Boston Terrier Separation Anxiety?

by kim

I have adorable 14 weeks old pup. He is deaf... There are few issues; he tends to eat his own feces/vomits when we are working day time. I took him out for a walk and went bathroom (make sure he poops) before I leave so he wouldn't eat his own feces during day time. I left lot of toys or treat in knok or ball where it will keep him busy for hours. It doesn't help. He would throw up his food, feces, and his own vomits. He would eat it again and throw up again. I could see all the spots/stain on the floor. When I come home, he was so nervous but excited to see me... he got scared when he throw up... will shake his head frequent and rubs his head on the floor/blanket. He would throw up few times when I first arrived; then he would stop afterward. When he is with me; he is total fine and he wouldn't eat his own fececs or vomit.
Also, I suspect that he may have separation anixety... he would follow me to everywhere, even only few inch away... He whines when I am in shower; he would want to jump in shower with me. Sometimes, when he is sleeping on my lap while Im watching tv, he would wake up starled, all of sudden, look around, or bark... then he realize I am still here and nothing is around He would go back to sleep. I love him so much but I felt helpless... I want him to feel comfortable and be okay when we are gone day time. He is so good with people, dogs, and listen to us.

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Feb 14, 2011
Anxiety and our deaf boston terrier
by: Holly

Does anyone have any advice on getting our male boston to stop wetting his kennel overnight? We pick his water and food up early and he can stay in his kennel during the day but at night he wets his bed or towel. He is deaf and we think a special needs puppy but he was doing fine until he was 10 months old. now he wets every night and he is one year old.
we need help. it is driving us crazy.

Aug 23, 2010
Separation anxiety
by: Alex

Hi there,
My Boston is 19 months and i have the same kind of issue with him, although not that extreme (yet??)

I hope you could find a solution to this, when i look for it in the internet i always see the same advises (which we stick to!), and sometimes it just says that Bostons should not be left alone.

Be in touch please.

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