: Boston Rescuer

Hi there, I rescued a sweet female BT from the shelter three days ago. She has been itching a lot and the vet today said it was allergies and prescribed prednisone. I have also put her on fish oils, as I do all my rescues. She has been eating grain free Salmon and Sweet Pot for the last 3 days so I'm wondering if I should switch it up or keep on it a little longer. Any advice is appreciated. thanks!

Oct 17, 2012
My boston, Rondo...
by: Russell

He's got little bumps all around his backside and is pretty itchy. He has itched to the point of drawing blood behind his ears. Can anyone help me? I can't afford the vet right now but want my dog to stop suffering. Will the fish oil in the food work for his symptoms?


Oct 16, 2012
Where to buy Hot Spot medicine over the counter
by: Anonymous

To the woman with the skin allergies looking for something "over the counter". At Petco or at their online store you can buy, "Vets Best Hot Spot Spray. It has all natural ingredients, one being Tea Tree Oil. Apply it daily along with some generic 1 percent hydrocortisone lotion.

Cleaning her ears every couple weeks or along with a bath with cotton balls and ear cleaner helps them to stay ear infection free for the most part. If you dont know how to do it they have videos on Utube that show how to do it.

I sometimes mess up and buy her some treat that looks like meat but they are really part meat and part corn or wheat fillers. When she gets a hot spot I immediately look at anything I fed her including treats in the last day or two.

Bostons also benefit by bi weekly bathing with a good shampoo. I love Espree Tar And Sulfa Shampoo. It actually smells great and really is very gentle to her skin. No rashes at all like some of the perfumey shampoos.

Bostons really need to be on a grain free 5 star dog food or you can spend a fortune at the vet for allergies and ear infections and yeast. Since they don't eat a lot buying the best food is the easier softer way for me. Good Luck!

Oct 16, 2012
It's been awhile...
by: NelliesMom

Since I have posted but try to keep up with what's going on here when I can. Just wanted to let you know that things CAN get better and that there is HOPE... just don't give up!

Amazingly enough Nellie is still doing pretty well - right now the only meds she is on are Soloxine for thyroid (get that checked - it is my understanding that when the thyroid is low/non-functioning it can work against you in your efforts to keep the skin comfortable). It is quite possible because of the allergies that Nellies body attacked her thyroid - it is essentially non-functioning but we didn't know it because we were so intent on helping her with diet, allergy tests/shots, various meds. The vet said it was something that we had overlooked - it didn't solve the problem but it definitely helped the situation.

Benadryl when needed, but the best help is the special shampoo we get at the vets (it is prescription but worth it). Also she eats Natural Balance Duck and Potato since the Salmon & Sweet Potato version eventually made her react (why? don't know).

Just wanted you all to know that she is happy and alive and doing as well or better than we had hoped. It may help that she is almost 6 years old now - maybe between the age and having been through almost two years of allergy shots her body is adjusting.

Hoping you all find the KEY to help these sweet babies! Sincerely, NelliesMom

Oct 13, 2012
The cure is simple!!!!
by: Anonymous

I have a 2 year old Boston Terrier who has always had bad skin rashes, usually on his belly, inside of hind legs, arm pits, ears etc. He was also losing hair in irritated areas. I took him to my useless vet who had me change foods, no chicken, no grain, changed laundry detergents etc. until on day a customer of mine said she had the same type of problems with her Fox Terrier and to try cracking fish oil vitamin pills over his food. Petco sells a quart bottle of fish oil mix with omega 3s. I bought this and in a few days time, his skin was beautiful, hair was growing back and he was happy to no longer itch. If I go 2 days without the oil, the rashes are back. This stuff was the easiest miracle cure!!! Good luck to all!

Aug 21, 2012
Boston Terrier allergies
by: Mo

My daughters dog, Nugget has lots of skin issues and would itch all day and have a red chest,neck and muzzle. He would also gnaw at his paws and they were brownish red from the overgrowth of yeast. We started him on weekly baths with Mal-a-ket shampoo which cleans him and helps cut down on yeast on the skin. We also feed him Great Life buffalo kibbles only. No table food at all! Great life has no grains and is tasty for our Nugget. We are so pleased with how he has improved. We don't give him any meds at all. Also keep your yard flea free if possible. We wash his blankets and little bed often with detergents for allergy suffers. Hope this helps!

Jun 24, 2012
by: Anonymous

I cured my Bostons hot spots and allergies with changing the food to a 5 star rated dog food without wheat. Go to: and they rate all dog foods.

When she got a hotspot I applied tee tree oil a couple times a day to the hot spot and it went away within a few days. You can cut the tee tree oil with a little carrier oil like almond oil or use it straight.

Jun 23, 2012
Need help from parents of fuzzy babies
by: Mendie

Some of this information is so helpful, I rescued a Boston and she was very I'll and emaciated. She is now a beefy tornado except I found she is allergic 2 almost everything. Grass/trees/cat hair/dust/fleas ect I'm not sure about foods I cannot afford 2 get those tested yet. But she does like her salmon and sweet potato food. I'm worried about her being on prednisone and benadryl for to long, is there anything over the counter that will help with her itching and hair loss?

May 02, 2012
Try it. It works!
by: Anonymous

I sent a comment yesterday Try it. It works! and it has not been posted, why? It may help a lot of people who has boston terriers and have the same problem I had.

there weren't any comments received on this topic yesterday with that title (or any other). Feel free to submit them. ALL comments are reviewed, so they will not appear on the site instantly.

Apr 15, 2012
by: Anonymous

When my Boston Baylie turned 3 she started getting rashes and her hair was falling out looked horrible. Was feeding her Purina dry dog food and noticed she wouldn't eat it unless she was starving. Was also giving her table scraps cause I felt so bad that she wasn't eating. Couldn't afford to keep bringing her to the vets so I did some reading online and read that someone had given there boston Natural Balance Potato and Duck. Tried it and omg its only been a couple of weeks and she is eating sooo good and I have cut all of the bad stuff out. Another thing she doesn't have anymore bad gas Thank God!!!! Her skin doesn't have all the dandruff and her hair is growing back and looks 100% better!!!

Mar 16, 2012
Food allergies
by: Anonymous

Our sweet Boston Terrier has terrible food allergies. She has a bad reaction to wheat, poultry and beef. I've tried almost every brand out there. Even making my own. I have finally found one she does extremely well on. It's Hills Prescription Diet d/d Canine Skin Support Potato & Venison Formula. I feed her mostly the dry but give her a little of the canned. We have a Chihuahua with really bad food allergies too and have her on the same food. So far so good and it's been about a year now. The only catch is you have to purchase it from your veterinarian and it's pricy. But it works for our furbabies.

Mar 14, 2012
Help! Horrible skin story on by Skipperdog!
by: Audrea

I have a 5y.o. b.t. male, Skipperdog. All of this started in may of 2011. I noticed he had dandraff alot fr 2-4y.o. but i started noticing small leision looking roundish places on belly, up sides of flanks, legs an just blow anal area. crusty red spots. when you rub them can take some flaky stuff off, peel an turns real red. Fur comes with it if n furry area. well i had no clue so he had this for about 2mths. finally to to vet. he immediatly said "its ringworm." i freaked! Contamination! it was prob everywhere! car,house,carpet,couch, beds an did he give it to us? where did he get from? so needless to say its been 10 mths an we r still dealing with this! he has been on 3diff fungal meds an 1yeast med an then vet tells me (after 4mths of this) he's got low thyroid so put on thyroid med. i dont think its ringworm!! we have another dog thats outside all time(a big dog not b.t.) an he has never gotten this an they roll around an play for little while cpl x's a wk. also none of us have ever gotten it(2 kids). i did everything to clean him an surroundings an still has it!! now has no hair on ears an have ran out of thyroid med for 1mth now(we r n seroius financial state rite now) an spots r back. only gettin vulvcyin now. im callin n morn an ordering more thyroid med. we can prob afford some more rite now. we have spent about $1200 in last 10mths on this "ringworm" dx. vet never has suggested testing for allergies or even mentioning it could b severe allergies. just dont know what to do! we dont have insurance on us or dogs. we r self employed an cant afford. i want skipper better but we have to b careful with our$.(2kids!) skipper only wt 13lbs. an is small. any thoughts would b soooo great!! thxs!

Mar 12, 2012
Same experience
by: LLR

I have been experiencing the same situation with our Boston and she is the sweetest dog ever. We finally took her to a dermatologist and the medication he gave has helped tremendously. She is a different dog now.

Feb 03, 2012
To Becky and Bosco
by: Binco's mom

Hi. I understand what you are going through. I've been there, my dog had a lot of allergy issues(from skin, ears, fur, flake etc..). Luckily, she is now 95% better we have learned how to manage her allergy and of course, our vet worked with us. At first, the vet.started with prednisone (steroid), it did help control the rash, plus some allergy pill and fish oil. Then, we went with our vet's recommendation to have her tested (allergy test-its a blood work.) we found out she is allergic to chicken, beef, pork, eggs, potato, wheat, corn, barley, dust mites, grass, etc.) She can only have lamb or venison.(natural balance- lamb and brown rice). Her condition improved. Then maybe a year ago we decided to switch her anti-flea medication to oral pill and that's when we saw the light at the end of the tunnel. She stopped scratching, no more rash, fur starting to grow. We didn't have an idea that she was also allergic to the anti-flea med.(probably the main culprit.) Now, she is doing good, her coat shiny again, no more sores and licking... she sleeps good too. I know sometimes we feel hesitant to give our dogs some medications that vets prescribe but if it works, why not try it. Now, we don't give her the prednisone anymore, just the 2 capsules of fish oil/day. We don't let her run and roll on the grass anymore. Binco is now a happy dog and so are we. I'd say try which food works and work with your vet.

Jan 31, 2012
my baby boy has bad skin problems
by: Anonymous

Hello there my name is becky and I have a 9yr old boston terrier who means a lot to me.
He has been having this problem for along time he licks his paws tell they are raw and they get sores on them. His hair is falling out and i'm worried and is skin is so flaky. He has been getting a lot ear infections to.
Took Bosco to the vet because he was not feeling good. The vet wanted to pump him full of stuff that doesn't make him feel better, so i tried 4 diffrent foods on him to see if any one is working His 5th food is Nutro turkey and potato - no grains. I finally put him on allergy pills and salmon oil.
Can anyone help? He is my daughter's seizure dog and I can't put him down.

Dec 11, 2011
Thank you
by: Anonymous

Rick Davidson,
You are AMAZING !!! What a complete advice column. you should publish this! Thank you !!!

Dec 06, 2011
Buster's Skin Afflictions #8D
by: Rick Davidson

• Buster gets Mal A Ket about 1 every 2weeks now.
• Benadryl 2-3 times/week.
• Anti histamine about 1time/week.
• Still on Van Patten’s Duck and potato. I tried a bag of salmon but my wife said that it smelled too fishy.
I tested the situation at Thanksgiving. I don’t know if it was the turkey, the dressing, the mashed potatoes, the gravy, the cranberry sauce, the candied sweet potatoes, the creamed cauliflower, the onion dip, the Wheat Thins, the cheddar cheese, the cheese dip or the sweet potato pie. But, he was allergic to something and went right to red lips and red belly. No more experiments for me and no more feasts for him.
Note 1 – Gas passing becomes almost non-existent after 6 weeks or so. If they pass gas, they ate something that they shouldn’t have. Bad breath goes away too. Why, my boys smell like rose petals now
Note 2 – Raw onions are toxic to dogs. 2 Medium onions = death
Note 3 – I found a friend who makes her own dogfood from roasted chickens (she grinds them up, bones and all), sweet potatoes and veggies, 100 lbs at a time.
I hope everything turns out all right.

