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I always loved that name and i love hanna from pretty little liars.

Darryl Dixon from The Walking Dead!

We picked out the most hyper boston terrier in the litter when he was a puppy. Rocket seemed to fit him very well, he is 4 now and the most hyper dog …

I named my boston puppy Mercutio Montague Edmonson after romeos best friend because he was loyal till his death and just as faithful to his friend as well. …

When my daughter picked out a Boston puppy to have and to hold for her very own, she named her Lexi! A classy name for a classy li'l lady!

The Colonel 
Today I had my heart broken when my sweet handsome little Colonel left me to go to doggie heaven. I had the pleasure of loving him for eleven years but …

At 8 weeks of age, he still looked like a guinea pig,he had a pug face and still kinda ugly...thus....Pugsley

It's very true to boston.

I was thinking on name him jack, but then thought of the children's game of Jacks and just change the spelling of it.

She was a rescue and I didn't like her name which was Jackie at the time. I'm a big Marilyn Monroe fan and this was her nick name. I didn't want to …

Saw "Tron: Legacy" and there was a Boston Terrier named Marvin. That is when we decided to both get a Boston and name him Marvin.

I wanted a name suitable for a spunky dog. Her full name is Stella Kate or sometimes Stellicate, like delicate. She is actually quite fierce and doesn't …

He snorts when he gets excited like the pig in Charlotte's Web and he snorts when he snores. He also had an incredible appetite and would eat literally …

As a puppy, our ten-year-old Boston looked just like an 8 Ball on a pool table! When we had him registered in the AKC, he was the tenth purebred Boston …

I don't like the typical dog names so we started weeding through the "typical older gentleman" names and Herman just stuck. :)

He looks like a pirate.

chico denero 
Don't know why but the last owner thought it meant little money so I got to change that.

Our male Boston Terrier is 7 years old and got his name from the City he was born in. Dublin, TX. It fits him perfectly and he is sometimes nicknamed, …

We call our baby Tux , short for tuxedo :) due to his awesome tuxedo print coat. lol

We got him the year Johnny Cash died and we both loved him so we named him Cash.

I got a new boston terrier and we named her sox but then my mom found the market in boston called QUINCCY MARKET and i am at my house with her!

Catfish is the name of our 17 year old Boston. We got him when he was 7 weeks old. He was so tiny and he would lay on his back in my hand. The view from …

The spot on top of her head.

Tsunami Storm 
We LOVE our baby! She will be 2 on June 1st, 2012. Her "birth mother's" name is Stormy and my husband and I couldn't agree on a name for " our little force …

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Well, my husband got me my little female BT for Valentine's Day and so I named her Ily, which means "I love you". 2 cute 2 pass up!

My husband named our male boston Guinness because he was dark and stout, just like the beer. :) We called him "Little G" for short. RIP G, we love you. …

Sassy (Boston Terrier) 
The name says it all! What a great dog; she was with us for 16 great years, and we will get another Boston.

because he just looks like a bonzo

We named our Boston terrier Appa after a fictional character from the animated television series Avatar: The Last Airbender. Appa is a flying Bison, a …

We got our rescued Boston around Christmas, so we named him Dickens after Charles Dickens. He has turned out to be quite the Dickens. We always get positive …

Pegisu "Pigs" for short was a wonderful 9 pound black and white BT, I owned for 8 years. She had the sole of a warrier and the heart of a princess. She …

I've heard of the name Roscoe and our last name is collins so Boston + Collins = Bosco

Prince Soxamillion 
We knew as a Boston he should have the name Sox in his name.

Help! Can't find the perfect Boston terrier name 
I have 3 days until my girl Boston puppy is coming home and I can't decide on a name. Any ideas?

My Boston is very mischievous. So I thought Bandit was the perfect name him!!

Winston Biggs 
Winston because it suited him. Because I knew he would be a small dog full grown I thought he needed a big name so I added Biggs as that is the name of …

I named my BT Meeko, after the raccoon in Disney's Pocahontas! It's a great name for both males and females. My baby is a girl =)

Well, the nickname for the Boston Terrier is the american gentleman so I started to think about suits and then for some reason I started thinking about …

Do to the large amount of Irish heritage in Boston I thought Dublin fit perfectly.

Weeble was so head heavy as a baby he kept tipping over. SO I just started calling him weeble wobble like the toy.

LOL the Boston Bruins won the Stanley Cup :)and i got my pup , the day after the cup was won

My Boston Terrier just passed away. She was a darker brindle and white. It was a simple name, but it fit her perfectly.

well when we got him his name was tank, then we re named him bugsey because one eye went right and the other went left.HE WAS SUCH A CUTE DOG!!!!!!!!!! …

My first dog at 18 yrs old. He just turned 1. When I got him I had a hard time picking a name but I settled on Quincy. This way I can call him Quincy, …

No story we just thought that would be a good name.

Harry James 
My kids named him Harry after the childrens book series, "No, Roses for Harry". They just came up with James. Most peoples' reaction was, "He isn't a …

Since BT's are known as the American Gentlemen... I thought that Sir was definitly befitting. I was away on a short field trip to NYC last spring and …

I knew his name the day I brought him home. It just fit. He was full of spunk and tenacity and attitude. I loved every inch of that little stinker and …

because my male boston is like a puzzle piece...didnt like the name puzzle though lol so jigsaw was the best

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When I get my Boston, I'm going to name him Riley =)

This is the name I am thinking about for my next Boston.

i realy dont know it just popped up in my head


Sydney Lee 
My heart a BT named Sherry Lynn passed away a year ago. Her brother that I also had Passed 1 year before Sherry Lynn, his name was General Wallace Lee. …

Callie Celeste 
Callie is a 6 week old chocolate with blue eyes. She's extremely intellegent and lovable. I wanted a name unique and fun.

My favorite thing in the world are waffles!

When I called the vet hospital to inquire about adopting her they told me her name was Kay which happens to also be my name. I did not want any confusion …

Afetr going over at least 100 names Stavo was the winner. Its unique!

My Sister owns D'Artagnan's parents. He will be 4 tomorrow August 28th,2010! Glenn my siter's boyfriend is good at coming up with names for dogs. They …

Bringing him home (he was an 8 year old rescue now he's 9) I started with names of BU (terriers) football players- Flutie etc. But I am a 49ers fan and …

Marlon Brando (Brando) 
I got my Boston the day MB died. Unfortunately my boy passed on 7/11/10. Miss him lots but hope the name can carry on.

