Boston Terrier Breathing Problems

by lisa
(glendora ca)

Oh, I hope someone can help me. My male Boston Terrier is 5 months old and has breathing problems, wheezing, couphing etc.. A vet thought it was a cold, tried 3 antibiotics; none of them worked. i am wondering if anyone has any advice to give me?

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Feb 04, 2014
Bendryl seems to work
by: Anonymous

My Boston is 10 years old but lately has been snoring VERY loudly and even struggles during the day to catch her breath and stop sneezing. I started giving her one Benadryl in the morning and one at night and she is back to normal! (Weigh your pet first. The Vet said Benadryl is safe with 1 mg per pound. My dog is 26 pounds so she can have one 25 mg tablet every 8-12 hours.)

Jan 14, 2014
So Loud
by: Anonymous

My Boston snores and snorts all the time and it is so loud and annoying. I feel bad for her but I can't stand it. Did anyone have surgery done and if so, did it fix it?

Sep 26, 2013
restricted nostrills
by: Anonymous

I heard some flat nosed breeds suffer from restricted breathing. There is supposed to be a simple surgery where a vet can slit the membrane in the back of the nostrils to allow for better breathing. I am dealing with this very problem with my 5 month old Boston myself. I have an appointment with my vet to discuss this surgery and hay him neutered. I will post my findings.

Nov 21, 2011
by: Anonymous

My little Boston is about a year old, and he gets really bad breathing-he stands still and tries to breath real hard through nose but really struggles, it lasts for about 20seconds, any comments on this please.

Jul 29, 2011
by: Linda Galway/TurnerME

Could be allergies. Try giving him 25 mg.(1 pink pill) of Benadryl (or generic) and see if there is a reduction in the symptoms. If so, consult your vet and tell him what you have discovered. IF it doesn't work, find another vet.

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