Rick Dasvidson, Buddy & Buster
Grrrrrrr, ruf, ruf
We be mean
Yeah, right

Dec 06, 2011
Buster's Skin Afflictions #8C
by: Anonymous

9) The vet will give 12 hour non-drowsy anti histamine too. I keep those in reserve for when air is real bad.
10) It takes a month or so before you really see the difference that the food change caused. Coat will be shiny. Less scratching. No vomiting. It’s amazing what happens if you quit feeding your dog poison. Why, they get healthier. Simply amazing.
11) Don’t cheat on the diet. I get the good Van Patten biscuits for them. Milk Bones are poison. Don’t feel sorry for them. No human food. Buster is allergic to corn (real bad), wheat and a little bit to rice. Purina ain’t the answer. If you think ALPO is, open a can and smell it. Then eat it. If it makes you sick (which it will) then, it will make your dog sick too
12) Grass is a big culprit in this game. Minimize exposure to it. It is hard to do. My boys love grass. They consider it to be the finest surface available for dog fighting. Some things just have to go. Buster’s belly turns raw when he rolls in grass. I ain’t got no Astro Turf money so he has to be a street and sidewalk dog now.
13) If you hear a mower you need to have your dog inside. Leaf blowers are even worse. Believe me, I know because I’m bad allergic to grass. We got a 600 cfm Blue Air brand HEPA unit from Amazon ($600). It worth every penny. It gave us a place to go when the air got bad. We could breathe for a change. It also is big enough that it changed our whole house. Very little dust in the house now. It works so good that my son (who doesn’t have allergies) put one in his house. The air even tastes better. You can get cheaper ones. If you are still in pain from what this has cost so far, feel free to cheat some here. You will boost it up later after you see the results. Get one that generates “white sound” while it runs. They make you sleep like a baby. Your husband will snore less too.
14) Clean your house. Wash the curtains. Wet wipe the walls. Clean the ceilings. Change AC filters. Make your husband help you. If he won’t, then don’t feed him. It shouldn’t take him very long to see it our way.
15) A HEPA vac helps a lot too. I got a Dyson (Air Muscle model with pet hair option) from Dyson. Wow! You can see it suck itself down to the floor when you turn it on. That thing is awesome. ($600 ON SALE AT Sears- interest free for 1 year.) Glad I got it. My wife says that she never realized that there was that much difference in vacuum cleaners. I never knew that my boys shed that much.
Observe: Runny nose, pink lips and pink belly are easy to see. Look at your neighbor’s dogs. Watch how often you see pink belly and pink lips. Yep, you guessed it, allergies.

Dec 06, 2011
Buster's Skin Afflictions #8B
by: Anonymous

Rule #1 - Be smarter than your dog.

Prime Directive: If you are too busy or too cheap to implement a good game plan then give your dog away. I could stand a few more of them without going much crazier. Maybe. I think. A few more in the puppy pile won’t make any difference. I hope

If you suspect allergies, fungus or dust mites do the following.

Check your vent ducts. Rub some of the dust between your fingers. If it feels greasy, then you have dust mites. Take appropriate action. If you got them, it ain’t cheap. We had mold in our ducts. $1,000 later, the mold was gone.

Clean your carpets. Note symptoms before and after cleaning. Got better? Uh oh. You might have wood floors in your future.

1) Immediately isolate your dog’s protein source. Switch to something that they never ate before. Use duck, venison, salmon or buffalo. Yes, it costs more. Yes, being cheap caused most of your problems. Supplement with veggies. My boys like green beans. Use Barleans flax oil or fish oil. One capsule/day does the trick. Dogs weren’t designed to eat grain. Your dog is omnivorous. However, you and I both know that they prefer human food. Only some human food is OK. Cake and cookies are not OK. One of mine likes sauerkraut and cole slaw. See Note 1 at bottom for added bonus

2) Get Baby Benadryl. READ the bottle. Your dog is about the size of a baby. If you don’t know what size they are – weigh them. Adjust dosage to dog’s size. Don’t give elephant doses. I use a diabetic syringe with the needle removed. My boys weigh 28 lbs. One each 50 unit (not 50 cc) syringe is just the right amount. Take the syringe and put it between those fat lips on the side of their mouth and push the plunger. Dog has 2 choices. Swallow or drown. Dog will choose swallow, I guarantee it.

3) Give a good bath. I mean a good one. Start with Head and Shoulders in the dark blue bottle (CVS). If it is allergies, some of the symptoms will be relieved. Wash between the toes real good. Rinse good. Dry good. Let air dry until totally dry. Use Emu oil (Amazon) in spray bottle and give a good brushing. They will like it.

4) Use Mal A Ket wipes on raw spots, nose folds and pustules (Amazon in jars of 50). They smell like vinegar and they work. Clean the pustules and surrounding areas real good. Don’t try to save money on wipes. Being cheap is what got us into this mess. Visine helps their eyes

5) If it is fungus, then try Nizoral shampoo (CVS)

6) While you were doing 1-4, you called your vet. Now it’s appointment time. If you don’t have a good vet, get one. Mine is ½ holistic and ½ regular. I have the best of both worlds. My boys want to marry her.

Dec 06, 2011
Buster Skin Afflictions #8A
by: Rick Davidson

Thanks for this site. It helped save Buster and it will help you save your dog too. This is long but it's worth it.

If you are reading this then you are owned by a little, furry, short nosed, fat lipped, gas passing, 4 legged human that makes disgusting sounds. Lucky you. I have two of them. They make me nuts.

This addresses allergies only. Mites, mange etc are different story. However, most BT’s with these symptoms have allergies. The severity of the allergies is caused by the food that you make them eat and the surroundings that you make them live in. Allergies cause the auto immune system to go whacko.

Surprise! You are causing the same thing to happen to yourself and don’t even realize it. Neither did I, until I almost died from allergies this year. I had increased sensitivity caused by metal from my new hip. I learned a lot from this adventure.

Take what I say below in the spirit that it is intended. I was guilty of everything that I talk about below. Now, I know better. If you do what I say, you will know better too.

If you are reading this, then something is wrong with your owner. Probably skin problems which are only symptoms of the underlying causes.

I have been writing about Buster for 1 ½ years now. This is #8. You can see how dumb I was if you start reading at #1. I was real sick with cancer when he got bad off. I couldn’t take him to the vet myself so I had to read up on Internet and talk to vet by phone.

I found this site when we were in bad trouble. I was trying to get him better in case I died. I knew it would take someone else a long time to work through it and he was hurting pretty bad. I needed him to be good to go in case I didn’t make it.

Buster’s Baseline
o Eye mucous
o Paw Licking
o Ears stank
o Scratching
o Vomiting
o Pink lips
o Pink belly
o Bad gas
o Flaky skin
o Raw spots in nose folds
o Skin pustules (little boils)
o Bad breath

Dec 04, 2011
boston terrier skin has terrible oder
by: Anonymous

yes she has terrible allegeries, taking meds

but just recently been losing her hair, and developed horrible smell.. please help

Sep 23, 2011
Boston's allergies
by: Binco's mom

I've started posting comments here 3 yrs. ago since we adopted our first family dog-Binco. She is allergic to almost everything, She had all these allergy tests done (dermal, blood etc)- she is allergic to grass, eggs,potato,various species of dust mites, beef,chicken,pork,wheat,barley etc. all she can eat is venison and lamb. right now she is eating this lamb and brown rice of natural balance. her allergies (skin rash, ears,eyes) were so bad, went bald, always itchy and not able to sleep well. her vets did not give up nor did we. she prescribed temaril-p, then prednisone, hydroxyzine, benadryl.(we even tried homeopathic meds) believe me it was frustrating...been bathing her 2x a week, washing her bed covers everyday, vacuuming everyday...nothing works! then last year, things got better, she started growing her fur, no more lesions, rash .She may have some rash once in a while but not bad like the past 2 years and I guess I accidentally found the main culprit (allergen) as she is still allergic to the allergens mentioned above.
I decided to change her anti-flea and heartworm medications, instead of the topical anti-flea i started her with the oral anti-flea meds. and in 2 weeks- she was like a normal dog. not itching anymore, slept good, her coat is shiny and thick again..i got surprised, all we changed was her anti-flea meds. i still give her the prednisone but only every 4 days as she is still allergic to dust mites. her dog food is still the lamb and rice. she is now definitely better! I am pleased and she is happier now. maybe if i didn't change her meds and didn't experiment she would still be suffering and uncomfortable. i just wished i thought about this 3 years ago. what i can say, never give up, if you need to keep a log book, do it, monitor what your dog eats, touches etc. if you can afford the tests- please do it, it will help you identify the allergens and your dog will benefit from it and work with your vets. in our case, our vet is good and really worked with us and didn't give up.

Sep 22, 2011
Breed defect
by: Nancy Morrison

I have had a long list of different dog breeds for the last 70 years and have NEVER had a dog with skin problems until I rec'd two Bostons about five years ago. One is a tiny 11 lbs and the other a large 42 pounds. The large Boston has had serious skin problems for the last seven years. I have tried everything you can think of or read about and nothing works for more than a few weeks here and there. He is better in the winter and worse in the summer. The small Boston has no skin problems but I have wondered if he is a full blood Boston. He is so small and his markings are not like the large Boston. Maybe (possibly) being a mixed breed has saved him from skin allergies. I have had dog demotoligist give up on Sparky and even hint that he should be "put down". I just bath him often and use a soft brush to help with his itching. He is always on a prescription of some sort, nothing really helps, I just try to keep him clean and as comfortable as possible with over the counter allergy pills. All the different diets have done nothing for him. The vet says he is allergic to grass but I doubt he really knows. He is a wonderful dog but I will never have another Boston. I honestly believe that a Boston has this defect in his heritage.

Sep 21, 2011
Our Boston Terrier, Linda "allergiy" problems, continuation...
by: Anonymous

(cont.)... We are now on 4 months giving her a product called Nzymes, we found that online and decided to give it a try, even when we had no hopes at all of anything working for our baby, we had nothing to lose. Every dog is different so you should go to their website and send them an email explaining your dogs situation and they will recommend what they think will work. I also have to give her a bath twice a week with anti-fungal and anti-bacterial shampoo and rinse. Her coat has never been so shiny, she never gets sick anymore, her hair is growing back, she barely loses hair anymore, the itching subsided, she has to wear a e-collar until all the "detoxification" is done. She still itches, but when she has sores from itching it heals very quick and she never had another infection since we started this "program". There are some "rules" for this to work, so you need to be patient. Give it a try. My husband, I and Linda are very happy to have found a product that works and it's just probiotics, digestive enzymes and herbs doing the job. I hope it works for your precious dog too. Good luck.

Sep 21, 2011
our Boston Terrier, Linda "allergy" problem
by: Anonymous

Hi, I just posted something about what we are doing to save our dog from misery and it is working. After reading some posts here telling the same stories that happened to your dogs I decided to tell my Linda's story again.
We got our Linda when she was 6 weeks old. So we got all her vet visits, shots and so. When she was about 3 months old, she was diagnosed with mange, we treated that and it never came back again. After we got through mange she started having issues itching, scrathing, licking and losing lots of hair. We did food trials, they didn't work... got a blood test for allegies, it came back she has allergies for everything around us, including human dander. So the vet said, let's try "allergy shots" and see if she gets better... almost a year into it, nothing changed, she continued having the same problems... we tried giving her benadryl, it didn't affect her too much... then the vet said we have to try Atopica, that most dogs get better with that medicine. It didn't work, Linda just got more sick, throwing up almost every week, didn't want to eat, still itching, scratching, had diarhea a few times... we decided to bring her to a vet dermatologist, expensive, he told us to iave her 1 anti fungal pill together with the Atopica. The anti fungal helped her some, but she was still getting sick. So we figured Atopica was making her sick. During all this time we were also giving her a bath once a week with "anti-itch" shampoo, it never worked. So, one day we went on a trip for 3 days and left her with the in-laws... she would not eat, and she was throwing up a lot! about 10 times a day, not drinking water, nothing. In laws got her some medicine to stop that, until we got home. I had to rush her to the vet, she was dehidrated and still had diarhea. The vet decided to lower the dosage of Atopica thinking that would work for her. It didn't work, so we just quit giving her Atopica for good and tried "only natural pet" products. They worked for a while, but then they quit working...

Sep 21, 2011
Linda on Nzymes
by: Anonymous

Hi, it has been a while since I posted here. Our Boston Terrier has problems itching and chewing all over. We went through all options the vet gave us, none of them worked. We even brought her to a vet dermatologist, no success. Losing hair and dry coat were a problem too.
This year we were tired of bringing her to the vet every other week with infections so she could get antibiotic shots. We decided to search for a solution ourselves. We first tried "only natural pet" products. They worked for a while but then quit working.
So we decided to try a product called Nzymes, we have nothing to lose at this point and we didn't think Nzymes would hurt her. So far, we are using it for almost 4 months, she is much better. We haven't been to the vet since then. No more infections, hair is growing back, coat is shiny, no more throwing up or having diarhea from strong medicines. They say it takes from 3 to 7 months for the dog to "get rid" of the yeast in their bodies, so til then it can get worse before it gets better. We are going through that right now. we also had to change her food, they recommend certain types of food for dogs with yeast infection. And I also have to bathe her twice a week with a anti-bacterial and anti-fungal shampoo and rinse called zymox. So, if you tried everything and nothing worked, give this Nzymes a try. Go to their website and send them an email telling your story and ask which products they recommend. Good luck to all of us! :)

Sep 16, 2011
Barleans Oil
by: nancy morrison

Everyone says use Barleans Flax seed oil...but HOW MUCH??? How much per pound of dog? I have two dogs, one is 11 pounds and one is 43 pounds! Both are Bostons, but HOW MUCH oil per dog?


