10 month old Boston Terrier not potty trained!

I have a 10 month old Boston Terrier who seemed to be making great progress potty training until he hit about 6 months old and is now going on the floor. I work at a restaurant in about 7 or 8 hour shifts, and he is crated while I am at work and at night. While in the crate he rarely has an accident. I take him on several walks a day to expend energy as well as to take him to potty, but while in the house out of my sight he goes on the floor, even if we just went on a walk! I am so extremely frustrated with him. It seems like I cannot teach him how to tell me that he needs to go outside, and most of the time when he goes out by himself, he just wants to lay in the sun (hence why I usually take him on walks). Please help!

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Apr 26, 2012
potty training
by: Alison

First off you are not alone. Many Boston owners find it frustrating to potty train them. They are extremely bright dogs but potty training seems to be their one and only down fall. Here's the easiest and sure way to fully train your BT.
Make sure when you take him outside you always say "go potty". Use words the entire time. While he is going reinforce with"good boy going potty". This will teach him to go on command. I have 5 of them all will go on command. When finished you will change your voice to the happy praise.
When inside keep him on the leash attached to you. Yes this is a pain however your Boston has learned to potty on your floor when your not watching. When you take him out again use words like "lets go potty". If you keep him leashed to your side with no freedom for 3 weeks you will have a trained dog.
Make sure you only discipline if you catch him in the act not after. That's the only way they get it. Good luck!

Apr 01, 2012
How I trained my Bostons to Potty in a Litter Pan
by: Made In America Bostons

I trained all my bostons to go in a kitty litter pan. You can't always be there to make sure they get their outside time & frankly Bostons are house dogs. Since I didn't want my puppies to just be tossed outside by new owners who don't have time or patience to train them, this method has worked 99% of the time with mine.
First use ONLY fresh step clumping its easy on their feet. I started them at 4 weeks. They were walking good and could go into a low pan no problem. Once they were used to it I put a taller cat pan in for them. They just jump right in. Kinda cute dogs in litter pans blew new owners minds. A dog would do that but they do if its offered as an option.

As for the older dogs well they are a little harder but if you put a play pen around a bedded travel cage fill the litter pan 1/2 way full and really restrict their play area to the pan at first, put their food and water in the travel cage so its not getting dirty, only expanding the play area when they start using the potty in the cat pan eventually they get the idea. At 10 months it's going to take time, don't be in a overnight hurry it took 10 months to be NOT POTTY TRAINED it takes a FEW Weeks to get a good start. Nothing replaces good old fashioned outside potty as soon as you come home THEY go out with you. DON'T take your time or start a chore; they are your chore. Think of them as your CHILD ... go front or back, doesn't matter. Bostons are the smartest dogs on earth and will find it fun to go out and potty if you make it fun for them to do it .. Like play ball for a few minutes to get them moving or do some trick training. Once they are there for 5 to 10 mins, stop and just walk around with them they will do what nature says and go it may take a bit. Don't be in a hurry - they (or you) don't go in till they go.

Praise is a powerful thing for a boston. They live to please you...GOOD DOG... and if they have a accident in front of the door well they tried their best to get out, but they can't open doors on their own! GOOD DOG!

Now this is just what has worked for me. I'm sure there are others on here that have awesome ideas, too, that may fit even better for your baby. Just sayin try everything - don't give up!

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