Boston Terrier Hives

My four year old Boston Terrier has hives. He woke with them this morning. He's done this once before after I used Febreeze, therefore I no longer use it. I don't remember doing anything different, but I think I have the problem narrowed down to three things? 1) The weeds that my daughter was playing tug-or-war with him yesterday, 2) The Lysol with Lavendar Breeze that I used to mop my bathroom floor last night, or 3) The Icy Hot that I used on my elbow last night (he was licking my arm, and elbow, then I remembered I had Icy Hot on my Elbow, and pushed him away).

Any advice on how to treat these hives? I've given him Bendryl, but they are still there, although not as bad on him eye lids, and he doesn't seem to be itching as bad. Also, been giving him cool baths. Is there a cream to use?

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Jun 14, 2011
by: Linda Galway/TurnerME

You've done all the things I have done when my girl gets hives (about 1-2 times a year). Hers have gone away; perhaps a larger dose of Benadryl would be needed. I gave 1 25-mg. pill. Be sure to see your vet, preferably while she still has hives, to get a protocol set up.

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