Sep 16, 2011
skin problems in Bostons
by: nancy morrison

My dog is on four different medications for a terrible skin problem that happens every year beginning in the summer months and going on until winter begins. Then he clears up somewhat. This has been a problem for five years. He sees a dog dermotoligist in Tallahassee Fla. She says he is allergic to GRASS!! He is bathed every seven days with a dandruff shampoo, takes an allergy pill,(benadryl), a thyroid pill, and two medications. Obviously I can not keep him off grass. He is ten years old.

Aug 16, 2011
Dozer's Allergies
by: Bug

Ok so 2010 I noticed these, what almost looked like blisters on Dozer. So we took him to the vet and turns out he had an ear infection. The doctor prescribed us Glenhaven C1/0 otic twice a week on his ears. Tresaderm 3 drops in each ear and Cefpodoxime Proxetil once a day until the bottles gone. Now this worked he got all cleaned up but this year he got the same thing about summer and we had the same treatment plus Glenhaven p1/0 otic for when he doesnt have an ear infection. We were supposed to clean his ears twice a week after his ear infection for the rest of his life. I will not lie we weren't dilligent enough about cleaning his ears and he got another ear infection toward the beginning of August. I have sinced put up a schedule so that we have no excuses to not be on the ball.

However this time, the doctor wants us to put Dozer on atopica and I am highly reluctant. Dozer is already beginning to clear up again and each time hes about 90% better. We have the atopica but I can't honestly give it to him when I feel like the other treatment would have worked if I stayed on it (plus we had done a lot of driving; Dozer had to come with me to florida from north carolina, then a week later from NC to TN so he probably was super stressed out).

Any opinions?

Jul 23, 2011
I have found a good treatment!
by: Bishop

My Boston, "Luna" began having skin problems at around 2yrs old. She would scratch her rump just above the tail on the bottom of our dining room chairs. I live in WV, and only had the problem during the summer months, but over the past three years, the condition returns earlier, lasts longer, and has become more severe. This summer (2011), she has chewed all the hair off of her butt to the point of bleeding. Sometimes, I fell like if she chews her ass any harder, she's gonna' swallow herself! lol! She will chew so hard, for so long, she will eventually collapse with exhaustion...She's unbelievabley miserable.
Food changes did little, allergy shots did little, the misery persists...Vets are at a loss. My wife came home with an OTC hydro-cortazone spray, but the dog would lick it off instantly...Then puke! I surmized that a large part of the problem was the licking and exacerbates the condition, and she licks off medication before it can do any good. My daughter is potty training, so I have pull-ups. I sprayed dogs backside with Hydro-cortazone, put a pampers pull-up on over medicine (perfect fit), and took electrical tape around top of diaper to keep it on. Dog stopped licking, medicine started working, 3 days later the whole area has improved dramatically.
Point is, if you can stop the licking, you can treat the problem.

Jul 07, 2011
by: Tami H.

Hi everyone, it has been awhile since I posted about Bella. She was born with demodectic mange and it was a long 6 month battle. She started showing signs of allergies after that, so we tried lots of stuff, food changes, prescription food and etc. It came down to finally getting one positive skin scrape. Those mites are tough! My vet suggested Premaris, which you can only buy at 800PetMeds. This stuff worked, but was the worst smelling, and Bella was sick for 3-4 days after I put it on her. It worked, so I kept doing it, now they are taking it off the market. I have noticed hair loss, but not sure if it is because of summer or not. She itches her ears a little bit and has eye mucuos. We have her on Blue Buffalo Holistic, she loves it, but I hate the price. I keep her away from chicken, not sure if that is it, but better safe than sorry. Vet seems to think she is fine, but with having gone through what we have, I am worried to death about every little hair that falls out. I am up for any suggestions anyone would have for a maintanence therapy to put her on. I love my baby and will do anything for her. She has been the best companion, and I could not ask for a better girl as my first dog.

Jul 07, 2011
boston terrier with skin problems
by: Anonymous

My 1 and 1/2 year old female boston has always had skin problems since she was a puppy. First, she would get ear infections often, her paws would stay pink, and her skin started to thin on her belly/ chest/ neck/ legs and behind ears. She tested positive for mange/ mites passed down from her parents. Since then, we took her back to the vet several times and Oreo has never tested positive again for mange. Now, the vet keeps saying Oreo has allergies. He said I could give her benadryl 2-3 times/day or 1 claritin. I made the mistake of giving my dog a claritin. She was not herself all day. She was very nervous and jittery and had a rapid heart rate. She would not eat her food. I called the vet, and they said that is not a dog side effect but a human one! Oreo tolerates the children's benadryl very well. She is tired at times, but she still has energy to play when she wants to. Oreo also breaks out in rashes on her belly, especially in the summer. I believe she is allergic to grass/ pollen, and the summer heat,etc. I was told not to bath her only every 2-3 wks unless she really needed it. But, some owners with bostons are saying they need more frequent baths. I am torn. I am going to start giving her more frequent baths, at least once a wk. I have always used oatmeal shampoo/cond. and now I am trying a 50/50 water/vinegar spray rinse afterwards. Oreo has a wrinkled saggy neck and it tends to get red/brown and smelly. We put foot creme on her neck for a while at night and it has cleared it up before. Any suggestions would be helpful. Trying everything we can before we get her tested again for mange and allergy tested. By the way, she is on Taste of the Wild dog food. It has no corn,wheat or soy.

Jun 29, 2011
Likewise my dog Roxy the same way
by: Rhonda

My dog Roxy has had terrible skin allergies starting at 4 months old, she is 6 months and has gotten worse as we go. We did same thing change diet, Vet is at a loss, has to be put on very strong antibiotics. Please help!

May 30, 2011
Skin Allergies
by: Shannon

I have 2 Bostons and they had skin allergies. I started make pet soaps and came up with one that has helped alot of dogs of all breeds. I sale them on Ebay. My store is My Bostons Bath or you can search by seller: shannon2167. Take a look and read what people have said about it. It is not just for dogs, I use it and I have alot of other people that can on use this soap now for their skin allergies.

May 23, 2011
Buster skin afflictions #7
by: Rick D

Hello from me and my boys.

We had a nice winter. Absolutely no problems with Buster. When the grass started growing, both of us were (and still are) beseiged with allergies. I know it is a bad year this year but this is terrible.

I nor mally am OK with a Claritan or a Benadryl but this year they haven't been enough. Buster's normal diet is still working but the pollen is overwhelming both of us. I has to start bathing him 7 days a week again and had ti=o give him baby Benadryl several times a day. Fresh allergy filters in the AC system helped, we bought a HEPA vacuum cleanrt and it helped but it got so bad that I had to buy a air purification unit to get things to a liveable condition.

Pink lips, eye mucous and vomiting were wearing us down too much. The purification unit was expensive but it works. We spend a lot of time in the bedroom (where the unit is). I guess next step is allergy treatments for both of us.

I have been using Naphcon A eye drops on all 3 of us.

Hopefully the siege will subside
Rick D

I have to wipe both of them with a damp washcloth when they come in from outside.

Apr 14, 2011
For: MeandAubrey
by: Anonymous

I have a 2 year old BT and have the same issues with him going bald. He was on California Natural Lamb and Rice. This food worked wonders on the gas issue :-) But then after a year on this he started more losing hair -had thin hair to start as well, so probably had the allergy longer then I thought. He was bald behind the ears - chest, tummy and legs VERY thin hair.

I tired EVO 5 meat - this made the problem worse and he broke out in hives. Although he LOVED this food and went nuts for it.

He is now on California Natural Vension Grain Free - it's limited ingredients. He is doing AWESOME on this food!! After a week his itching stopped and now 6 weeks later his hair has started (slowly) coming back. He has hair behind the ears now and starting to get hair back on his tummy. Gas problem is also still under control on this food.

Lucky for me it was winter time (snow covered area) so I was able to narrow the allergy to food and not environment.

Now that it's spring my poor little guy is starting to itch all over and has broken out in a rash. This happened the morning after he was outside playing ball in the grass with the kids. So looks like we have yet another allergy to try to deal with :-(

Apr 03, 2011
Redness, licking, and farting
by: Zach

I just recently rescued a boston terrier, about 2 1/2 yo. He's a great dog with high energy, but has a terrible farting problem. It was something I just took for granted until a friend with two boston terriers mentioned the redness of his snout and eyes and licking were likely due to grain allergies (and the farting as well). His skin seems mostly fine other than some dandruff. So I know that a change of diet is most likely a necessity, so just hoping someone who has experienced a similar issue can point me in the right direction. Thanks

Mar 31, 2011
Derm Caps once a day.
by: Anonymous

I had a pug with skin problems(pimples, scrathing, dry skin, yeast infections) the vet put him on DERM CAPS.
You can buy these on line or at your Vets. you just pierce the cap and squeese on the food once per day about $14.00 a bottle It really worked for him. He has since passed on and I now have a Boston that scratches has severe dandruff and licks feet. I put her on Derm Caps also and she is getting so much better. I will continue the caps and have no doubt she will be ok.

Mar 11, 2011
Buster skin afflictions #6
by: Rick D

March 11, 2011

Latest Buster update.

Van Patten's duck and potato are still working fine. He is still on fish oil. Coat is beautful. Still no sctatching, eye mucous or hot spots.

He goes to vet week of the 16th.

I am amazed at how good he looks since I have been in the hospital for over 100 days. He was here ths afternoon and I gave him a bath with heavy duty Head and Shoulder and looked him over from head to tail.

Those of you with questons just need to go back through this string and you will find most of the answers.

I will post if there is any news or changes

Rick D

Mar 11, 2011
by: Megan

I wrote on this forum a while ago. I have a Boston Terrier her name is Ella and she is a little over 2 years old now. Since Ella has been 6 months old she has had skin problems. When she was a puppy they told me it was skin mites and that she would grow out of it. Well she never did, then once she hit one they said that she was experiencing allergies...changed her food....did everything. Ella being sick all the time started to take a toll on me.. I was upset all the time because I felt like I was a terrible owner. I was seriously taking Ella to the vet twice sometimes 3x a month. I started doing my own research on skin conditions for dogs. What I kept coming back to was demodectic mange. The next vet appointment I had I requested that they check for it AGAIN! This time it came back positive. I asked why this had not came back positive before and he explained to me that it just depends where you check on the dog and if it is dormat. Every month I put this awful smelling oily stuff on Ella and it helps. They told me that Ella will more then likely have this the rest of her life, but it can go dormat and she might not have as many breakouts.

My point here is to insist that your vet check for this, because I was told allergies for the longest time and they were wrong.

A side note Ella did lose her hair on her tummy and chest area. It is finally starting to grow back. She is a happy dog and has lots of energy just a little patchy and red :) But I love her tons!

Feb 13, 2011
Dear MeandAubrey
by: Heather

I have two Boston Terriers and noticed when I fed them Wellness brand food that their hair became very course and they were shedding like crazy. It seemed like their hair would fall out anytime you touched them. I am now feeing them Blue Buffalo with sweet potato and white fish. They both are barely shedding and they are shiny and jet black now.

Last week one of my Bostons, Zoe began to break out in hives. This is now the 7th day! The vet said maybe she was bitten by a spider, but would she really have a reaction for 7 days?!? Benadryl and Prednisone clear them up and then she suddenly has another break out. She can go from 0 hives to 30 in a matter of minutes. I am going crazy trying to figure out what is wrong and what she is allergic to. I haven't changed laundry detergent. We have several feet of snow here, she isn't getting into anything outside. I've washed all of the dog blankets, etc. I feel so bad for her. Any ideas? Thank you

Jan 23, 2011
Litter mates same issues
by: Anonymous

Hello, I'm a single mom and have two year old Boston/pug they have the same symptoms iv spent so much time at the vets trying to get then better first it was mites passed down by their mom and the past 4 skin scrapings have showed up with no mites so they were cleared well about a month ago they started going bald once again so I took them back and still no mites so have switched them to hypoallergenic dog food which I have had them on before and have been on it for a month still no improvements. I love them and they are my 2 year olds best buddies. Them being bald doesn't bother me but i want them comfortable and the dry itchy skin alone with the smell of one of them I know they arnt comfortable at all. Any suggestions on how to get them back to their happy stub wagging selfs?

Jan 21, 2011
to Sydney
by: Binco's Mom

I do understand your situation, sorry to hear that your new puppy has this health issue. Our BT Binco started to itch after her first birthday, she is turning 3 september of this year. Also, She is also our first family dog. She is sweet, very patient and good with our 4 yr. old daughter and very smart. (she had learned 10 tricks in 1 month.) However, we are face with this same problem- atopic allergy. We've been visiting the vet. so frequently, daily medications, allergy testing etc...I do get frustrated at times, because in spite of the meds, regular bathing (now consulted a homeopathic vet.) still she gets rashes, and bald spots but not as bad as when she doesn't get or take her meds. It may seem hopeless but i believe somehow we can help our beloved dogs be comfortable. there is no treatment for allergy, we can only manage it. this forum have help me a lot, also work with your vet. It may be difficult but don't give up.