We lost Tyler years ago, but he was a great Boston Terrier. We remembered Buster Brown and his dog on the commercials but weren't sure if the dog's name …

Koby Toby 
we thought it was catchy and cute, and since we couldnt decide on the 2 we combined them. TIP: we call our dog Kobe adobe or corn on the kobe as …

Count Basie or Basie  
We named our BT Count Basie but call him Basie. We named him for the jazz band leader and pianist because he looks like he's wearing a tuxedo. Also they …

Named after the famed University of Texas football backfield formation called the Wishbone. Also, had an in-law that had the nickname Wishbone. Seemed …

We adopted him with this name already and use it with many variations Mo-Mo, Mo.

I don't really remember how the name got picked but I absolutely love it, not many other Asia's out there! Rest in Peace Asia.

I picked up O'Dooley for the boston rescue I foster for and he had several different names. None of them seemed to fit. He had the funniest laugh and what …

First of all Bostons are very loyal companions and very protective so that makes them the boss of the house. My boston Bossley ruled. He was very protective …

Johnny boy 
Named him after me.

We lost our beloved Barney only 7 yrs. old. He was always a very large Boston with a stout, solid body and beautiful dark nicely shaped eyes (not the …

We decided since BTs have a smushy face like a pug we would name our female pugsley and it really suits her.

The Colonel is named after Colonel Sanders. The little old lady who gave him to us, when he was seven months old, worked as a Hostess at Kentucky Fried …

the boston terrier is a real gent and ours races around the furniture so we called him after jenson button.

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While we were at the cashier at the pet store purchasing our BT, we saw a t-shirt that had a name tag that said "Hello! My name is STUD" so we named him …

i have a boston terrier i adopted from the shelter, the first thing i saw on him was his big bug eyes and that names just stuck to well with him.

my Boston Terrier puppy has a black dot in the white spot on her head, so my 5 year old nephew said we should name her Dottie. But he says he is just gonna …

because we thought it was a great name for our little girl since we know some one who has that name and we thought it was pretty

sheena babe 
I don't really know it just came to me, she is a little fighter. When I got her she was very small (the runt)and the last one they had, she seemed so lifeless …

He was adopted with ridiculous name of "Conner". My sister and I decided he is hard headed and that his whiskers make him look like a catfish. We called …

He is mostly black and looks like a little baby black bear.

I have always wanted a baby boston terrier. Me and my husband found this breeder that lived about fifteen minutes from us, and we went to look at some …

i dont really know how i came up with the name. when i got my new boston terrier i just knew it was the right name for him

talon is the sweetest puppy i love him. He loves loves loves his name:)

From the time we brought Homer into our home he seemed to have a very intelligent look. Almost like Sherlock Holmes, he looked like he should have a pipe …

I'm a huge Magnum PI fan and I just always thought this would make a great male dog name, especially for a Boston. Higgins was always very stately and …

As a small pup she would run through the house and bump into things she would also when jumping fall just short of her target thus crashing into the side …

My boston is black and white with brindle stripes down the back which reminds me of a tiger so I named him Tiger. He was born January 1, 2009 and I didn't …

We are naming out Boston Terrier/French Bulldog puppy Angus, because his brindle pattern reminded me of meat :p. He is a beefy fellow, he is 4 weeks old …

After losing my first Boston I just had to get another. I was interested in no other breed. Bostons are cute, handsome, and playful. The well-marked …

1)Knox is Scottish for "from the Hills." Our pup is from the Ozarks in Missouri (the hill region). 2)Also, liked one syllable names that end in X, but …

my baby girl is named piper

i have the sweetest puppy major and we could not think of a good name for him so we kept thinking and when he barks it sounds like major

We wanted a name of something associated with Boston.

Jackman & Mae 
I love Hugh Jackman and my friend thought he looked an Austrilian wolverine when he was a puppy. My new puppy (Jackman's li'l girl) is named Raven Mae. …

Oreo, because he is black and white

One day I was watching "Big Bang Theory" the episode, where guys built little killer robot - Monty. I thought, boy is cute and ferocious and incredibly …

Its the name if a song by Jay-Z. My kids loved it so that's what they named our Boston.

When you hear the name bosco you think about a huge dog ,right? Well we thought when we were at the park and we were calling Bosco people would be frightened! …

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Our first Boston Terrier was named Rogue, which we had heard on the X-Men movies. We decided to stick with this theme and picked Storm which is also a …

it is from a kid's movie, and the main thing in it is a car that acts like a dog and/or human, and he has Herbie's Coloring. he has 2 personalities< Which …

We bought Baxter from a one time breeder. Their little girl would hide him when people came to look at all the puppies as he was her absolute favorite. …

Daisy's SamIam, we mainly call him Sammy.  
SamIam is more Daisy's dog (she's our female Boston) than ours, so it is fitting. When we got him our 6 year old daughter read Green Eggs and Ham nonstop …

From the Norse God mythology. His nickname is "Odie."

He have a big strapping male that we named Harvard. Picked it because he's a Boston!

Jack (the ripper) 
If you have ever owned a Boston, no explanation is necessary ...

It just fit :)

My nephew named him simply because he had a girl dog named the same. However, Harley gets called nar nar, snarley, har nar, and an assortment of other …

Shadrach, Dixie 
I don't know how my family came up with "Shadrach" for a female Boston, but they've all been named thus. When we bought one in the 1950s, my paternal …

Oakley Isabella  
She has a completely white face and just reminded me of an unusual lady named Annie Oakley. She was different from other frontier women just like Oakley …

Footloose or footy for short 
Our two dogs arent named Footloose their named Moxie and Bliss but I thought it would be a cool name because bostons are always running.

The breeder that we got moxie from actually gave moxie her name but we didnt change it because moxie means determination and when we took her to obedince …

well we have a horse named hershey and we thought it would be cool if we had a dog named after a candy too.

my puppy just was fatter than the other pup so my grandmother said hey piglet

I had been to Boston and visited the "Cheers" bar. This made me think of the characters on the show. "NORM!"

Boston brawler  
Boston because he is one and brawler because when we went to pick him out of the litter he was fighting with his siblings. I think there was a fighter …

Means 'badger' in old english.

I've always loved the name in itself and when I bought my.puppy it took very little time to.realize that his personality fit it perfectly.

We started with the names associated with Boston... Sam, Yaz, Nomar, Revere. Lager. etc. However, once we got to know him, and how ornery he …

Booger a pup, he acts l like a little booger.So... the name stuck!!!

My little guy is a very mellow Boston (against breed standards) and, even as a puppy, spent much of his time staring out a window and slowly moving his …

because it was cute ..

Saw a couple pugs named rococo and Stella and liked her name.

