The Bospin

The Bospin is a cross between a purebred Boston Terrier and a purebred Miniature Pinscher.

The coat is soft and short, usually brindle in color, with moderate shedding, and is easy to care for. Ears tend to be good-sized, upright and pointed. Average weight is 10 - 15 pounds.

The Mini Pinscher/Boston Terrier mix is friendly, can become easily excited, and is easily trained. They also do well in agility competition. Because of their small size, this hybrid will do fine in nearly any living situation.

This hybrid typically enjoys good health, although they can be subject to any potential health problems of the parent breed. Average life expectancy is about 15 years.

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Looking for Bospin Puppy 
just lost my dog to a hit in run. very smart an loving dog. need to find another like her..I am looking to find a female brindle bospin puppy or a breeder. …

I adopted Kingston (a bospin) 2 years ago from a local shelter. He is highly energetic, slightly insane, completely doting of his humans and sister Daisy. …

Beasley is a Bospin (Boston Terrier - Miniature Pinscher Mix) He is full of energy and loves to chew, but he is good about only chewing HIS things! :) …

Zoe - Bospin 
Zoe is a Boston Terrier/Min Pin or a Bospin. She is a tiny little thing at 3 months old and I expect her to be around 10-15 pounds fully grown. She is …

Gem Not rated yet
I found Gem, my bospin attached to a pole in a parking lot with a cable around her neck and a sign marked "take me". Her tail was broken, and she was barking …

Myra Not rated yet
I have a Bospin...his name is Snoopy, he is a very energetic and loves the outdoors..he also very protective and dominates other bigger dogs, he very loving …

Looking for a bospin puppy Not rated yet
I am looking to find a brindle bospin puppy or a breeder. I can be contacted at

Punkle Not rated yet
My love dog is Punkle a 6 month old Bospin.This is the smartest dog I've ever owned. It is so easy to teach her tricks. She was given to me as a gift on …

FancyJo Not rated yet
FancyJo is a Bospin. A li'l Einstein-love bug & gorgeous to boot! She's only 8wks old,just came home for Christmas. In 1 day is trying to do her potty …

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