Jan 21, 2011
What you can do
by: Sarah

1) Whether it's mites or allergies or both causing her to scratch, ask your vet about prescribing the drug, Temaril. 2) Also, let your new puppy wear a sweater or coat even indoors -- it will stop her nails from breaking the skin when she scratches. No broken skin means no infection. You may never find out what (or what all) she's allergic to, but the Temaril and a coat will certainly make your dog more comfortable. 3) Wash her harness or collar and bedding as often as possible (every day is not too often) in very hot water with a little bleach added. DO NOT STAND OVER THE WASHER WHEN YOU USE BLEACH AND HOT WATER TOGETHER -- THE FUMES ARE DANGEROUS. Rinse on cold cycle to remove odor of bleach. Tumble dry on high heat or air dry.
Good luck.

Jan 20, 2011
BT Going Bald! Help!
by: MeandAubrey

I have a 1 1/2 yr old, female, spayed Boston, Georgia is her name... I was feeding her Blue Buffalo brand dry food, but that rendered it impossible to pick up her "leavings". Sooo, we switched her, gradually as directed, to Wellness Small Breed Adult dry food, no real change in the "fecal" consistency and she is always dehydrated although she has water available 24/7.
Initially, as a puppy, she seemed to have "thin hair" around her ears, right above her eyes but no itching or rashes, etc. so I hadn't paid much mind to it. But since the Wellness food switch, well, HER HAIR IS FALLING OUT ALL OVER HER FLANKS, her rear end is nearly bald and the hair behind her fron legs is falling out as well... I have noticed over the last couple of months that it seems to be getting worse, but she was just spayed a couple of months ago.

Her coat is shiny, soft, no rough patches or scaling, no rash, nothing. Just NO HAIR...

Any suggestions? I have researched this a bit and it seems the Innovo EVO brand has been suggested often - is this working for anyone?


Dec 21, 2010
Hopeless new owner
by: Sydney

My wonderful girlfriend recently purchases a brand new Boston for me for Christmas. We went together to pick the puppy up (and yes she's beautiful) and the residence she came from was less than clean. The day we picked her up the lady told us that she had taken her to the vet that very day and that the vet said she had mites. She gave us a bit of the medicine the vet gave her and sent us on our way. My puppy (her name is Zoey) didn't get any better. I took her back to the vet myself and my vet said that she has a staff infection. She gave us more antibiotics. Zoey still isn't any better. She is actually worse. She itches all the time. She's losing more hair every day. She whines because it hurts when she scratches. I feel so helpless because I love this little puppy and can't do anything to help her. I know I will have to take her back to the vet again but I was hoping there was something I could do to ease her pain. I have never had a Boston before but I am deeply in love with her. She is the most amazing puppy I have ever had and I want nothing more than to help her. Any advice would be very greatly appreciated. Please help me to help my baby. Thank you so much...

Nov 21, 2010
Buster Skin Afflictions #5
by: RickD

I haven't updated in quite a while.
Buster is hanging in there pretty strong. I went down 2 months aga with a broken hip and am still in the hospital. I only see him a couple of times a week.

The only thing I have noticed was one pustule and MalaKet wipestook cre of it. I don't think he would have gotten it if I was at home.

Before I broke my hip, I had him down to 2 baths a week. When the firt little chill hit, he got all the way better. I shook goldenrod on him and it didn't bother him but it made me sick.

A detailed account of how we got here is written her as #1 thru #5.

In summary: You don't need a vet for the first steps, just do it.
Eliminate all grains from their food
Feed a high quality food like Van Patten's duck and potato. We also add canned green beans and fish oil. Barleans flax oil is good too.
Make sure that the only protein eat one protein that way, you are sure if the protein is the guilty party.. No, they can't have a bite uf your bologna sandwich.
They can have duck and potato treats, apple, waremelon, carrots.
No human food, no human, no human food. no human food.
Head and shoulders (in the dark blue bottle worked best for me. Nizoral works if the problem is yeast.
MalAKet wipes work like magic. has the lowest prices.

Once you have done all the above, then find a holistic vet and give them a report in excrutiating detail about what you have done and the changes that you have noted.

Go back to the beginning of this thread and read all postings.
You and your dogs will be better off,
Rick D

Nov 16, 2010
bts tink and toro
by: Anonymous

hi.i'm the mom of binco. too bad there is no treatment yet for our dog's atopic allergy, as what our vet would always say -no treatment just management and we just try to make our beloved pets as comfortable they could be. binco is just like anybody else here in the forum.even with her everyday medications (antihistamine and pred), hypoallergenic food (no wheat,corn,soy) still she would be getting the rash on back,neck,groin..when she has a flare up she would be bald, flaky and itchy. i give her a bath 2 x a week,wash her bedding, no fabric softener regular vacuuming.there are days it's ok,and there are very bad days.yes,it can be very frustrating at times, meds can be expensive, we do almost everything and yet we can not stop this allergy. in our case we've been dealing with this for 2 years.
the vet recently recommended a sensitive blood work, where they will test what specific pollen of grass, other plant pollens, food, and etc. is she allergic to. the test is also quite expensive, then depending on what her allergens are, a vaccine will be prepared just in case we would decide if we want to do the desensitization shots which would take 2 yrs. (i guess) and can also be expensive and not guarantee that it will work. we decided we would have the test done this month...not sure about the shots.

thyroid problems have been ruled out by the way.

we all love our dogs, our bts specially- they are just so adorable, sweet and smart. with this forum, i've learned a lot and goodluck to us hope we can all find ways how to help our bts.

Nov 12, 2010
Re Tink and Toro's problems
by: Sandy

Do not rule out sarcoptic mites (mange)just because the skin scrapings were not positive. Our dog had multiple scrapings over the years and no mites were found, but since she had all of the symptoms and was already on a special diet (rabbit, duck, potato), our veterinarian proceeded to give Bella the Ivermection treatment regimen for sarcoptic mite infection. Finished only two weeks ago, but since the 1st shot, she's been better each day! Her hair is almost grown back, even on her ears. She still has allergies and is not 100% scratch-free, but she's improved tremendously. Of course, we also disinfected all of her blankets, bed covers, harness, etc. each time she got a shot to eliminate re-infection by any new mites. Read up on sarcoptic mites and see if the manifestations sound familiar. Thanks to everyone who posts on this website and good luck to all. Sandy

Nov 09, 2010
Boston Allergies - skin problems
by: Anonymous

Please have your Boston's tested for Cushing's Disease . I know someone who has been through all the same problems I am reading about here with their Boston and it was just recently diagnosed with it.And is now on medication. It was causing all these same problems.
Good Luck !

Nov 08, 2010
Two Bostons, 10 Allergies
by: Mama Toti

We have 2 Bostons - male Toro & female Tink, same mother but different fathers.

When Tink was a few months old, she lost patches of hair & itched constantly, which lead to scratching, which lead to infections. After speaking with the breeder, it turns out that their mom, like many BTs, is allergic to corn. Dogs in general cannot digest corn well yet it is used in a ton of dog foods! We switched to a corn-free diet (Natural Balance) & Tink's hair grew back. But the itching & rashes continued.

We saw a pet allergist & began a food trial using Royal Canin Rabbit & Potato as a base (Rabbit is one of the most neutral proteins). After 3 months with minor improvement, we learned from a local organic pet store that they were seeing an influx of BTs with grain allergies. We switched to a grain-free diet (Evo Turkey & Chicken - 80% protein) & Tink's rashes decreased.

It's been about 10 months on the Evo & Tink's remaining itch seems to be environmental. So that was a little about what worked for us, but now our other BT is reacting to something & would love to know if other BT owners have comments...

About a month ago we moved out of our house, stayed in a variety of hotels & soon after Toro starting losing hair on all four legs, with major itching, flaking & redness on his legs only. He is licking & biting which makes it worse. His chest & snout get red periodically as well. No other hair loss, just his legs! The vet in this new city scraped for mange but test was negative. He recommended changing protein in food, using free & clear detergent, no fabric softener, eliminating plastic... could be the carpet or grass... gave us an antiseptic wash to eliminate fungus...

Does anyone have similar experiences & advice?!

Oct 15, 2010
Lola's Skin Battle 4
by: lola's ma

Some good news....finally!

After 6 weeks of being off the chicken, Lola has been recovering well with an additional dosage of antibiotics and antifungals, in addition to her continued home-based diet.

And another discovery - Lola is allergic to plastic!!

Last weekend, we took away her "plastic" bed and replaced it with a wire crate (as she likes the den feel)...and Voila! More improvements to her overall skin condition :)

In our quest to ensure we make Lola's life as holistic and comfortable as possible, we have also prevented her from another bout of infection by using a special handmade blend soap (human-grade) and essential oils. The combination of essential oils which are antibacterial, antifungal and relaxing has helped her tremendously. The decrease and control of her constant itch and angry eruptions have made her into a much calmer and happier dog.

So the past few weeks has been very promising, and we hope that she will continue to improve and eventually be allergy-(symptom)free!!

Sep 19, 2010
Flaxseed oil suggestion
by: Anonymous

Try Barleans Flaxseed oil, just saying that the essential fatty acids it provides are essential to skin health, cleared up our dog's ear infection, hair loss, scaly skin, etc. There IS a difference between sources of Flaxseed oil, fish oil, etc. Please reasearch it for yourself and you will see a good quality source makes a big difference.

BTW, we don't own "stock" in Flaxseed oil, just want everyone to be aware of a easy-natural product that you will really notice a difference with. My husband and I started taking a teaspoon full a day ourselves.

Sep 19, 2010
Lola's Skin Battle 3 & @insurance 2
by: lola's ma

Ensuring that your BT's bed is clean & fresh is also key to allergic reactions and controlling, especially, fungal infections. We wash and change Lola's bedding every 2-3 days at max.

And keeping her coat & skin free off allergens & bacteria infestation works wonders. Currently, Lola gets a bath x2 a week. When she develops bad breakouts, she usually gets a wash every 2 days. We use Malaseb & have found the Aloveen leave-in conditioner exceptionally helpful in moisturising and easing her itch.

Lastly, Lola has also been on an e-collar for a few months. This keeps her from biting & scratching at her rashes & breaking the skin, allowing for more severe bacterial infections. So again, although it is frustrating to have your dog in an uncomfortable e-collar for an extended period of time, we have found that it has in fact helped her tremendously, minimises further infections & most importantly, dogs adapt fast & well. Lola has mastered the use of her e-collar as neck "cushion", ball catcher and weapon to nudge us with!

Other things you can try, although we only had limited benefits with them, are apple cider vinegar (to consume), aloe vera (fresh to apply to rash/wounds) & vinegar washes (half vinegar/half water to rinse at the end of bath).

Also good to note is we have expelled most commercial cleaning products from our home. We currently clean floors & surfaces with vinegar/water & lemon, use gentle hypoallergenic laundry detergent & freshen the house with aromatherapy diffusers (instead of chemically produced ones, & have also found the effects of lavendar and chamomile oils work great with calming Lola from her itch irritations).

Sep 19, 2010
Lola's Skin Battle 3 & @insurance 1
by: lola's ma

Lola has been back on her home cooked diet minus the chicken for over 4 weeks now & we are seeing continued improvement. This is an achievement for us :).
The vet said that it takes up to 6weeks to get the allergen & effects to the allergens resolved, so technically, we should stay on the diet for 12weeks altogether to determine she is in fact suited to the diet she is currently on.

She is on a hypoallergenic home-based diet so we are confident that she is on the right track.

She has also been on antihistamines, antibiotic & anti-fungals for the past week, and we intend to continue for another week to ensure these (secondary) culprits are properly zapped!

So overall, she is doing much better & again, we cannot stress the importance of knowing what is going into your dog's meal and ensuring the ingredients/sources are healthy, and having full control over it.

@insurance - I am sorry to hear that your BT has the itch again. We have found that medicines are very important in assisting with the symptoms & addressing secondary infections, but at the end of the day, you must identify & treat the source of the problem.
Of course, there are many reasons that may cause your BT to itch, although a good place to start is always with his/her food, since if s/he is suffering from any condition, a healthy diet is still & always a priority.

A home-based diet need not be the BARF method or indeed, raw diet only. We have done quite a lot of research into this subject & have incorporated areas of different methodologies to develop Lola's "meal plan"

Firstly, you should only use one source of protein. We used chicken & quickly found that she was allergic to it when she broke out. Then we changed to fish & are currently using a human-grade fish meal powder.

