Boston Terrier has Soft Stool after Whelping

by Joseph

I have bred my female Boston once and have decided to a second and last time.
I have a question.
The first time after she had the pups. Her stool was soft and mushy for two months, until the pups left for their new homes. Is there anything I can do to make her stool harder, so I don't have to pick up mushy stool and wipe her butt for the next two months? LOL
Anything anyone can suggest?

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Jun 25, 2012
by: JR

Our Boston has problems with loose stool and our vet recommends a diet of oats or rice, boiled chicken and pumpkin. This works pretty well for her but it takes a few days. I would think that loose stool after whelping is normal and lasts a while since she is nursing her pups and ingesting some of her babies stool while cleaning them. We have never bred our Bostons, but I think it would be so wonderful. :)

Jun 25, 2012
Facts of Life
by: Mary

Soft Stools is almost always expected after delivery. The most helpful suggestion I found was to put newspaper all over the floor in the room where you keep her and the pups. Then when she goes all over the place, you just pick up the news paper, spray the ground, let it dry, and put more paper down. I usually would ask my Dad to save the newspaper he received for about 3 months before I planned on puppies. The I would buy a whole roll of plastic garbage bags. After the whelping, I put newspaper on the floor (we have tile floor) and picked it up 3 times a day (That's about how often she went potty inside). Also it's important to let her outside a little more often (maybe every hour). It only lasts a week or two. Good dry food helps too.

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