Boston Terrier Scratching

by Joyce
(Pine Bluff, Arkansas)

My terrier scratches his hind part/leg often and he is becoming bald in that area. He even does after a bath. Any idea as to what is causing the scratching and what can I do?


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Feb 22, 2013
by: Anonymous

I have a BT puppy that is 4 months old and has started scratching just lately. I feed her Black Gold puppy food and bath her with johnson's baby shampoo. I noticed lately the white in her eyes are red which I'm leaning toward allergies. I brought her vet about three weeks ago for the scratching but her eyes were OK. He gave her steroids which cleared it up, but it's back. Any suggestions???

Jun 28, 2010
Hope this helps...
by: Anonymous

Bostons should not be bathed unless absolutely necessary. Their skin is very sensitive and this could be why your BT is itching so bad after bath time. Try a hypo-allergenic shampoo next time you bathe him.

(I am a dog groomer!)

Jun 26, 2010
by: Lenee

Just like the other post said, it could be allergies. My boston has allergies and the vet told me to give her regular benadryl 25mg up to twice a day if needed. I only give it to her once and she seems to be doing fine. My dog is allergice to grass. Good think I live in the city.

Jun 26, 2010
by: Mary

My friend's Boston does the same thing. The vet told her that he had allergies. She needs to feed him some specially formulated vet food and she has an anti-itch spray that he gave her.

Some Bostons lick their legs cuz they are hyper or nervous and some have fleas or mites. If their immune system is a little low for whatever reason, the mites tend to take over. The vet can tell you what to use for that.

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