With vegetables, we go raw to ensure that Lola is getting the most out of their nutrients, and blend them in a food processor for easier digestion. As dogs have shorter intestines, giving them whole vegetables which are fibrous will not break down in their tummy quickly enough. We currently blend a mixture of carrots, broccoli, cauliflower and apples.

For carbohydrates, we cook brown rice & sweet potatoes together.

At mealtimes, Lola gets a portion of her cooked rice & sweet potatoes + a portion of her blended vegetables + a spoonful of fish meal powder + flaxseed oil. If she is on medication, I also add a spoonful of organic fresh yoghurt for good bacteria replacement (especially when she is on antibiotics). The yoghurt, which Lola loves, also helps to mask and feed her medicines during her meal without forcing it down her throat.
Hope this helps.

Sep 17, 2010
by: Anonymous

I have a beautiful bt who is going to be 4. He had some skin problems (itchiness, red spots) before, about a year ago, but now is developing them again. Have not changed his diet in over a year - loves cooked chicken mixed with Nat. Balance Duck and Sweet P. But now has developed a bad yeast infection in his ear(impacted)and itchiness all over (constantly scooting) and no it is not do to needing anal glands expressed.
He is now taking Meloxicam for antiimflamatory, Fluconazole for anti-fugus, hydroxysine to relieve the itching, and Trumadol to help relieve his discomfort. I was also given a glenhaven c/o otic cleanser to see if it will break up the wax in the ear. This is a lot for a little body! I am perplexed. I was told to go to raw meat and tried it for three days, and things got worse, so I am thinking it is not food at all. I have read a lot of the comments regarding the fact that even dermatologists don't have the answers, so don't spend the money. I guess it is just trial and error. I am going to try the baths a little more often with baby Head and Shoulders. Thanks for the comments.

Sep 09, 2010
Flaxseed oil suggestion
by: Anonymous

Hello everyone,
We too have been using flaxseed oil as a fatty acid supplement for our beloved dog and have seen outstanding results with both healing an ongoing ear infection and skin problems. We have heard that commercial Dog foods do not include the healthy fatty acids because they get rancid fast.

What I do want to mention is that in all of our intense research on the best Flaxseed oil, we found the best quality in the Barleans brand. I even called the company and a specialist spent 30 minutes with me on the phone educating me about the benefits of Flaxseed oil and the specific reasons why theirs is the best. You can order it online (Made in Washington State) but we found it at the local Fred Meyer stores in their Health Food Dept. in the refrigerator.
Refrigerated flaxseed oil in dark bottles (no daylight) is much better.
Check out Barleans website and give them a call.

Sep 09, 2010
Lola's Skin Battle 2
by: Lola's ma

Hi all,

We thought it would be good to write up on Lola's "progress".

In our last post, we mentioned possibly putting Lola on lamb for her meat portion, but after speaking to our very dedicated vet (who is committed to our collaborative "relationship" to truly seek out Lola's allergy holistically, instead of only using chemical and medicines to control the issue), we decided against it.

For the past 2 weeks, since her chicken allergy breakout, she has been on a home-cooked diet of brown rice & sweet potatoes, and blended raw vegetables & fruit (carrots, cauliflower, broccoli & apples), fish meal, organic goat's milk (for babies) and flaxseed oil.

We must say, despite not putting her on any more antibiotics, we have seen a dramatic improvement in her skin and the healing process.

The "new" supplements we added to her diet after taking the chicken out are the goat's milk (for good fats and bulk), and flaxseed (for fatty acids and to promote healthy skin & coat).

We know it is tiresome, and sometimes even seem impossible, to get to the core of the issue, but since realising Lola's allergy to chicken, we finally feel we are somewhat "winning" this battle.

The vet also advised that it takes up to 6 weeks to truly identify a dog's allergy to a certain type of food, and to determine what is the best diet combination for it. So it is going to be a long road ahead for us and Lola, but we can confidently say that we are on the "right" track, to say the least.

Our plan now is to keep her on her current diet for the next 4 weeks and monitor for continued improvements. Then we will introduce to her another "meat", possibly pork or beef. We will then monitor if she has a reaction to it. If she does, then she will come off it immediately. If not, we can choose to include the new meat source into her meal (in addition or as a substitute to her fish meal protein source).

We will continue to post updates on how she is doing, but we wanted to do so this time to speak about our personal experience with the benefits of a healthy, which means home cooked human-grade, food source for our beloved BTs, and the wonders it does.

It is also worthwhile for me to mention that my uncle's family has a shih tzu/maltese, named Kublai, who is over 13 years old and had been deaf and blind for the past year. Recently, he was put on a home-cooked diet and miraculously, he has gained some of his eyesight back (ie. we think he can make out shadows and actually looks toward the light, and not bump into furniture as often), and definitely a whole lot more of his energy as well.

We know how frustrating this journey can get, even more so when we see our little ones suffer. So we hope that this story is a positive and somewhat uplifting one, which will keep us believing and strong to help our BTs lives get better.

Sep 06, 2010
Thank you Rick
by: Tami H.

My BT, Bella has the same symptoms as Buster. I am ready to pull my hair out. I have read your posts, took notes, and ready to see the vet again on Saturday. We have been on so many meds for secondary infections, I can not count. Bella was born with Demodex Mange/Mites, that was a 6 month battle and now these allergies. Will keep your posted on her progress. If you have anymore good tips, please post.

Tami H.

Aug 29, 2010
Lola's Skin Battle
by: lola's ma

Lola is a 1.5year old BT and she started suffering from skin issues since she was 6 months old.

Various vets were able to diagnose the secondary infections (both bacterial & fungal) but unable as yet to solve the underlying cause of her itchy skin.

She was previously on an organic chicken & brown rice diet, and then changed to Addiction Foods Salmon, which greatly improved her skin for a couple of months.

After that, her itchy skin returned with another bad case of secondary infections.

She then went on another course of antibiotics and antifungals, and she has been bathing with Malaseb for over a year.

We have also tried many other solutions with Lola, including ACV, vinegar washes, fish oils, aromatherapy oils, with little - limited results.
In the past month, we have decided to take full control of her food allergy and decided against purchasing anymore commercial pet food and kibble.

Lola is now on a home-cooked semi-raw diet of blended vegetables, cooked brown rice and sweet potatoes. For treats, she gets carrots and apples.
For about 3 weeks, I saw great improvement in her skin, although she lost a bit of weight.

Then we introduced chicken and liver to her home-cooked diet, and all hell broke loose again. After researching more, it seems that Lola (and many BTs) are highly allergic to chicken, as well as pork and beef.

So despite lamb being expensive where we live, we are going to try her on lamb as her protein source next.

It is also worth noting that we feed her a powdered organic human-grade fish meal as well to ensure her protein needs are being met.

Lola has to go back to the vet again, likely to receive another course of antibiotics and antifungals from her latest outbreak due to the chicken (poor thing, but at least we now know to keep poultry out of her diet).

She has also been on the e-collar for 5weeks now (following her spaying and we kept it on to keep her from licking & chewing at her itchy spots), which is helping as well. We do recommend the e-collar to aid in the prevention of more damage causing secondary infections.

We have been reading the rest of your posts and am relieved that many like us, are trying our best to make our BT's life better!

We hope Lola gets better soon with this holistic approach, as we dread to know (and face) the side effects of long term chemical drug use.

(PS: Lola is from Malaysia!)

Aug 24, 2010
Allergy Updates
by: Kathleen (webmaster)

Thanks, Rick, for the updates on Buster. It's very helpful to see step-by-step how the changes/eliminations in his diet and treatment are working for him. Glad to hear he's doing better!

Aug 22, 2010
Skin Afflictions #4
by: Rick D

Buster went to the vet. It had been 3 weeks since she put him on antibiotics for dermatitis.

All of his small pimples had healed and hair was growing back in. She took a sample out of the large eruption that I thought might be a boil and looked at it under a microscope. She said it was definitely an infection. I had shrunk to about 1/4 of its original size so we did nothing new.

I tried decreasing his baths again. Couldn't do it. Grass irritates him so badly that he gets red belly and red lips (not pink but red). It doesn't help that he likes to roll arond in it every chance he gets.

Buster is running 6 to 8 miles a day (I have an electric wheelchair and we go places). His weight is down to 29.9 lbs. He only needs to lose about 1 more pound and he will be the ideal weight.

I have been letting him eat watermelon. Vet thinks its OK, so do I.

The vet looked into his ears real well. She said no signs of infections. I think we have that problem solved.

He has been taking fish oil lately. I have a big bottle of gel caps. He will take a gel cap chew it and swallow. I have used 1 whole bottle of Barleans flax oil. Barleans worked, fish oil is working good too.

Another 3 weeks and I can start figuring out the rest of his allergies. At this point, I would say that they are mostly food allergies. I'm pretty sure that Milk Bones are one of his problems. He is happy with the Duck and Potato treats. I forget if I have said this before but he eats Van Patten's duck and potato with canned green beans added to it.

It is hard to tell you how much he has improved. Its only since he got better that I realize how sick he was. Our new vet is the cat's meow and the dog's bow wow. There's a lot to be said for the holistic viewpoint.

Everything that I read here about allergies and food has turned out to be true.

The only drug he has had are antibiotics except the one day that I tried skipping the bath. I had to give him a baby benadryl.

My other Boston, Buddy has benefitted fron the diet change and oil too. He is one sharp looking dude. He isn't allergic to anything except work.

No eye mucous, no paw licking, no ear smell, no scratching, no astma-like breathing sounds, snoring is better. And, a special added bonus, no gas attacks. Both of them have lost their weapons of mass destruction. They can't empty a room anymore.

I am feeling much better about Buster's condition. These dogs helped me stay alive and I owe them.

Rick Davidson

Aug 16, 2010
Sophie - Possible food allergies
by: Tracey B

Last week we discovered that our puppy, Sophie (5 mos), possibly has food allergies. She has a patch of fur missing on her front right leg and we noticed a new patch starting on her left shoulder. The doctor recommended putting her on Royal Canin HP, and has given her antibiotics to see what happens. It look like her hair is starting to grow back (we are on day 6). We were feeding her Blue Buffalo Puppy Chicken and Rice.

Our trainer recommended a food called Timberwolf Organics. He said that he had another client that had a food allergy dog and the family tried the various different formulas to determine which worked best for the dog. It turned out to be the "Ocean Blue" formula. Has anyone tried this food?

Aug 12, 2010
Congratulations and thanks
by: Sandy

Congratulations to you and Buster. Long may your success continue! Bella has been on duck and potato, but another brand. I'm going to try your Head & Shoulders treatment. Please keep posting. Thanks, Sandy

Aug 11, 2010
Skin Afliction /update #3
by: Rick D

Buster has been eating only Van Patten's duck and potato for about 3 weeks. He is now 15 days into the vet's treatment plan.

Eye mucous is almost zero. No scratching at all. No paw licking.

The pimples seem to have stopped erupting. The old pimple sites are dried up and looking much better. He still has one lump under his skin but it is shrinking. I think one might have been a boil.

Breathing sounds are very, very improved.

He is still taking 7 baths a week with Head and Shoulders. Flax seed oil keeps his skin moisturized.

Ear trouble appears to be gone.

Nose folds are almost healed, they aren't raw anymore and hair is coming back. I rub the pimple sites and nose folds with Mal-A-Ket wipes.

He has 2 warts. One on nose and tiny one on chest.

He has 4 more weeks to go on Cephalexin and goes back to vet in 1 week. We have been doing good without antihistamines. I have baby benadryl if I need it but haven't used it. He takes it from the syringe (he likes it)

This isn't over yet. Some of his pimples were pretty bad. I am still concerned that the skin problem might be deep.

Buster is already much better off than he used to be.
Rick D

Aug 11, 2010
Dog food...
by: Bullybreed

We also HAD issues with our BT. She is much better now. We tried sweet pot. and fish and it worked wonders! We switched to the duck for something different (bad move). Her skin and fur dried out and she was starting to rub her belly again (still not as bad as before natural balance). She is currently on;

one bath every two weeks (don't overwash them they need the oils! Let the food work)
MALASEB belly spray once a day (from vet)
Natural balance SWEET POT. AND FISH (not duck)

Thats it! BTW (Wisconsin climate)

Aug 01, 2010
Good things for Allergies
by: Anonymous

Percy my Boston got skin allergies at 5. So far this has worked. He went on Amoxcillin/Clavamox for a month. He also was prescribed Hydroxyzine for itching a capsule he takes twice a day. He now uses only soapless bath wash that I get at the vets. I think it is called E- Soothe. I bathe him once a week with this. I wash all his blanklets in unscented detergent once a week.

