boston terrier puppy gas issue

by rich
(new jersey)

We have a wonderful 3 month old male Boston Terrier. Our one question is he is a little gas bag. ( Its hard to believe that a 8 pound dog can clear a room) Any suggestions? He eats hills science diet puppy. the only other thing that he gets is some small pieces of cheese when he goes in his crate.

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Jan 28, 2013
by: Anonymous

WE have an 11 month old female Boston, Libby. She is the sweetest, loving little girl ever but also can clear a room in seconds with her stinky gas. She has had gas problems since the day she came home with us. Have tried different dry food to no avail. Am open to any and all suggestions.

Nov 26, 2012
Good Advice!
by: Anonymous

I think I'm going to try the Hills Science. I had to put my 4 moth old Lexi on it when she had diarrhea and I think I noticed she had less gas. The vet gave me a little baggy of it to mix with her food and I noticed the gas was slightly less. Anything has to be better than the god awful smell she lets out constantly! Always open for suggestions or advice!
As for cheese, it does make them gassy, but I had a mixed breed who passed away 2 years ago and sometimes I would have to hide her pills in cheese in order for her to eat them. I tried pill pockets..pretty much everything. It was never on a daily basis so its fine. Cheese everyday, I don't recommend!

Oct 09, 2012
Gassy Boston
by: Jennifer

I feel your pain! We have an 9 month old female spaded Boston, we have her on no table scraps (only because I don't want her begging for food because we have younger kids in the house, ;) ). Her main food is Nutro Ultra small breed puppy food. She is GASSY!! It comes on on you and you have NOWWHERE to run and it is SOOOO bad! Her bed is right by our bed in the bedroom and it will wake you right up in your sleep too! She is terrible! We are about to change her food but with all of these comments I don't think It's going to help much. She just looks up at you like..What? She's adorable though and she's the best pet. She took months and months to house train, very stubborn!! But overrall a very very good dog and so glad to have her!! Would highly recommend a Boston to anyone!

Oct 20, 2011
Gas with boston terriers
by: Denny

We have a 6 year old female rescue dog. Because they gobble their food down it gives her more gas, so we feed her a 1/3 cup of food 3 times a day and this has helped a lot.

Sep 16, 2011
by: Anonymous

Dogs are not supposed to have milk- let alone cows milk aka cheese.

Nutro natural choice is awesOme my Boston never
Has gas. The only time I had to sub in a different dog
food til I could get his normal food I chose Purina one- it was AWFUL. his gas was out of control and disgusting!

I will never feed him anything but the nutro- small
Bites oatmeal rice and chicken it's great!

Aug 09, 2011
by: Lori & Syd

We're going to see a baby Boston girl this week to hopefully add to our family. As my daughter and I read this string we're giggling uncontrollably. Give a whole new meaning to who "cut the cheese!?" Fingers crossed that we get a not so gassy girl :)

Jun 21, 2011
ridding the gas
by: Anonymous

My boston is 7 years old. When I got her I had know idea how gassy boston's are. Initially, she ate a kibble diet and passed gas all the time. Then I switched her to a raw diet and feed her one raw patty each day. Now she passes gas much less frequently. More like the typical dog. And now when we have company no more worrying that the dog is going to throw a bomb.

Feb 14, 2011
by: Eva

Hello, What I know about gas.. Our dog was awful gassy, so I put her on row chicken diet. She is 7 kg weight, so she needs about 250g food, it's less when quarter per day. and she is no gassy at all now! I am a winner! :)

Feb 17, 2010
farty bostons
by: Anonymous

Well I finally learned how to reduce the stinkiness in my boston boy Tuxey. I feed Purina Pro Plan sensitive skin/systems and top with a pro biotics powder. This combo has reduced the fart bombs by 75%. His stools are firmer too. Try it.

Dec 09, 2009
Boston Terrier Gas Issues
by: Anonymous

My 7 month old boston terrier has AWFUL gas. I was feeding him Orijen Puppy formula, and then switched to Innova Evo Small bites, but neither helped. It seemed the higher the quaity of food that i fed him the stinkier he got. Then for an unrelated issue, I had him on Hill's Prescription I/D food. You can pick it up at most vet's office. The I/D food completely eliminated his gas problems, I couldn't believe it! However, even now that he is on the I/D, he still will get gas if i feed him ANYTHING else (bones, treats, peanut butter). I know a lot of people like to use those things as traing toold and just for fun, so to help that gas problem, making a garlic extract really helps a lot to.

Hope this helps!

Jan 28, 2009
stinky butt
by: Laurel

Thank god we love them!

I do not have problems with Kona getting gassy if I stick to dog food a good quality without soy in it and a higher percentage of meats then fillers like corn. "UNLESS" she gets into the cat food which is deadly to the nostrils not to mention not that great for a dogs health.

Kona is a Bugg with a very puggy nose so she sucks in a lot more air then the Bostons do other then that she is all Boston. Very sweet, playful and very humorous and she has to be with me at all times unless she is rough housing with my other dogs. I always know when she has been into something she shouldn't have like sneaking cat food, I swear there is an actual green toxic cloud a much better substance then tear gas I think. when she is gassy I put her outside with her partners in crime and let her run it off.
For treats I use marrow bones and have no problems with those and I am cheap so I cut them in half and make her work for

Jan 28, 2009
help is here
by: Anonymous

most dogs are lactose intolerant. plus cheese even makes humans gassy. try not to feed him cheese. it makes the gas problem worse.

Jan 02, 2009
Puppy gas issue
by: Alison

I am laughing while I read this. I have 4 Bostons and all can clear a room so you can imagine 4 in one room! It is just part of being a Boston. They say due to the way they breathe they suck in more air than the average dog which in return gives them gas. I have never found a food that prevents the bad gas.I think it is just part of the Boston make up. I always tell people the only bad thing about my Bostons is the gas. When they look at me that face like "I did not do anything" I can't resist just laughing.

Dec 31, 2008
Room clearing
by: Anonymous

I would start with the cheese, cut that out of his diet and see if the gas issue clears up and if not I would try a different type of dog food for him. Another thing is check the ingredients of the food and make sure that the food has more meat than grains and try to steer clear of soy beans in the food I have had very bad experiences with this and not just with my bugg but with a Lab and a Germanshepherd as well. I try to stick to Lamb and rice or chicken and rice type of foods it is easy on their stomachs and digestion.

Nothing says I love you like a Boston fart( in my case a Bugg fart)

Good luck with this issue.

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