Blue Boston Terriers

Blue Boston Terriers have recently increased in popularity. The blue coloring is a dilution of the traditional black. Blue coat coloring is common in many breeds. As they grow, cream brindling may also appear, but disappear once the dog is full grown.

Hair loss, skin problems, and allergies have been reported in blue dogs. If you are considering a blue Boston, this will need to be a consideration and point of discussion with any breeders you interview.

Photos of the Boston Terrier - Blue

Blue and White Boston Terrier Puppies:

blue boston terrier puppy

blue boston terrier
blue boston terrier
See a photo of our friend Kyzer who is also a Blue Boston.

Blue Adult Boston Terriers:

blue boston terrier
blue boston terrier

Blue Brindle Boston Terrier:

blue brindle boston terrier

More Non-Traditional Color Bostons

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