Thinking about Boston Terrier Adoption?

If you're considering Boston Terrier adoption, there are some things that you should be prepared for. Adopting a rescue dog is a lifetime commitment. Work will be required to get you and the dog through the adjustment period and beyond.

As with any dog, you will need to be prepared to provide the dog with regular medical care and nurse him back to health if he gets sick. It's important to commit to keeping the dog even if you move or your family grows.

A rescue dog is different from other dogs in several ways:

  • A rescue dog will most likely be older, since few dogs are rescued as puppies. Most rescue dogs are adolescents or middle-aged dogs, but even a senior rescue dog has a lifetime of love to share.
  • A rescue dog may be more cautious since it may have been abandoned or abused.
  • A rescue dog may need time to grieve the loss of the family who rejected him. It may take him some time to become interested again in eating or playing.
  • You won't get to "order" a rescue dog to meet your exact specifications, so if you're particular about the sex, color or markings, a rescue dog may not be for you. But if you have love and compassion that you are willing to share with a dog in need, a rescue may be a good fit.

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Top 10 Reasons Pets
are Given Up:
  1. Moving
  2. Landlord Issues
  3. Cost of Pet Maintenance
  4. No Time for Pet
  5. Inadequate Facilities
  6. Too Many Animals in Household
  7. Pet Illness(es)
  8. Owner Having Personal Problems
  9. Biting
  10. No Homes Available for Littermates

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