Raya shae 
I came up with this name because I wanted a name similar to my male who's name is raider.

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here's a few we are deciding on... 
Lenny and Squiggy - popular 70's sitcom. Stitch from the cartoon Lelo and Stitch Crusher Skooter

My father did some research on Boston and Bunker Hill is a famous landmark. It really suits him - he is a friendly rambunctious little boy. By coincidence …

well when i saw my dog he was a goldy brown colour and my family was thinking of names when i came up with rusty but they then wanted rust

Fenwick for a male puppy 
No story, just kept thinking and finally came up with Fenwick.

Snub nosed breed.... and he's a pistol.

My Boston Terrier Maxine has a well suited name, It suits the dog's look.

because she is a crazy pup

Bosco after the the Chocolate syrup

not sure really, it just got tossed out there by my son- he actually said Sherman, and I thought he said Chairman, and I loved it. we also have a female …

Just a awesome name!!

Our Boston is tiny and we saw peanuts in the cupboard soo that's how we chose the name Peanut :)

Home of the Boston Red Sox!

As the breed is referred to as the "American Gentlemen" of dogs, it seemed only fitting to name him after America's 'royal' family full of gentlemen- the …

Skitter Jackson 
Being from the south, and the prolific mosquito population, we thought Skitter would fit well. Of course you can't have a Southern pet and not do homage …

It's super cute and you can't go wrong with calling your little boston Bella or Boo.

I got my puppy when he was 8 weeks old and he was the "runt" of the litter, and every time I was playing or cuddling with him, I kept saying "mommy's little …

Beloved pet.

My husband's grandmother was from this suburb of Boston. We pronounce it Quin zee, like they do in boston.

O B 
Spoken as the letters individually. The sound carries.. Just two sounds. Easy for small children to remember. It's short for Out of Bounds.... Just …

it just came to me!

my aunt has a Boston terrier named max so i just added an a and their we go.

She always tried to use her paws to say hi so we found a name that incorporated it.

My 4 year old is getting a puppy and wanted to name him Cisco.

We took home our Boston Terrier on the day Boston won the Stanley Cup. What better a name for a Boton Terrier, than Stanley?

Mills Run Red Baron 
This is our boy Baron..a 4 year old red and white..Very smart..Easy to train and the best of the best...We wanted a name for a red Boston..

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If you look at their face, it looks like a sideways oreo.

Well, it matches perfectly, and it's the name of a band I like, Boston!

Pepper is a petite black and white Boston girl with just a tiny sprinkle of red on her sides (after her mom-Chocolate) it looks just like dash of red pepper …

He's a beautiful black & white Boston. Born in St. Augustine Florida. I wasn't a Southern name so he was named General Augustine Beauregard. AKA Beau

My name is named Bama so it was fitting to name my female Ally since a huge University of Alabama fan. I have Ally & Bama!!! A play on names!

He's a beautiful red and white Boston and I'm a huge University of Alabama fan!

Well when I think of Boston I think of the Bruins so bobby Orr is the best Bruins player app. that is why I think it is a good name.

i used to have a boston named Sprinkles.

Meaning Beautiful Flower in Japanese. Mika, is small, fragile, lady like - she reminds me of a flower and she is beautiful.

Jiggy, my Boston Terrier, was named after 1930ish cartoon character.

Nickname "Finnie" Cause it's cute and different for a girl.

Because they zip around a lot!

Cause they are fast little things.

Bossie Jo 
Her black and white markings reminded me of a little calf, thought of Bossie the cow! ALSO HAD A MALE NAMED Boss!

Charlie (i call him truffle) 
I just liked Charlie because it was cute. I chose truffle because it looked like chocolate.

Charlie (i call him truffle) 
I just liked Charlie because it was cute. I chose truffle because it looked like chocolate.

We had a herb garden and when she was with the breeder, she would always get into their sage plant!

Bostons Like to sing, and Aria is Italian for Song.

Puppies are always having to be told down and are always underfoot, so we named our Boston Terrier "Quigley Down Under", after the Tom Selleck movie of …

Bodaway Dugan Christie 
He was from red parents but he's darker & brindle. By virtue of my heritage, Scots/Irish & Mexican/Indian found several names I liked and polled my friends …

Persian name for a spotted precious stone.

My last pet was a black pug that I named raven in relation to the black raven bird. He lived to be 15.

This is our Boston Terriers name!

He looked like a joel and responed to it.

My Boston Terrier is almost twelve years old. He has only one big spot over his left eye and a small spot between his ears. He is a great family dog …

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Reminds us of stitch from LILO and Stitch.

He was a Christmas gift from my husband in 2007. I'm a huge NY Mets fan and since he's a Boston......and the Mets won the '86 world series beating Boston, …

I named my male raider because I'm an Oakland Raider fan, and with his face it just fits him.

I have no idea, but all of our Bostons have been female and called Shadrach. My parents and grandparents bought sister dogs, and we had Shadrach and they …

Precious Moments Meggie 
Our Female Boston had such a loving nature,and had lg eyes like the precious moments figurines.She was so beautiful also. Perfect markings and a screw …

Panda Bear 
We named our first Boston this. Just seemed to fit her. She looked like a baby panda bear. We lost her two years ago....still miss her terribly.

I have this band I'm in love with - sleeping with sirens. It's a rock band, but the lead singer is my absolute favorite. So I named my Boston Kellin. <3 …

(I know this is a Boston Terrier website, I came here myself because im getting one, but thought this name would be absolutely adorable for a female Boston …

An old friend of mine had a boston terrier named Quaker. Thought it was cute.

Rupunzel (Punzie) 
When I first got my Boston Terrier, the breeder's daughter and myself came up with the name Rupunzel and I loved it because she is my little princess but …

It just seemed to fit her. She is the love of my life and will always have a boston.

He looked like gizmo from the movie Gremlins.

Tazi came from the Warner Bro's character "Tasmanian Devil" due to her crazy spinning antics!

star wars, big eyes and ears

Our little girl came to us after we shared the life of a wonderful little Shi-Tzu that we called Hachi. This was short for Hachiko, a Japanese tale of …

If this dog could speak, he would speak Spanish!

Well, when my mom was little she had a Boston terrier named Stubby and she didn't have a sister or brother so that little terrier was like a brother to …

Daisy Mae 
We just thought she looked like a daisy may. She is truly a killer bee.

Milton Berle (comedian) Milton Bradley (board game Monopoly logo guy in a tux and top hat)

Wee came up with the name as he is so Beautiful.

Comes from Hans Kelsen...(author of theory of husband is a Lawyer). We had a boy called like this and he has a wonderful personality.