As for diet I had to get him on a good kibble that was hyperallergic. He is on Holistic Select and doing well. Some others that have no wheat amd corn are Inova, Evo and royal canine. No more IAMS, or store brands that have artificial colors and flavors.

Jul 27, 2010
Skin Affliction Update 2
by: Anonymous

Buster started with a new vet today. She has a much more holistic approach than previous vets.

She thinks duck and potato was the right move. Says it will take more time before we can see how much good it did.

Pimples are bacterial dermatitus (strep). She gave him Cephalexin antibiotic.

Mal-A-Ket wipes, she thinks will clear up the nose fold rawness.

She like using Head and Shoulders and thinks that the frequency of his baths is OK.

She wants to continue as is for 3 weeks then she wants to check progress.


Jul 25, 2010
Skin Affliction Update
by: Rick D

On July 12, they started on Van Patten duck and potato.

No more Milk Bones.
Barrlean's flax oil.
Keep bathing with Head and Shoulders
Keep ear cleaning with AloeClens (smells good)

Status as of July 25

No more pink on belly or lips. I am bathing him more than every other day using Head and Shoulders. I tried not bathing for 3 days but it was too much.

For sure, he is allergic to grass. It causes little red spots on belly.

Very minimal scratching.

Flax oil has made coat very black and shiny.

Eye mucus has decreased greatly.

Ear problems and smell are gone.

Problems in nose folds don't seen much better. I applied some human steroid ointment and it dried them up some then he hot them on other side of his nose.

Now he is getting pimples on his leg. They dry up then get a bald spot. The pimples have just started in the last few days.

Onerall I would say that he is better. The pimples and the nose fold problem need to be solved.

I am pretty sure that he hasn't had a diet violation. He is eating Van Patten duck and potato with canned green beans. I gave him some Dan Active yogurt (1 tsp) for the last 3 days. It was fruit flavor. I will get unflavored and see how he does on it. It is supposed to help clear up eczema and supress allergies.

If he goes on grass, he gets a bath. I don't think his skin is too dry from all the baths. I think flaxseed oil is keeping him moisturized.

I'm still looking for ideas.


Jul 18, 2010
Hair loss on ears from scratching/allergy
by: Sandy

As I've written here before, the intensity of our Boston's (Bella) allergies are seasonal. Often, when it's bad, ear ears itch so bad that she scratches so much that the hair around the margins on the back side is rubbed off. We have no cure for that, but we have found something that helps:
Bag Balm
. At night, before going to bed, we smear a light coating of Bag Balm over the area missing hair. I use my fingertip and do it very lightly. It does help! Thanks to all who post here. Sandy

Jul 18, 2010
buster-skin afflictions
by: Anonymous

sorry to hear that. I have a bt named binco and she is 1 and 10 months. she started having this allergy-atopic dermatitis. she is allergic to grass and other stuff. anyway, she had been scratching,bad ear infections, rash since she turned 1 yr. now since it's summer her allergy is not that bad.allergy is worst during spring, and winter- since we get a lot of rain during winter. anyway, vet.prescribed this otic hc 1% enzymatic solution. which is very effective. i apply this in her ears 2x a week and she's fine- never had any ear infection and ears are always clean. just drop the need to clean the works like magic. for her skin rash-she is taking temaril-p. just 2x a week. started 2x a day for 2-3 days then reduce or taper it.

i understand how you feel, it is sometimes frustrating, but we are learning how to manage it.

i hope you find this info. useful.

buds and binco

Jul 12, 2010
Skin Afflictions
by: Rick

I have 2 Bostons - Buddy and Buster. I love my boys. Buddy is no problem. I can't take them to the vet so I have my daughter do it. That is why some of my info is sketchy.

Buster is 5. He used to scratch a lot, smelled bad and had ear infections. Many trips to vets. Ears were so bad that they had to be scoped to clean them. Tested for thyroid - no problem. Cut sample off of bump on nose said it was allergies.
AloeClens works good for ear cleaning. Triz Ultra (Ketoconazole)seemed to clear the ear infection (I think it was yeast).

I tried human shampoo, baby shampoo, oatmeal shampoo, Dove body wash, baking soda, skin lotion etc etc in short everything I could think of. Nizoral (Ketoconazole) shampoo didn't seem to help him.

He had to take Baby Benadryl sometimes.
Vets have had him on Ketoconazole pills, some type of prednizone pill and a couple of other pills that I don't remember.
I accidently discovered that Head and Shoulders in the dark blue bottle cleared up his pink skin on his stomach and lips. He can't go more than 2 days without bath or he sctatches.
He has raw spots in nose folds. I wash and dry them well and have tried lots of meds on them. Nothing works good.
Then I found this site yesterday.

They started on Van Patten duck and potato.
No more Milk Bones.
Ordered flax oil.
Keep bathing with Head and Shoulders
Keep ear cleaning with AloeClens (smells good)

I will update progress.

Any other reccomendations?

Rick Davidson

Jun 02, 2010
frm 4legged furry human to ms.daisey mae.
by: Anonymous

I suggest if vet gave up don't u. U r in the right direction, which is the vetirinary hsptl 4 pets. That's where i got the best right dosage meds & ideas to keep him stable. It is very frustrating, but hang in there. 1 day i didn't sleep 4 3 days. I felt like i was dying, but i got got myself back up & continued. I would suggest to get the right meds. dosage 4 your baby from the pro's & bath w/only filtered water & special shampoo's for his skin & keep track of her allergies.

I also use lamsil anti fungal spray to keep ring worm & skin allergies away. Has worked every day even if not showing signs of skin infection. Probiotic, derm caps, krill, lots of antoxidants, i have also used coq10, 30 for his weight. I use for his eyes, eye wash, then zaditor, then some ointment lubricant at night. also monitor ears that is also part of allergy problem. they all seem to go hand in hand it gets crazy but just control it. don't let it control u & your baby. What u r about to experience may seem like a nightmare but it does end gracefully w u in control. don't mean to scare u only want 2 make u stronger & b a soldier w/your childs responsibilities.

I learned of another world w/all this mess which is organifi your life & his, another door that i was not into. Now definitely we won't have it any other way. His problems taught us very well. air purifiers in all house, no windows open, only central air & heating, humidifier attached to heating system. no parks, only after dark. 1/2 zyrtec b4 we go out. Carry w/u his poland spring water or deerpark only real spring wt. When bathing if hard water, buy dechlorinating bath salts to clean all substances from water. Take clean wash cloth after park, 2 clean her up b4 bring home to leave park bugs or stuff from park not 2 bring home. I also use k9advntic cause keeps everything away from baby sensitive skin. don't feel bad cause i thought of the junk in it & i used something less harmful & we paid the price.He also got allergic flea dermatitus - omg - another issue but all ended well.

It will take a 1 man gang 4 all this to b under control but us mommy's r invinceable. Sorry i have wrote a bible, but these bt's should come w/a instruction guide. Funny right, but i am serious!! I wish mines did. Well, i will try to help as much as i can i didn't have no1 to help me i would have graciously appreciated it. It was a challenge i may say, but at the end of the day we r all our BT'S mommy's. Hope i have helped your ques. a little.thanks 4 writing me & ceasar, bye ms.mae's mommy.!!

Jun 01, 2010
Nellie is still doing well!
by: NelliesMom

Hadn't posted in awhile so had to catch up! Just wanted to give everyone further encouragement by providing an update on our Nellie!

She is now on (2) Soloxine per day for thyroid and 1/2 tab of Temaril P. If she seems to be having more difficulty we up the Temaril P to 1 tab per day for about 3 days. Right now she is having a little trouble with ears, but frequent cleaning and wiping out with T8 Keto flush (just a little on a cotton swab - don't introduce more moisture into the ear canal than necessary). We still are using the special combination of shampoo followed by a leave-on lotion (bathing more often when she seems to be having more trouble). Still feeding the Natural Balance Duck and Potato dog food (and still paying the outrageous price - but if it helps...). We also have a refillable prescription for antibiotics should Nellie show any signs of starting a bacterial infection - the vet decided to have that available to us to get a jump on things just in case and then bring her in if she shows no improvement after about a week. Nellie is doing so much better than before - and I can't help but think that diagnosing her thyroid problem (almost non-functional in her case) wasn't the biggest part of the key in helping any medications work better for her. We are in Iowa and the pollen is awful this year, but she only goes out long enough to make a pit-stop then comes back in to the air conditioned house. We stopped opening the windows about three weeks ago. I hope and pray that she continues in this "sweet spot" of results in her treatment, but as any of us know sometimes they can get worse for no apparent reason. Since we started the treatment for her thyroid she is the best she has ever been (along with the Temaril P and the shampoo, etc). This is the FIRST TIME she hasn't been in to the vet multiple times in the year between her regularly scheduled vet appointment for shots, etc. Just thought I would drop a line! Sincerely, NelliesMom

May 31, 2010
boston terrier skin allergies
by: buds

Sorry to hear that...yes, we also have a dog named Binco, our first family dog-almost perfect except for this allergy. It developed right after she turned 1 yr. Like you we've changed her food a couple of times already, (no wheat,no corn etc...) and everyday, have to deal with skin itch, rash (now,with fungal infections,ear infection-probably because of the meds- her immune system had been compromised). doctor have prescribed benadryl and temaril-p. still she gets the rash almost everyday,has been shedding a lot, and has some bald spots...We are also in dilemma, I get frustrated and don't know what to do anymore...please,update us about her check up with the new doctors.

May 30, 2010
My precious 4 legged handicapp furry human !
by: Anonymous

i know & have experienced every thing on this forum & them some & them some. My bt ceasar male 5yrs 8 mnths & i have been through hell & back Expenses are wow maybe 15,000 or 20,000 maybe roughly i don't want to remember & keep track of all bills. I do have ins. very,helpful, he's on tearil-p a quater of a pill daily just to maintain, & clindamycin antibotc. in case sick gets infected. I never knew owning a bt was like this!!! he started w/little stuff as vomiting, diareah, gas, lethargic, everything you can imagine. yes we been through it together, many night at hospitals, many days at vet outside his office b4 he even open. It is my baby so i would be damned if i would let him die. i changed his food to natural balance allergy kind - much better. His daily meds, viokase, 1/2 pepcid ac, krill, probiotic& multizymes,cherry pepto,vitmn c,cranberry tabs, b12, derm caps, & so on it doesn't stop. very much monitoring every single day - overwhelming, yes. filtered water only, whole house filter, special shampoos, earmite cleaner always & on & on. He has been all worth it!!! Look at bright side - no life threatening diseases. No severe illness, only allergies. hang in there & do not give up & pray it will all get better & stable like us now. Just keep meds at home & do lots of research. It does get better. He will b 6 in sep/10. i thank god everyday he wakes up next to me & is well. next day we just do it all over again. Go by how he feels 2day pretty much like us. Bt's r worth every bit of all there luv, after all we r there mommy's. from my bt's mommy's to all u bt's mommy's, don't stop caring for your children. wish yall blessings, strength, luv, & prayers oh & research - it does pay. god bless,ceasar,& mom.

Mar 23, 2010
Three Cheers!
by: Anonymous

That's great news about Binco. Minimum meds and minimum side effects with maximum benefits! We're happy for you both. (signed) BT Bella and her driver.

Mar 22, 2010
Thanks BT Bella
by: Anonymous

Thanks bt bella.Binco had been taking temaril-p for 3 weeks now, so far so good, no licking,scratching,no new rash, and ears doing very good.Binco is now just taking temaril-p 1/2 a tablet every other day. She is now back to her own self- bouncy and full of energy.

Mar 19, 2010
Welcome to the Club, Buds and Binco
by: Anonymous

Isn't it wonderful when you see your dog get some relief from the itch, scratch, lick syndrome? With all the drawbacks, I'm glad we have the Teameril-P available. We're still doing the thyroid experiment, but nothing conclusive yet. Good luck to Binco from BT Bella.

Feb 27, 2010
dog allergies
by: buds

Thanks Sandy. We took our dog Binco again to the vets. aside from the recent ear infection, she has developed a rash on her armpit that has a secondary bacterial infection. So right now she is taking an antibiotics for her rash/infection for 3 weeks, an otic medicine called Zymox for her ears and now prescribed temaril-p. so today i guess she feels a lot better, she has not been licking her feet,scratching her ears etc...but slept almost throughout the is the first time she has not been licking and scratching...

doctor says she will be taking temaril for as long as she needs it. it will be tapered and adjusted depending on the response of the dog. also, fish oil will be continued, dose can be doubled during flare ups. now i'm thinking of just ordering the temaril on-line if she would be taking it for life. atopica is expensive, if only they would be able to make it more affordable. Yes, we all love our pets and we want them to be comfortable as they should let us see and hope for the best. maybe in the near future, more medicines (affordable meds) would be developed and can cure our pets health problem. i will be checking on this forum every now and then for some updates.. thanks!