Boston are notorious for their intestinal issues. When we got our baby and took him home he passed gas the entire his name is now Sniper, "one …

When we got her home she was actually very quiet, so we named her the opposite of what she was.

buster brown 
We named my dog that name because of the old shoe store.

George was my first baby. My husband got him for me for our first wedding anniversary and he was a dream come true. I'd always wanted a Boston Terrier …

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Well cause I live in Croatia people think its a frenchy which I'm not happy About, so we named him Bosty cause his from Boston, we also like the Name …

Whiffle-Biscuit or Whiffle, for short 
Little puppies are always sniffing ( trying to get a whiff) around and love biscuits.

My daughter picked this name for our BT. She thought it was a distingushed name for a proper looking gentleman.

She was just soo cute and her brindle markings reminded me of a tiger but too sweet for such a harsh name. So she is Lilly. Our tiger lilly.

8 weeks old , just brought home. He is almost as funny as my favorit comedian, Benny Hill was!

It just sounded cute!

Sarah Palin 
Sarah was from an Amish puppy mill and was brought into the animal hospital with a small terrier and 3 other pups. The three pups needed to have flea …

Our first Boston we named Bosco- not for the chocolate powder for milk, but because it just fits a Boston! He was wonderful. For fun we called him Bosco …

This dog was named by my step father because he was always into things and he liked to run a lot.

Betty Boop 
My Boston has Betty Boop eyes & face - she"s so adorable!

TERRI the Boston TERRIER... duh =)

My best friend was a Boston Terrier I named Rocky, when he passed I was devastated. I hope to have another one someday soon and I always said my next one …

I wanted a kinda "tough" sounding name that was pretty much a contradiction, because my Bruiser is a sweetheart!

We have Daisy, Penny and we needed an "y" sound. She is little and feminine and needed a name that matched. Sophie was it.

I just got a 8 wk old female Boston Terrier and I named her Talaya.

When we first got Benji (8 weeks old) he looked just like a little old man with his big sleepy eyes and his wrinkles. He was young, but he looked old so …

Short for "madball" which is what she looked & acted like as a puppy. Maddie just so fits her.

Chevy, My best friend and dog, came into my life while I was suffering through the divorce of my parents. I chose his name because I was raised very southern …

We had a wonderful Boston Terrier named Tutie, we just did not spell it tootie even though that would have been more suited to what Boston terriers are …

Rebel my new pup he is so sweet and frindly.bI can make little outfits for him and my other boston terrier Bella.nI love Ole Missn(Rebels),nso I'm mostly …

Because when we first got him he wouldnt stop farting.

The day that we got Tyson we were riding home in the car and I told my husband that just because we knew he was going to make a great family pet and be …

When we got our Boston, her original name was Sarah. I don't like to change a dogs name. As, I am thinking about all these different names, thinking to …

I think this name because of their funny jowls and personality.

She just had the best set of "pipes" at night when she wanted attention. For a pup of 1.9lbs it was amazing. So I called her Pyper. She is a sweetie! …

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Her eyes are blue. It's what made me pick her. The Hawaiian meaning for Meka is "eyes".

I had decided if I ever got a dog I'd name her Roxie, and when I saw my sweet Pooch's face, I just couldn't picture her as anything else.

We have never ever had to pay for a dog ever till one summer are family went camping for the very first time and there was a family that had Boston Terrier …

When she was puppy one eye poked out bigger than the other reminded us of the Disney Quasimodo. She grew out of the lopsided bug eye thing and is just …

Well, when we got Maisy I either wanted to name her Macy or Daisy. But when we met her her name was Maisy, so I thought it was the best of both worlds. …

Sheldon Roberts 
My Sheldon Roberts will turn 10 years old on July 13, 2012 and he is the love of my life.

He is black an white and sweet.

My mom just came to us with the name!

When my wife and I first met our BT Tyson as a puppy he used to bite on her sisters ears so we named after the boxer Mike Tyson.

He was born in May and Gemini is the zodiac sign for May. Call him Gem for short.

It matches my dog perfectly. He is fun, crazy, loves to play, is very protective, and loveable. If you are getting a boston terrier please consider this …

From Gogi berries. I bought a puppy today and this was his Mom's name.

Josh Beckett (my favorite baseball player) the pitcher for the Boston Red Sox. Take equal parts Josh Beckett + Boston Red Sox + Boston Terrier=Beckett …

We watched "Pirates of the Carribean: Dean Man's Chest" and we knew it was an unique name for her.

It was a powerful name. I got it from a website. Even though it was tough, it was nice and relaxing and loving to me!

Gwendolyn (Gwen) 
I do not have a BT because my parents won't let me. But If I did I have one, I would name it Gwen. I just love the name.

My little girl had a toy boston terrier and she named it Buster. My girl asked if we could name him Buster, so we did!

Mr. Baggins 
I heard the name while watching a dog show.

Well I am Hispanic and my partner is white. We live in Chicago and we are used to saying things in Spanish and in English. We needed a name for a dog that …

We named our first Boston after our favorite character from Cheers... Norm!

I am half Japanese and a fav food of the family is Sushi. She looks like a big piece of black seaweed "nori" with white rice in the middle. She is also …

Because my son is a fanatic of the video game Ninja Gaiden.

From the princes and the frog movie !!! My girl love the movie and when I bought the pup she put Tianna and my little pup love it.

She's sweet, energetic, and bubbly; just like a cupcake!

My 10 year old named our puppy. He's adorable.

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My son said she was a chubby little Buddha and it stuck.

Miss Piggy 
We named her that because our previous Boston (a male) snorted and grunted like a pig all the time.

We love sushi (Japanese food) We decided to get buy a Kennel Club (United Kingdom) registered Boston Terrier puppy and decided we'll mate her at least …

We had picked the name Honey and on the way to go pick her up Shelby just popped out of my mouth and it stuck. She was the most amazing little baby, we …

My male Boston's name is Tinsel cause he was born on Xmas Eve :)

Our BT is part Westie and so it went Westie---Weston---Watson. Funnily we had considered Sherlock but it did not suit.

Richie rich 
I got given a Boston puppy already named " gucci" which did not go with his personality. I wanted something that sounded like his old name... Thus richie …

Luna (short for lunatick) also means moon in spanish 
When we brought her home she acted like a Lunatick in the car jumping from front to back over and over again, so we named her Lunatick and nicknamed her …

its a cute name and very uncommon not many people use it

I got her for Christmas and so I named her something that had to do with Christmas. She is the sweetest girl and the name fits her perfectly!