Feb 25, 2010
Barleans flaxseed oil
by: Anonymous

Thursday 7 am
Dear Meagan,
I responded to your post yesterday in detail, but I don't see it posted yet. Maybe there is a posting delay ?
Anyways, been on Barleans Flaxseed oil approx. 4 wks and saw huge skin, ear infection improvement after first 7-10 days. Omega 3's have been proven to help the skin, immune system, etc. according to a great deal of internet research we've done on reputable websites such as and Dr. Foster & Smith, etc. Google something like "canine flaxseed oil benefits" and go from there. Our Vet also confirmed that Omega 3 essential fatty acids are missing in their diets because they get rancid fairly fast and the dog food producers don't put it into the dog food.
Also, google "Barleans", the manufacturer in the state of Washington...they are extremely helpful over the phone in regards to the benefits of their product and dosage recommendations. I hope all of my postings show up, as I know that when we love our dogs we are searching for anything that can make them feel better---especially if it is a "natural product" that shouldn't hurt even if it is not helping.
Good Luck !!!

ed. all submsissions & comments are manually reviewed and approved (you would not believe some of the completely inappropriate stuff people submit). Review & posting is usually done within 24 hrs of submission. Sorry for the lag, but some people have ruined auto-post for everyone else...

Feb 24, 2010
For Buds and Binco
by: Sandy

Our 17# BT is being kept 98% scratch free with a daily dose of Temaril-P. Hair has grown back beautifull on ears, sides and chest. We avoided Atopica to due multi side-effects as listed by manufacturer. Our dog also on Duck/Potato diet, "no perfumes or dyes" type detergent for bedding, etc. No room fresheners. For more details, see posting dated Nov.4th. Best of luck to you. Sandy

Feb 24, 2010
by: Anonymous

Forgot to mention, we have been now using the Flaxseed oil for about 4 weeks, but noticed a huge improvement after about 7-10 days.

Feb 24, 2010
To Meagan
by: Anonymous

Dear Meagan, actually, we came up with the Barleans flaxseed oil for Omega 3 essential fatty acids from
extensive reading on how to help our dogs skin bumps, flakes, and recent ear infection. We actually have a Dalmatian...but somehow I started writing on this blog when I was desperate for information, and I figured certain things like dogs needing essential fatty acids was "universal". I hope that I didn't mislead anyone.
If you google canine flaxseed oil benefits, you should be able to find some of the research we came up with. I believe that was a good source of info as well as Dr. Fosters and Smith. Our Vet also confirmed to us that Omega 3 was good for their skin and allergies, but the Vets don't make money on natural remedies, so he didn't say anything about it until we brought it up. Fish oil is suppose to also be good for Omega 3, but we chose Flaxseed oil and the good- "cold-pressed" kind that is refrigerated at stores like Fred Meyer health dept.
We called Barleans direct and they had very intelligent people spend 30 minutes with me answering my questions on the dosage amt. for a dog our size, etc. You can google Barleans for their number, they are located in Washington State and are very reputable.
Good luck, we are dog lovers too and would do anything to provide a happy and healthy existence for our dog.

Feb 24, 2010
my dog allergies
by: buds

Tt seems allergy is so common to bts. We have a dog named Binco. we adopted her when she was 8 mos(now 1 yr 1/2.since nov.she has been itchy,always licking her paws,ears and have rash on on armpits, sometimes neck and groin.we've changed her food several times-(now.natural balance venison and sweet potato),she is our first family thinks its inhalant allergy.had been taking benadryl everyday, but it seems not working. she had tried prednisone, which works great but not for long term use.aside from the rashes, she is losing lots of hair.I've read there is no treatment.if the allergens are dust,pollen,grass,house dust mites, which can't be seen how can one avoid them? i really pity our dog, that she has to be like this everyday.she is such a sweet dog and very good to my 3 yr old daughter.i've read allergy shots are useless.i've read atopica is the drug of choice, but very expensive. has anyone had use this before?

Feb 23, 2010
by: Megan

I am very interested in using the Barleans like you guys have, since you have had such success with it. My question is how long have you guys been using it on your Boston? Also who suggested this type of treatment to you? I am willing to try anything. I actually made an appt with a skin specialist for dogs, which I am nervous, because I am sure its going to cost me an arm and a leg. This forum/blog has really been helpful. I felt so much better that I was not the only one experiencing this nightmare with my Boston. This is a wonderful support!!

Feb 19, 2010
Nutro stopped working
by: Anonymous

I started my Boston on Nutro Lamb & Rice skin fomula several months ago. I initially saw improvement for about 2-3 months, but now I am on my 3rd bag of the food and my dog is back to her old itchy self, flaky, shedding and licking her paws. She rubbed her throat so bad on the carpet that she left bloody trails on our carpet. We put her in an E-collar to stop it but then she licked her back paws until they were bloody too. I took her to the vet today and got antibiotics in case her skin is infected, new antihistamines, new anti itch shampoo, and hypo-allergenic food by Science Diet. I am going to try this regimen for 2-3 month and see if there is any improvement. If there is I will post the exact medicine, shampoo and food I am using so you all can try it too. Good luck to all with itchy Bostons, just give them love and hope we can find a solution.

Feb 19, 2010
Skin problem / solution
by: Anonymous

Sorry to hear about your frustrating skin problems. We have had GREAT success with giving our dog Barleans Cold Pressed Flaxseed oil for Omega 3's.
The cold pressed means there is more nutrition left in the product, and it is kept refrigerated and sold at Fred Meyer health food dept. or Super Supplements. We give our dog the human Barleans, a tsp. in the morning and a teaspoon at night drizzled on his food. My husband and I also take it. Within one week his skin and coat improved DRAMATICALLY and his ear infection went away HONESTLY. Omega 3 essential fatty acids are not found in the dog foods because it would get rancid, so their bodies are lacking it. Plse. do some reading on it, essential fatty acid supplements are recommended by experts...
and it worked in our dog ! (The Barleans brand keeps in the refrigerator for up to 4-6 months and is not expensive)

Good Luck !

Feb 19, 2010
For Ella
by: Anonymous

Hi Ella,

Please see my posting of November 4th. Since that posting, we have discovered a possible link between hypothryroidism and the allergies. Bella is on minimum throid supplement and we've seen a definite improvement. However, we are also in winter season in Arizona and we have no grass nor many leaves. The real test will be in the next few weeks as everything blooms again. I'll keep you and the group informed.


Feb 18, 2010
Ella: Boston Terrier with terrible itching
by: Megan

I have had my Boston for a year now and I have been taking her to the vet for allergies/itching since she was probably about 5 months old. It started out that she had skin mites, which never seemed to go away for many months. I have changed vets 3 times now and about 2 months ago I started to go to a new vet. I was told by him that Ella no longer had skin mites and that what might be causing the itching is a food allergy. I currently have her on a duck and potato diet. The vet said it would take 6 weeks before I would see a difference. On top of that we go in every 2 weeks or so to get an allergy shot to help with the itching that only lasts for about a week. I am beyond frustrated and worried that no one can truly tell me what is wrong with my poor little dog. The only thing I can do is keep taking her to the vet and contain treatments and hope that a miracle happens and she will be ok. Does anyone know of anything that actually works??

Feb 14, 2010
Thin Spots
by: Chris

My son has been begging for a puppy, so last week I purchased him a new 9 week old Boston Terrier puppy. Before the purchase I asked some general questions and also asked for a picture. After receiving the picture I noticed the puppy had what looked to be thin spots on his head near his ears. I went and purchased the puppy and again noticed the spots. The next day I took him to the vet, and asked 2 different nurses and the Vet about the spots and got 3 different answers! One tech said it was common in the breed and will fill in with age...the other tech said that it could be a skin irritation but not to be alarmed because a lot of pups are thin and fill in as they get older, the last was the vet, who said that the puppy had hook worms, so an oral medication was given...She said that the thin spots looked symmetrical and that was just probably how his hair grew. That it may never fill in? ????

We go back on the Feb 13th to make sure the worms are gone and to get his shots, should I have his thyroid checked...because I read this could also be a problem? What could the problem be? Are there question you could have me ask the Vet? Do you think the NuVet Plus will help? The spots aren't raw nor does he scratch their just thin.

Jan 26, 2010
Soloxine ear infections
by: Anonymous

Our dog was diagnosed with hypothyroid and was put on Soloxine several weeks ago. After 2 wks. on soloxine he got an ear infection that won't go away with Otomax, etc.
He is 9 years old and has NEVER had an ear infection or allergies before.. I refuse to think it is just a "coincidence" that an ear infection showed up right after starting Soloxine. Has anyone else had this problem ? Any solutions ?
Please help !!!

Jan 10, 2010
Winston update
by: Anonymous

Winston turned 3 on Dec 25th we almost had to put him down back in Oct. After forking over approx $10,000 to various vets, specialists, and naturalpathic places there just does not seem to be any cure!!!! I have since stopped looking and have found a great caring vet and we have come to terms with the fact that our dog is highly allergic to everything and all we can do is keep him comfortable which means keeping him on Vanectyl-p (steriod) and ketoconazole (anti-bacterial)as well as bathing him a few times a week with Nizoral ( anti dandruff shampoo) these things will help control his yeast count and itching and constant infections. Don't wast your money on the allergy tests or the shots, since they are not accurate the shots can make them allergic to other things. Best of luck to everyone!

Jan 07, 2010
Nutro is helping my Boston
by: Holly

I started feeding my Boston Terrier Nutro almb and rice skin and coat formula several months ago. I must say I have definitely seen improvement. Her skin isn't perfect my any means, still scratches and has raw armpits sometimes, but she has improved. Prior to feeding this food she scratched terribly and her skin was constantly flaky. Now she rarely gets flaky--only when I wait too long between baths with her "Relief" shampoo I got from the vet. I would say the combination of the food and the shampoo has made her much more comfortable. Still I would love to find something to stop the itchiness more reliably. I sometimes give her Benedryl which seems to help but it makes her really sleepy and I feel bad for drugging her. Any other suggestions please post them. These are such expressive wonderful animals it's very hard to see them suffer even moderately. Good luck to all other with Boston skin problems, and thanks to those who have posted.


Jan 07, 2010
Boston Terrier Allergies
by: Anonymous

I have a 3 year old Boston female. We had a male before and never had any problems with allergies. We feed her Fromm - White Fish and Potato dog food. This seems to really help. I also give her 1000mg of fish oil pills 3 x's a week. This keeps her skin from drying out so much in the winter and the scrathing to a mimimum. If she stays on this srict diet, no people food or treats with wheat,corn,beef, lamb, etc.. she does well. She also can have little pieces of carrot for a treat. Giving her a bath in oatmeal shampoo and conditioner does help. Also in the winter when she gets a bath I will put oatmeal in the water and pour that over her for about 5 min. Seems to keep the iching down.

Jan 06, 2010
My poor baby
by: Anonymous

My Boston Bailey started getting rashes and sores from scraching all the time, shortly after she got spayed. We have been to two vets and still dont have the anwser. We cahnged her food for now to lamb and rice and the vet gives us pills when she gets bad but the pills make her crazy and she cant seem to control her bladder while on them...

Nov 08, 2009
Boston Allergies - Keep Posting!
by: NelliesMom

Yes, everyone... keep posting! Since I last posted, just wanted everyone to know that Nellie is still doing the best she ever has. We do have days when "bumps" apppear under her fur and we have to up the Temaril P (from 1/2 tab) to a whole tab for 2-3 days then back to her regular 1/2 tab again. We are continuing with the prescription shampoo and leave-on lotion - that helps IMMENSELY! She is still doing well on the Dick VanPatten Natural Balance (Duck & Potato), but my oh my it has gotten spendy (we are paying $52.99 + tax for a 30 pound bag here in Iowa - which I think is TERRIBLE!). Because we have two other relatively healthy Bostons we have decided to feed them all the same food to avoid Nellie getting something that she shouldn't. We either buy the Duck & Potato or the Fish & Sweet Pototo treats, or if I have time I use the canned Duck & Potato dog food mixed with generic mashed potato flakes to make a stiff dough and bake it in the oven (a little more economical).

Nov 04, 2009
Our Bella is in the same "Allergy Club"
by: Sandy

Bella is over 3 yrs. old now and the allergies first appeared at 10 months. Several Veterinarians, including a few Derms, have examined her and she's had all the tests. She's allergic to many, many trees and plants, plus some foods and fabric softeners, also. We gave her the desensitization allergy shots for almost a year without any real change. It is a huge mystery.