I want to get a BT but my parents won't let me :( so if I ever got one I would name it Isabelle after my great grandma

a cute name that just fit!

Just because our boston terrier is so darn yummy!

bella ruby , diamond star and ava quinn 
we have 3 boston terriers an we always use two names, that way they pay attention better. we chose these names because they soft and rich and beautiful. …

i think it describes a boston terrier perfectly because for some reason i think of outside when i think of boston terriers.

Well, my mom decided to name her this name because she was shy but energetic. It seemed to just fit.

We got our Reuben from a rescue in VA. We live in WV and I had been wanting another dog to keep our Chihuahua, Mollie company while my husband and I are …

How I decided to name my dog scooby was because when he was a little pup he was white and brown so he looked just like scooby doo :)

Jiggy is a perfect name for our Boston Terrier. He seems to always want to "get Jiggy with it" when he's playing by shaking his rear and dancing around. …

Gent (short for gentlemen) 
I heard that the Boston Terriers are nick named the "American Gentlemen" so i shortened it and called him Gent.

Pigwidgeon (Pig)  
Ronald Weasleys owl from Harry Potter! Bostons do look like little piglets!

Our is a Frenchton who loves to either sleep (Doze) or plow through the house like a bulldozer, so to cover both moods, we call him Dozer.

I did not know what to name her but when I started teaching her the "no" command she preceded to stop what I was telling her no about and barked(sassed) …

My Boston looks like a little cookie. Plus she's also as sweet too.

You look at him and it just fits! It is a county in South Carolina.

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My husband & I had thought of names for months before we had her, and even a couple of weeks once she joined our family. Naturally, Tootie stuck....she …

Sir Wallace Biggs 

Percy is our youngest Boston terriers name. I decided on his name because it just came to me when I picked him up. The name just really fits him.

I named my little girl Matilda because I thought it totally suited her. She's tiny. Still 7 lbs at 9 months. She is so mellow and gets along with cats …

Maggie Mae 
Was just Maggie at first, then e started Maggie Mae. It was either that or Bailey, and Maggie just fit.

I went to the breeders house and she was hiding behind a scratching post. I picked her up and shiloh it was, cuz she was just so shy!

...and Minnie

When he gets out, it is a game of tag your it !!!

When he gets out, it is a game of tag your it !!!

Her birth name was KungFu Panda. Her sister a Boxer named Winnie the Pooh. (aka Pooh Bear) Another dog with a bear named seemed just right. Dottie …

She has a white muzzle with one black dot on her forehead.

Our very first boston terrier was a male and his name was Gizmo. When we decided to get our second boston terrier we were going to call him Gadgit. However, …

My new female Boston Terrier is full of "moxie" therefore that should be her name. And she fits it soooo well....!

Wanted something different but simple

I wanted a little puppy I could spoil like crazy. I came across my baby "Bentley" and she was so tiny and precious, being the major runt of the litter. …

My Boston Terrier is hard-headed and stubborn and his face and whiskers resemble a catfish.

Mine BT is named Tyson :) Everyone seems that funny, because he's small but seems to have something like Tyson's character :)

He is sweet like an oreo, and has the same colors.

I have a Boston Terrier named Bugsy. I didn't name him but his bug-eyes obviously had apart in the previous owners name choice. Since the huge eyes are …

When we first met our BT we first noticed his big paws so we thought of boxer names. We didn't want to call him Rocky since so many are named Rocky so …

We had a Boston that we named Murray. He was named after the Lake that we lived on...Lake Murray.

One of my fav mustangs :)

Just got our 8 week old puppy!!! We were gonna go with Chloe, but we decided the name Madison, "Maddie" for short.

Marcus Bruttius Rex 
We call him Brutus for short, so Marcus Brutus, and Rex means "King".

Cause he is the king.

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Don Vito 
I name my BT this because I am a huge fan of The Godfather and the name just seemed to fit.

From a song lyric, 'Virgil Caine was his name', and so it was. :)

I decided on naming my BT Minion because the breed is known for being gentle, alert, very intelligent, well-mannered and enthusiastic. A minion is defined …

My family and me love bob Marley and she only comes to this name.

good boston name

Ladylike and graceful. She lived up to the name.

I have a "certified pre-owned" Boston, and I found his first name (Sumo) my favorite...the family I got him from had kids and called him Oreo. He is a …

Because the little man acts like he is the boss.

My Son and I went through hundreds of names, Boxer just seemed to fit perfect!

After the clothing line

Named for one of the best seafood sides.

We saw a photo and decide between mi`la and nina.

HE IS ONE!!!!!!!!

Penny Lane 
The beatles song.

a fiction name after the first 3 letter of the greek words Vasilis=royalty and aspro=white so Vaspro = white royalty

We decided to name our dog Enzo because we thought it was a cute and unique name. Some friends helped us choose the name.

He is a Boston Terrier - he needed a boston name - as in Fenway Park

Because mine looks like such a tough guy!

Storm or Blaze 
i like the name storm & blaze because they stand out , i dont know many dogs with the name storm or blaze ! (:

Well I always loved Popeye when I was growing up and it fits a Boston Terrier so well cause thier eyes pop out of thier head.

Named after 'Sawyer' on LOST, so I can say 'Yeah, I sleep with Sawyer every night!'

From pretty little liars I love that how and name I also like Hannah Spencer Emily and aria

Indiana Jones 
My husband and I wanted that "perfect" name for an amazing, adventurous and active puppy we were getting. We ran through hundreds of names, from famous …

I named my Boston Terrier Honey because she is so sweet.

He just looks like a Skooter. He is white with a black face, two large black spots on each side and black polkadots every where. Of course, his nickname …

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This was a thought about what to name my blind boston puppy, I am an NCIS fan, and bostons are smart, I have had 2. But since the breeder decieded to …

We found this Boston, well it's kinda like he found us. Anyway, a lady nearby lost a Pug named Meatloaf. We weren't very smart so we started calling him …

Boston Terrier - Elsie May 
I loved my Elsie May, Elsie after the cow & May due to she was born May 1st.

We got her Christmas eve so we were thinking cold names!

Because of Boston baked beans and when we first got him you would have thought that's all he ate if you know what I mean....

helen kellers boston terriers name was phiz and it is just a cute little name for such a cute dog!

I have had 4 BT's but only named one myself. Chewy was his name. Its not rocket science, he chewed on everything in the beginning and throughout his life. …

I resuced a 2yr old boston. He is just sooo cute!! The word cute just kept turning into other words especially "Cutie". Then on the other hand my boston …

My first Boston I aquired. His name at the time was Sparky. Hate that name. Sparky turned into Spunky real quick, due to his personality right off the …

Rana is Spanish for frog and with her big eyes and smiling face she looks like a cute frog. (We prefer to promounce it Ray-na rather than Rah-na)

Frank and Ernest (Ernie) 
Twins, named after my favorite comic strip. The names fit because they were stocky, rough-and-tumble little boys. And handsome too!

We have a 9 yr old Boston named Slugger and we have always known that we would get a second so we decided on Scooter and Scooter around he does. He is …

Because they are so stocky =)

The character from "Back to the Future"

Sam Adams Boston Lager is absolutely delicious and what a perfect name for a dark pup with a nice cream white head!

We named our tiny little female boston Bindi after Steve Irwin's daughter. It means little girl and fits her perfectly.

Bostons always remind me of hobbits. They are small, funny and full of courage.

He just looked so pudgy around the face when he was a pup. Plus I was younger and thought that Pudge was a great name for anything.

He looks like Dobby from Harry Potter.

My boston's original name was Bug but we changed it to Belle. She still responds to both sometimes. This is also where the nickname belle-bug came from. …

boston rob 
we have a bt named boston rob after the survivour winner boston rob :)

She was a great family dog. Going on 13 years old she was still a great family dog!!!

Petunia, Spencer, Bulldozer and Peepers 
Beauty, detective personality, jumps right into everything and big, big eyes!!

my daughter and i got the puppy and for two weeks he din't have a name.we couldn't decide.all of a sudden i said he looks like shakespeare!

Couldn't figure out what to call our BT. When he was a pup we kept calling him Little Buddy or Little Boy, so instead we made a name of the initials LB, …

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My Bugg is Brindle and Jersey reminds me of the color brown and I like the name and it"s different.

My son when he was a toddler got a stuffed Boston terrier and named it Roston the Boston. The name stuck so our first Boston who is now 7 is named Roston …

when i first got my boston, i just knew her name was lola. i dont know why, but it was natural... my boston is on the skinnier side but at first i thought …

I got this name from watching the evolution shows and i thought it was cute.

Because my Boston T has those amazing black spots , like many of them do !

Named after a Catholic priest friend of the family. Was the best dog ever.

When Teq was a puppy, he use to stagger around trying to catch his balance... just like someone drunk on Tequila;)

we were undecided with a name, But once we got her home we soon realized we had a CASE!!

#1 Yeager, #2 Rutger, #3 Summer, #4 Peppy, #5 Flo #6 Earl 
Yeager after Chuck Yeager, Rutger just liked it, Summer got her on my birthday -the 1st day of summer, Peppy I was 5, Flo & Earl named after my grandparents. …

It sounds distinguished!

Go Boston Red Sox! It would fit a boston perfect:)

She was going to be called angel but when she was a puppy it just seemed too common of a name! And we watched the movie 'The Last Mimzy' and we decided …

It just popped into my head! Now he's our bookie man!

She is so cute and we love Purple

My girl BT is named Iris Cornea Pupil- Iris for short because I work at an eyecare office

the keel boston terrier toy is called this, i love the name and when i heard it, i just got a spark telling me this. JACKSON is a name for Bostons!

if your a musician or just beacause BT's look like thier wearing a tux the name fits perfectly

Well, my dogs names is Chunky and he just loves this name so much, and everytime I call him by that name he always listens!

It had nothing yo do with True Blood....I had a married into family member who's name is Natsuki. She is Japanese. I saw my little Suki and the name just …

Have a boston i named scooter because he would tuck his hind in like he was scooting.

Florence, Flo [Female] 
The Story of This Name is that my friends have a female boston terrier that is the sweetest thing ever. ok maybe a little rambunctious. She's still the …

gertrude mae 
gertrude was my dear aunt who passed at age 97, the only dog we ever had growing up and in her generation was the boston. truly the greatest. she would …

when we got our boston terrier she was about 3 months old. she fell over all the time. she always fell in her food bowl and water bowl and whenever she …

My previous BT looked like a little pig. And when she ate she snorted. so i thought of the name Piglet!!!

I don't have my female boston terrier puppy yet but i'm getting her tommorrow! I was looking at the dog supplies booklet and i saw a BT in a little carrying …

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Porkchop is 5 now, He got his name because he about bit my finger off to get at a porkchop bone.

My Boston is 9 years of age, my kids wanted to name her oreo, because the black and white, But she was the meaniest, playfullest, puppy ever so we decided …

As all puppies do she is a chewer and nibbles on you collar when you hold her.

My husband always wanted a boston named Rocky. That wasn't original enough. I made the comment one day, "he's a little Rockstar". It stuck, and he has …

Ramone suggests an image of a swarthy, sophisticated playboy & this pup looked the complete opposite.

snuggle bunny and snuggles 
because she likes to snuggle

Because she was a stray we called her Orphan Annie.

I don't have a boston yet, but I thought this would be a good name since the boston is called the Gentlemen's breed. Laurence Olivier was a great Shakespearean …

Named after a character on of our favorite tv shows "The Sopranos"...Beansie Gaeta.

He's tiny (12 lbs) and deserved a distinguished name.

Blue Boo 
He's A Blue Boston Terrier and We wanted Too Name Him Boo Boo So Some One Said Name Him Blue, and I Said BLUE BOO!

Zoe Kiss a Lot 
After I lost my beloved Brandy this past summer, I adopted Zoe. She loves to kiss all the time so we came up with the name Zoe Kiss a Lot. Zoe do!

BoBo Skiwantntotn 
Bo Bo is 15yr and still rolling. We got her as a puppy, and she already had the name BoBo. My daughters thought of a hand jive that they learned in school …

Winne and Rocky 
Winnie is so skinny and minnie and Rocky is a big bully

Probably not very original?? but we are from Boston Ma. love our new Boston Terrier and of course the Boston Redsox and the greatest ball park still around …

when i was little and i got my boston terrier my parents let me choose the name and i liked minnie mouse so i chose that name. i have had minnie for ten …


Because he always buzzing around the house ready to play! Going on 10 years old and buzzing strong.

Gnarls Barkley 
Speaks for itself

She was the runt of our litter, and i thought of names for awhile, and it suited our little Chloe'. She was so tiny and still is! This is Dakota and Chloe' …

because we had a dodge dakota and we liked the name.