To keep her itching/scratching under control, she is on from 1/2 Teamaril-P per day to 2 per day, depending on the severity of her scratching. Her ear margins are thin and showing the ravages of scratching so we dab Bag Balm on them before she goes to bed. Her diet is Duck & Potato canned and Rabbit & Potato Dry moistened with water. For treats, I slice yams on a mandolin slicer extremely thin and bake at 200 for about 1.5 hours. We freeze them and take a cup or so out at a time. She also gets tiny bits of apple as a treat.

We are now reading Dr. Plechner's book and wondering if he may be on the right track. We want her off of Prednisone because of the side-effects, but can't let her scratch herself bloody. Everyone, please keep posting. One of us may discover something that helps the rest of us and our best friend BTs!

Sep 16, 2009
Severe Food & (30) Seasonal Allergies
by: Susan

My female Boston Terrier, Roxi, is going to be 7 this year and she started with food allergies when she was about 5 months old. It has continued to get worse and worse over time. She used to throw up 3x a day with severe ear aches, constant running stools, and licking almost constantly at her front & rear paws until they developed open sores. The food that helped the most (so far) is the Hills Ultra ZD dry prescription formula. She still had horrible gas that smells stronger than humans like every 30 minutes. She also has been tested for seasonal allergies twice and recently has developed more allergies to outside pollens (30 different things) including "humans" you read that right, I said "HUMANS" our dander to be exact!

I have also given her the hollistic allergy shots for months now and has yet to help her. The daily low dose steriod pills helped her about 50%. I quit giving it to her because all the bad things you hear about steriods. I recently bought an elizabeth collar, even though I felt mean making her wear it, it has probably helped her the most, because it is harder for her to lick her paws. In turn, her hot spots calmed down and healed up. I might try the raw food diet next - it is worth a shot. No beef or chicken though because those are the 2 worst allergy triggers. I guess no one really as any 100% solutions on this website to make our Bostons feel relief. The e-collar I think is the best and change the food. At least I'm not alone. Good Luck & always get dog insurance for your puppies before they develop on-going medical expenses!

Jul 30, 2009
Daisy broke out in bumps
by: Brittany

My 1 year old boston, Daisy, broke out yesterday in bumps all over her body. My boyfriend took her outside and then we noticed the bumps. She didn't eat or lick anything while outside. I took her to the vet and she said it was an allergic reaction. She gave her two shots. I took her home and she got better. My boyfriend also took her out this morning and the same thing happened. What is she allergic to????

Jul 23, 2009
one more thing to add
by: Amber

Darby did get microchipped yesterday, an idea I'm personally not too keen on, but it's a requirement for our move to Europe. Could this latest outbreak maybe be related to that somehow? A stress thing?

Jul 23, 2009
my Boston's first outbreak
by: Amber

My little boy just turned 3 years old (we've been together about 15 months), and he's recently started to break out into a bunch of pimple like spots. He doesn't seem to spend much time scratching at them, but it makes me nervous. A few weeks ago, he had a small outbreak (maybe 5-10 pimples) on his left hind end and inner thighs. Again, not much scratching. Eventually, the pimples scabbed over and fell off, leaving the pimple spots hairless, but only slightly raised. Sometime today, he had a huge outbreak across his sides (above the front legs) -- especially the left side -- with a few pimples on his neck, and just one in front of his ear. I don't see any signs of fleas (no feces/bugs/itching). We've been to the vet often in the past month (we're preparing for a move overseas and we have LOTS of paperwork to fill out), most recently yesterday, and I think the vet would have mentioned if he saw something like that. But, beyond that, I'm at a loss for ideas, as nothing in his routine has changed. He eats Wellness brand dry dog food, and we had to switch from the lamb to the Complete Health formula because our local place was short stocked. He's had all those ingredients before, though, and the first smaller outbreak happened before we switched. Does anyone have any thoughts?

Jul 19, 2009
Boston Allergies
by: Nellie's Mom

I too have a Boston Terrier with EXTREME allergies. Working along with our Vet, we have tried the following:

1) Food - tried different foods until it became apparent that her allergies were more complicated than just food.

2) Blood testing - Yes, she was allergic to A WIDE SPECTRUM OF BOTH FOOD AND ENVIRONMENTAL ITEMS. We started Nellie on allergy shots - it was hard because she was so allergic to so many things that she had to have two shots at a time because not all of the allergens could be administered from one vial. We also changed food - she seemed to do well on the Dick Van Patten Natural Balance food - Fish & Sweet Potato.

3) After about a year and a half, we noticed that Nellie was getting worse again and required more vet visits for various antibiotics, etc. with varying amounts of success, but never for very long. We were warned when we started the allergy shots that although they helped at first, that she might develop other allergies as the ones we treated her for became more under control - that obviously happened. We stopped the allergy shots, and made frequent vet visits to treat secondary infections caused by the constant scratching. She was treated with antibiotics again, as well as Temaril P and Ketoconozole as needed. We also put her on Cyclosporin in hopes of knocking down her immune system. We were all pretty discouraged - especially Nellie.

4) This year at our Vet's recommendation, we switched food again - still Dick Van Patten's Natural Balance, but the Duck & Potato this time. In addition we tried different prescription shampoos - finally getting some success! We also ran a course of antibiotics (we also learned that she had developed an allergy to Cephalexin - she now tolerates Biomox very well), Temaril P, Ketoconozole. Our Vet also ran another blood test - we found that Nellies thyroid was not functioning. She is now on Soloxine for the thyroid. After a about a month and a half of faithfully administering her various meds twice a day... WE ARE SEEING REAL PROGRESS! She is now down to 1/2 tab of Temaril P once a day, plus 2 tabs Soloxine a day. Every four days she takes the Cyclosporine. Something that is REALLY HELPING: regular bathing with Dermazole followed by a leave-on lotion called Resi KetoChlor (both Virbac products). You wouldn't believe she was the same poor little dog!!! I know that this isn't a cure... but this sure is helping her - I would highly recommend asking your Vet to get the shampoo and leave-on lotion for you to try, it has helped our Nellie enormously! I am also sure that finding out about her thyroid problem and addressing it is helping as well. We have two other Bostons who do not have these problems (I could not imagine what it would be like if all three of them were so sick!). For what it's worth... Nellies Mom

Jul 19, 2009
Something to try...for Boston terrier allergies
by: Holly

My 2 year old Boston female has very bad skin allergies. I recently met a man with 2 female Bostons at the dog park one is 18 years old and acts totally young and healthy. He told me his girls used to have skin problems too and he heard most Bostons are allergic to chicken. He told me he feeds his dogs Nutro lamb and rice dog food and it fixed their skin problems. He also said everyone he has told about this has said it helps. I bought the food today-- it comes in a forest green colored bag Natural Choice Nutro, lamb and rice skin and coat formula. This man also said this food has the same ingredients as "Missing Link" another product for healthy skin. I am going to try it and see.

Jul 07, 2009
Allergies - Raw Food diet?
by: 2 Bostons in Toronto

I have 2 bostons and have been very lucky with no severe allergic reactions except for red eyes and poor Newt swelled up like a balloon when he was stung by a bee. However, their feces has always been very runny and they always seem to have issues getting upset stomach, vomitting, gas etc. I switched them to a raw food diet recently. No vegetables, no wheat or rice etc. just raw meaty bones and chicken kidneys and livers. Poops are now a quarter the size and firmer, clay coloured. Eyes aren't red anymore - not sure how that correlates. One thing that really surprises me, my little Rosie has always had the worst breath and now it isn't bad. I think the diet has corrected her pH balance. I'm finding that the diet does cost a little more and is a little more work but if they are healthy and it prevents enormous vet bills...

Jun 29, 2009
little luck
by: Christina Daniels

I had the blood test done and my BT is allergic to pretty much everything. His worst allergies are to dust mites and mold but is allergic to grass, trees, pollen etc. He started on his allergy serum about a week ago and I hate having to inject him. Hopefully it works. I feel so bad for him!

Jun 29, 2009
my little girl
by: Anonymous

I have had my little girl boston for 2 years now and she just recently is being treated for allergies, I am so STRESSED out as I am sure she is to. I have switched her food back she has been on an antibiotic for 2 months. I found worms in her poop and treated her for that and she is still itching like crazy. I need help. She takes a daily allergy pill and that still doesn't help. Please e-meil any information to me at I am going to try a second opinion. PLEASE HELP!

May 06, 2009
Allergy testing Winston
by: Anonymous

I too had my dog tested for allergies. It was a blood test that cost about 650. I then had to inject my dog with a serium that was suppost to strengthen his ammune system against allergins, after a year I didn't continue the injections I just didn't see any change...he was getting even worse. The vet I see now said that I had wasted my money , and that the test is not accurate??? who knows. I keep him away from the foods he tested positive for just in case.

May 06, 2009
still no luck with Winston;(
by: Anonymous

I wrote back in Jan., I went to a different vet and he is on a new drug called Atopica, after vinyectal -P?? didn't work for very long. He still continues to scratch himself and has pimples on his skin, I too have to bath him daily do to his smell and wounds! I recomened using a anti dandruf shampoo called Nizoral, Its for humans but it helps control my dogs flaky skin. I am going to start him on the raw food diet of Buffalo against my vets recommendations I am willing to give it a try. I Have been wondering....I have run into a few other people who have major problems with their terriers and they bought from the same breeder as me I am begining to wonder....her name is Teressa, did any of you bye your dog from her????

May 06, 2009
Frank the Boston
by: Christina

I have a 1 y/o Brindle BT who also has terrible allergies. His eyes are red his ears are itchy and get quite gross if I dont clean them daily. He also has pimple like bumps on his back and hives on his chest. I am on food #5 and now going to get him allergy tested. This poor pup has more problems than any dog I have ever heard! Poor thing! Back to the vet next week!

Feb 25, 2009
Daisy May
by: Anonymous

We too have a little girl named Daisy May. She is now seven years old and started to develop allergies around the 4 to 6 month mark. We had her blood tested and 1100 dollars later, we found out she had allergies, mainly to beef and fish. Grass and dandelions were some of the other allergies, but switching food seemed to help drastically. We have since switched her diet to Beneful chicken and rice. She loves it and only has a breakout about a year, if that. Hope this helps.

Jan 01, 2009
2 year old
by: Anonymous

I have a 2 year old boston. the best dog i have had but his allergies are so bad. had blood work done to find out what he is allergic to. He is still scratching even though we know what his food allergies are. He has been on creams, antibiotics, shots, i think he is amune to them all. At a lose as to what to do, we have been to 4 different vets and have to go about once - twice a month, $$$$$$$!!! Next week i am going to find a new vet who hopefully can help my poor hairless, scaby , boston.

PS everything started when i gave my dog his vaccines!!! he got very sick the first time and then the second time he almost died from them.

Dec 01, 2008
my boston
by: Anonymous

she has allergies too, have switched her food many times, the one that seems to be helping the most is wellness for sensitive skin. she loves it and no chewing off her paws. and found out her little paws had a yeast or fungal infection, cleared that up with some medicated wipes from vet. but she is growing hair on her belly. do not feel bad most dogs have a food allergies and it is mostly corn or beef. but can not forget wheat or other grains. it is a trial and error when switching food. a tsp of plain, no sugur, no fruit yogurt can help with gas or plain pumkin helps too. but just a tsp.

Nov 11, 2008
by: Anonymous

We have a 3 yr old male Boston. Allergic to wheat, beef and eggs. Can't get shots due to severe allergic reactions. Constantly itchy in winter. Have researched and tried many different things. Spoke with the breeder recently and she said that they've also had similar probs - and to get the Boston's fixed - this will usually clear up skin conditions and bald patches on their coat.

I've got my dog on a potato and fish food from KORE-Wellness. but, I've been finding that I have to switch brands after about 6 months because he develops an allergy to this. Starts with more itching and leads to very bad gas and diarrhea. In spring and summer we have to take Benadryl wherever we go because he is also allergic to wasps. I'm very careful with shampoos and try to always stick to all natural ones. Most times when he's itchy, a cool bath will help relieve it.

Also, never put bouncy or fleecy when washing your dog's beds.

I have young kids and have trained them not feed the dog snacks - and we're careful about trying not to leave food/crumbs where he can get them or he'll breakout in a rash.

I hope this helps!!

Oct 14, 2008
Boston Allergies
by: barbara

My 11 mos old boston has bad allergies too. I've taken her to the vet 2 times with this.
He told me to just give her children's benadryl when she is pink and itching alot.

I figured out she is very allergic to beef, chicken, and wheat. So I've been buying her a lamb/rice formula dry dog food - with good results. She's better on that food. She still gets itchy, if she's outside alot during the day.

So we just watch her alot - take her out for short times and she on her own - avoids the grass and bushes.
I don't know what to do other than this - wish I had some better answers.

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