China Doll 
When China was bought as a puppy, the first thing that her new owner said,"You're as pretty as a China Doll." Thus the name stuck to a pretty little girl, …

after 2 months my sis and i were trying to figure out a name for this precious boston. off the top of her head my sis said...Jasper! and it fit her perfectly …

The boston terrier is an american breed. Me and my husband met at a high school named Thomas Jefferson. Thomas Jefferson is about as american as it gets. …

My good friends have a male Boston named Tonka. He's our Boston's (Dudley) best bud :)

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sParky and Lucy 
We named our male dog sParky or call him Parky for short nick name. Just thought it was a great name for a male dog. And our female dog...we named Lucy, …

She is a little brat just like the girl for Willi Wonka!

My Boston's name is Levi, which fits his personality perfectly. He is fun, energetic and is glued to my side at all times.

Well my dad just came up with the name! I said Bud and then my dad said buddy and we all agreed.

I wanted a female Boston Terrier but wasn't sure of the name. Finally I thought of Miley. So that day came when I was going to pick her up and I carefuly …

When he was a baby we called him Punky - as he grew Punky didn't fit and progressed in to Brewster.

Our four year old triplets were obsessed with ANNIE. Punjab was the name of Daddy Warbuk's guard. He did magical things, so the kids loved him. From …

We were having trouble deciding on a name for our new little boy. As we were talking my husband called him boss man. I then said that's it, Bosco. He liked …

Toonie got her name from my little boy, he loves the show yo gabba gabba, the character toodie, but he is 6 and says toonie instead, so when we picked …

I had intended to call our new puppy Bosley after the special agent in Charlies Angels, One night I dreamed that I got a new dog and his name was Percy, …

We had a black lab (female) that I thought needed a "black name" and I thought Onyx was perfect!

My parents got her for christmas for me and my sister and my parents named her after a person in a movie i think!! :) LOVE HER!! :D

Fenway & Wrigley 
I'm from Boston and love the Sox, my wife is from Florida. She understood naming our first Fenway!.. When she was 8months with our son we went out for …

Because he is jazzy

BOS--short for Boston, also can be confused as the name "boss", which I suprissingly find funny..A short name that is appealing. We just added a …

because it is such a yummy food:) i love meat. but not dog meat of course!

small like a Beanie Baby stuffed toy

Giles, the strong and patient watcher of the Vampire Slayer from the "Buffy, the vampire slayer" series!!

I got a baby boston terrier; I named her after my favorite flower!

A male friend of mine suggest this name. He said it sounds really cool and makes the dog's name sound really distinguished. Like royalty.

My dad just loves the wind and dogs. Beaufort is a tool to calculate the wind power. It's a funny name and sound's french, give it a try!

Thought it was pretty cool. They're black sometimes like an onyx.

I just watched my Boston terrier for a few days before finally coming up with a name and one day i just looked at her and said Parker. I think it is the …

We were trying to be ironic because he was actually very small and sickly when we bought him...but he eventually lived up to his tough-guy name!

My son loves pickles and the BT was for him so it only suited her to be named after his favorite treat. Welcome Pickles :)

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boston terrier has a moon shaped head and "luna" is "moon" in spanish.

I'm from mass born and raised and Cape Cod and a HUGE Red Sox fan, Fenway just seemed right. Granted I have a female dog, the name fits.

We decided to name our boston muggsy, because he was a runt and he reminded us of the basketball player muggsy bogues.

My dad had a Boston when he was a kid named "Buster". He always said he looked like a tough little guy but was such a lover...and always looked like he …

My dog just reminded me of the movie with the character Gizmo.

It sounded very regal:)

I think that name is cute!!

I think that name is cute!!

It is just a strong manly name. It is a character name in a movie and Lucian is the strongest of them all.

Named after "The Flying Dutchman"

Named after the guy on Survivors.

The breeder we got my sweet boy from named him this, but spelled it Kenso. We just changed the "S" to a "Z." I think she named him for the designer, …

Bella the boston. Bella means beautiful and she is!!

JD "Jay Dee" 
Our first Boston was given to us by my wife's parents. Their names were Johnny and Diane, sooooo.

Cisco & Drexl 
I'm a fan of suspense action flix, i get a kick out of the villians names, it's an ongoing thing for me to identify catchy villian names?! however we are …

Looks like a tuxedo

Named after a very nice man that passed away. He was very charming and handsome, and so is my boston, Jimmy.... I call him JimmyBoy.

Frodo is a great name for a Boston. In the Lord of the Rings trilogy, Frodo (played by Elijah Wood) wears a white shirt and black vest, giving him the …

We were looking for our first Boston and one of the breeders had named all of the puppies after Boston Redsox players, one of which is Josh Beckett. Although …

Forrest Gump! Best movie ever!

Knuckles Magee and Mugsy Malone 
We decided that these names fit our Boston. They are little con men.

Bleau (blue) 
my dog was born in louisiana, so we decided to spell it in a cajun fashion. But it is pronounced BLUE

I thought of how pretty my dog is and thought of how pretty a harp sounds. And the word harp is in the name Harper.

i bought a webkinz boston terrier and i just thought of boston.

My mother suffered a stroke the same weekend I was to get the dog. She was already named Tippy since she tipped over when she ate. My mom's nickname is …

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My husband thought this would be a great name for a Boston Terrier.

related to Boston and reflects how smart our dog is

i decided to name my boston terrier oreo because she is black and white

i decided to name my boston terrier oreo because she is black and white

Because he looked like a Clarence

He was named when we adopted him, but it suits him perfectly. We like to call him "Doggy Brasco".

While researching the breed to confirm that was the right choice for my family I saw a character on a Harry Potter movie named Moaning Myrtle...that is …

since my boston terrier looks like a gremlin. but hes so adorable i named him gizmo. hehe

i bought a dog and i was a kid obsessed with Lilo and Stitch. and he looked a lil bit like the little alien. so cute!

she was give to me Dec 12, 2009 by my sister it was around xmas so we name her Navi short for Navida Xmas

it was my 16th birthday and i got a boston terrier and the second i seen him his tail never stopped moving and now every time he sees me his tail goes …

My friends boston terrier is brindle and can be cute and "ferocious" A.K.A playful all into a small package.

i decied this name becuse dogs are a handful and buster means the one who breaks things.

I just like my boston terrier to have a good name and i thought that someone else might like this name so yeah enjoy

well i think Blake is a very good name for a male Boston terrier because i was thinking so much that i could come up with a very good idea and i thought …

just a lovely name

part bulldog and part white terrier. UGA are the bulldogs. colors are black and red. I lived in Georgia for 10 yrs.


Had Boston named Patch - Died same day Ripp {Rest In Peace Patch) was born; Ripp was the only pup.

she has a special sparkle in her eyes!

My two little grandkids chose the name.

My male BT is named Catfish. He is hard headed and kinda looks like a Catfish. His name was "Conner", which was stupid and did not suit him. He answered …

We were trying to think of a name while bringing her home and that name was mentioned and it stuck. We wanted it to look like a girls name so we spelled …

We adopted Becky & the name she had was perfect.

Well, Murphy seems like and Adventerous name. My dog sure is adventerous. Also Murphy seems like a name that you would give a Brachycephalic dog(dog with …

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It was my great aunts name. I think she looks like my aunt!!

Irish boys name!

Tai - (pronounced ty or tie!) my first choice was originally tyler. but i figured i would call him "ty" for short - so i decided his name would be TAI! …


It was my dogs name when we adopted him

it means a gift from god

I looked at my bostons big round eyes and isaac came to mind i called him isaac a few times and he sat and cocked his head then ran towards me.

bruce... like bruce wayne. Because his ears look like Batmans. We also call him bruce-bruce, bunnygoat, and junkyard dog.

When I was a child my parents had a Boston Terrier Named Bounder. He was the best dog I have ever owned. I think this name should be entered into your …

This was our first Boston, and he lived to be 17 ears old. We just thought he should have a name starting with the letter B.

Big guys are usually called Tiny and little guys are often called a name to reflect the opposite, hence the name Bubba.

I have known 3 Bostons named Pickles.

The grip of his jaws on his favorite toy is as strong as a torque wrench. Also he has the energy of a "Super Torque High Performance Engine." He does …

B is for Boston and G is for Girl, we just changed the spelling so it would be more fun

Our boston is black and white and we decided to name her after the harley davidson motorcycles. they are the best money can buy , just like her! she is …

We named our female Boston Fenway because we felt it only fitting to name her after one of the best Boston places! We are from Boston and have moved to …

It is a lively-sounding, pretty name. It means Chrysanthemum in Japanese.

love the name

My dad had a neighbor growing up that had a dog named Tyrus.

our dog has a white streak down her face but she is mostly black with small brown 'patches' we also had a cat that was white, black, and brown and her …

Another great Boston. While Dad was stationed in the Marines a friend of his gave him to us. We weren't that old but remember him well. He was of the bigger …

Name of a great Boston. He was smart, loveable and a very exceptional boy.

from the movie hotel for dogs

I decided when Inca was a puppy that her nose looked like an ink blot and the name inca just popped into my name. I get tons of compliments on the unusual …

Adams Family!

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He is a little gentlemen and needed a proper name to go with his disposition.

English term, meaning sweetie or honey. Ideal for a sweet Boston girl!

One of my Toller pups was named Ditto because he looked exactly like his Dad.

English spelling of a Gaelic name Ruardhi, meaning Red.

My boston's name is Dior. My friend has a pug/yorkie mix male whose name is Gucci. And I said man I like that name I have to name my dog something cute …

He looked like a cute little alien when we got him as a pup. So we named him Mars, because he looked liked a little Martian.

we named our dog zoe because zoe means life

My boo boo's name is chipper and she is just the cutest little baby

we picked alvin because we kept arguing so my mother just yelled alvin to make us happy and that day forward his name is alvin

Bugsy Malone 
His face reminded us of Edgar G. Robinson who played a mobster so Bugsy was a perfect mobster name (he is now 13.8 yrs old). Then we got a female and …

Well we got Rex on April 4, 2007 and he was born Dec. 29, 2006 so he was just over 3 months when we got him. And I was 9 years old and my younger sister, …

I was listening to a Brad Paisley song on the way home from getting my puppy and it came to my mind and I loved it!

the lady we bought Motsie from. Motsie means love

The "kennel name" that our breeder gave to our Boston was "Bob." We thought it fit, but wanted to name him ourselves, so went with Teddy, or Ted. Theodore …

She is a princess off the Alladin movie and she acts like one.

It is the nickname of Semyon Varlomov, my favorite goaltender for the Washington Capitals.

We named our boston Sabio, because we didn't want a standard name, so we searched on the web, at google translate. And we searched voor the name of intellect, …

our new puppy Boston terrier looks exactly like a little gizmo.

Because he's built like a little tank.

well my screen name is native american and her being my first dog ever at 40 yrs old i figured a name like cheyenne would get her noticed.

little boy name. what males do. have 3 females so all he done was try and ride each even though they was not in heat

the character on the Simpson's (Mayor Diamond Joe Quimby) has a Kennedy like heavy Boston accent. Our female Boston is registered with the AKC as Diamond …

The markings on his hind legs looks like he is wearing britches.

brady wane 
well we were outside when we first got him. and i said go to the potty brady wane. and that is how he got the name brady wane.

Funny thing is we actually named him after a co workers son because we loved the name so much. Just a strong Boston name and he is truly a Maverick.

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My first Boston was named when I got him at 5 months old. He was born deaf, and his first elderly owner couldn't handle his special training needs. He …

lindsay/ lindsey 
It just sounds like a good name for a female dog

coloring/pattern of coat

My family adopted Sabre when he was a year old from a family that could not handle this high strung bundle of love. The night we brought him home, the …

based on the gent that founded the breed. no picture of my Judge yet. still looking for him.

1- Fenn 2-Yaz 
Being a BOSTON Terrier, what better names than shortened forms of Fenway or Yastrzemski, the ball park of and one of the greatest players of the Red Sox. …

We named our Boston Terrier puppy Miley after Miley Cyrus/Hannah Montana. Her nickname is Miley Montana, as she gets the best of both worlds!! ed. …

we decided on this name because it sounds cute and has a nice ring to it. we are about to adopt a BT puppy and thought it would be suitable for him. his …

BT's come from beantown, soooo Beans!

I have a 1 yr old Male Boston. When I got him I couldn't decide on a name and I only drink Vodka, The Brand Smirnoff is my favourite and the founder was …

I just watched a movie and a lab retriever was called ozzie, so i thought it would be a great name for a boston terrier! Thank you for your time!!

I LOVE THIS NAME <3 I named my black and white boston terrier it and I love her and her name so much. From the moment she was born I knew she was a Cordelia. …

Looking for a great name for the new puppy, we decided that we should name him after someone famous. After passing through names like Leonidas, Einstein, …

Me, my mom and sister had just bought a new red boston terrier female puppy, she was so cute. and we were for some reson talking about tootsie rolls and …

i think it's a great name for a boston terrier girl.

my name is Stan--I love San Diego---I use stan diego as my screen name--it just fit

Jolly Roger 
we named our first boston Jolly Roger after the flag. It fits him since he's black & white too!

We have a beautiful Boston Terrier girl named Miley. My husband had a wonderful Boston Terrier growing up who's name was Coco-Bean. When we get another …

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